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There are several ways to explore the information contained in this Directory:

  • Detailed information about each entity is presented in a list format.
    • By Locations organizes the listings by physical location, using this order:
      • by state, territory, or special district in alphabetical order,
      • by city in alphabetical order,
      • by ensemble name in alphabetical order.

    The format of the individual listings and the order of presentation is very similar to the pre-2013 version of the Directory.

  • Summaries present quick overviews drawn from the detailed listings. There are two types of summaries:
    • Quick Facts contains the answers to common demographic questions about gamelan in the United States, such as the total quantity of ensembles, overall quantities or proportions for different types of instruments, genres of repertoire, affiliations with institutions or other programs, and historical milestones. This section builds on the introductory information contained in the pre-2013 version of the Directory.
    • The Table is a new addition the Directory. It contains only basic identification information regarding each ensemble but presents that information in an active spreadsheet format. Information in the Table can be sorted and filtered to answer specific questions quickly such as "How many currently active groups playing Balinese repertoire are associated with K-12 programs?"


Directory of Gamelan Groups