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This is the library of the American Gamelan Institute. Everything in the library may be freely downloaded and used for study and research. For other applications of these materials, please contact the authors for permission. If you need help contacting sources, or would like to have resources located in the library, contact agi[at]

Midiyanto S. Putro


Suling for pathethan manyura jugag, and Ladrang Wilujeng; gender played by Jesse Snyder


Keep Her Safe Please

Nina Paley


Sita Sings the Blues

YouTube HD in 10 parts

Jody Diamond


Jody Diamond: Bonang

Dan Goode: Slendro Clarinet

other works on Vimeo

Dewa Ketut Alit


"Keliru Enggong" for string quartet and two gamelan. Commissioned and performed by Gamelan Galak Tika, directed by Evan Ziporyn.