Directory of Gamelan Groups



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Evolution of the Directory

The first version of this Directory was compiled in 1983 by Barbara Benary, with assistance from Jody Diamond and Richard North. It was published in EAR magazine, and later in the first issue of BALUNGAN. That version, called the "North American Directory," included groups in both the United States and Canada.

In 1998, the Directory was revised and posted to the web by Marc Hoffman. It was further subdivided by country and/or region and subsequently maintained by Benary and Diamond. Over the years, the Directory became more international in scope. A version of the Directory was posted on Wikipedia by Sam Wantman in 2006 as “Gamelan Outside Indonesia" and subsequently expanded. The contact information in the list was removed, although some links remain as footnotes.

In 2012, Sharon Millman undertook a year-long project to produce a comprehensive update for the United States portion of the Directory. She initiated contact with all groups on the AGI and Wikipedia lists, actively sought out groups that were not yet listed, and adjusted the organization and presentation of the information. The result was posted to the American Gamelan Institute website in 2013.