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AN INVITATION: We would like to invite those interested to participate in developing and finishing these valuable projects, and making suggestions for new efforts.


SUKAMSO: Gendhing Bondhet


In this extensive and thoughtful monograph, Sukamso examines Gendhing Bondhet examined from a variety of perspectives. Includes extensive notation. John Gilbert translated a large part of this, I hope that will be available to post soon. In Indonesian.


DARSONO: Macapat Gaya Pak Netra

This document contains a description and notation for macapat by as sung by Pak Netra, a blind singer from the Kraton Surakarta.The part that needs to be translated is the introduction, covering the the background and history of the project. There is extensive notation comparing the style of Pak Netra, and the regular style of the present day. The notation in these files has been changed to KepatihanPro from .

Several tasks still need to be done.

  • translate the introduction (first chapter only) from Indonesian to English
  • adjust the spacing of the text to fit the notation
  • changing the under-brackets is also a possibility for all notation
  • are translations available of the macapat texts?

Sections of the manuscript are listed below.The introduction is text, the others are notation. Additional work on these files will require a computer with KepatihanPro on it. This font is available for download in the AGI library.

The project includes three CDs: current practice by Eni Wahyningsih, S.Sen (Alumnus STSI Surakarta) with Darsono, S.Kar, M.Hum (Dosen STSI Surakarta); Pak Netra himself re-mastered from the original cassette; and Darsono singing in Pak Netra's style. Part of this project is to include the translated introduction and all the sound files in the next issue of Balungan.

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LOU HARRISON: music for gamelan


Lou Harrison's compositions for gamelan: and an invitation for annotation.