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WRITINGS: Monographs, Essays, Bibliographies, Lists


Kalatidha: Interpretasi Makna Karya Sastra Ke Dalam Karawitan Tradisi Kontemporer. [Kalatidha: Interpreting Literature Through Contemporary Classical Music. Wahyu Thoyyib Pambayun. ISI Surakarta, 2018. (In Indonesian)

Guide to the Gamelan. Neil Sorrell, first edition.

Formal Aspects of Performance Practice in Central Javanese Music. Roger Vetter, 1977. MA Thesis, original manuscript.

The Javanese Gambang and its music. Extensive M.A. Thesis. Andrew Sutton, 1975.

Kumpulan Lagu-lagu Degung Klasik. (A collection of classic Degung pieces.) Compiled and edited by Matt Ashworth, Bandung, July 2002. 124 pages. (Andrew Timar provided a .pdf of his personal copy.)

Guide to Sundanese Music, by Simon Cook. A practical introduction to Gamelan Saléndro/Pelog, Gamelan Degung, and Panambih Tembang Sunda. (A .pdf file, 117 pages)

Toward an Appreciation of Javanese Gamelan, by Hardjo Susilo.

Mloyowidodo list. Pieces in Gending-Gending Surakarta Vol. 1 -3, in alphabetical order.

Fritz DeBoer Bali discography. Resources in the Wesleyan University Archives.

Compositions for Gamelan and Orchestra. compiled by J. Diamond; additions welcome.

The Design and Construction of a Contemporary American Gamelan. By Paul Dresher, 1979.



KepatihanPro is a font for cipher notation, and includes symbols frequently used in the notation of gamelan music. This font was designed by Matthew Arciniega and formatted by Ray Weisling to allow it to be on the same computer with the earlier font Kepatihan by Carter Scholz.

To download: Choose the format you need, and click on the link below to download a zip file with the font. Also download the two pdf files: KeyCaps and Notes.

KepatihanPro Mac (zip file) • KepatihanPro Windows (zip file)

KepatihanPro KeyCapsKepatihanPro Notes

KendangFontSunda: for notating drumming from Sunda (West Java)



11 Indonesian Composers, by Jody Diamond

This file contains versions of 11 biographies of Indonesian composers, written for and published in Bakers Dictionary of Musicians and Composers, eighth edition, N. Slonimsky, editor. This edition may have been the first to include Indonesian composers.



Kinanthi Semedi (aka "Nalikani"), translated from the Javanese by Joan Suyenaga. This is one of the most frequently used texts for singing with Javanese gamelan.



Beginning Gender
Lessons with Sukamso
was collected by Larry Polansky in 1988-89.
Includes damping exercises, a variety of cengkok, and garap of several pieces.

Gambang Suling, sometimes known as Swara Suling or Suara Suling, is often credited to Nartosabdho. The piece is extremely popular, and has been arranged and re-arranged in both vocal and instrumental versions for a wide variety of ensembles and instruments, including Balinese gamelan, Sundanese angklung, and classical guitar. The notation here is from the Pelog Nem section of the volumes below. In Pak Cokro's notation, the introduction uses older Yogyanese symbols for the individual drum strokes; the rhythm is indicated as "Wirama Rumba."

Bubaran Udan Mas, Yogya style from K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat.

The Collected Compositions of K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat is a subset of the volumes below; the titles are listed in the index. These are the pieces that Pak Cokro indicated as his compositions, at the time the larger volumes were completed.

Indexes for both books combined

Slendro, Book I
* Complete Slendro Book
Slendro cover
Slendro title, contents and general acknowlegements
Slendro Pathet Nem

Slendro Pathet Sanga
Slendro Pathet Manyura

Pelog, Book II
* Complete Pelog Book
Pelog Cover
Pelog Table of Contents (introduction is the same)
Pelog Pathet Lima
Pelog Pathet Nem
Pelog Pathet Barang
Pelog Nyamat

With Pak Cokro's permission, this collection of notation (in .pdf files) may be freely downloaded. The table of contents, introduction, and indexes were scanned as text and are searchable; the notation itself is not. The introduction is by Alex Dea and Laurie Kottmeyer (and is the only section with a copyright). Editorial comments or corrections in the notation are by Jody Diamond, with assistance from I.M. Harjito and Djoko Waluyo. The indexes are useful for finding versions of pieces in other pathet, or in a particular form.

Note: In Java, it is customary for people to be honored by receiving new names. Pak Cokro's first name was Cokrowasito (on early cassettes you might see Tjokrowasito, the old spelling). When he became the head of the Paku Alaman palace (_puro_) gamelan, his name was changed to K.R.T. (Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung, honorary titles) Wasitodipuro, meaning Wasito of the palace. He was later promoted to Wasito of the world, or Wasitodiningrat. The title of the collection was updated at that point. His final name was K.P.H. Natapraja.