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A summary of the Directory listings is presented in two file formats -- .pdf (Acrobat Reader) and .xlsx (Excel).  Both tables are formatted to print in landscape on 11" x 17" paper.

[Link to .pdf file] [Link to .xlsx file]

In the .xlsx format table, you can use “sort” and/or “filter” functionalities (in Excel or other spreadsheet programs*), to reorganize the data according to criteria that you select. The .pdf file can only be printed or viewed on line.

How To Sort and Filter in Excel

"Sort" and "Filter" are both listed on the "Data" tab in the ribbon.  The Mac and PC versions of Excel differ somewhat, so we will only present the basic description of these tools.

Sort: change the sequence of the rows

If you want to keep all of the information but rearrange the rows based on a set of defined criteria, use the SORT function. For example, if you want the rows in alphabetical order by group name. 

To use the sort function, select all of the cells you want to rearrange, and then go to Data/Sort. Some versions of Excel include the sort function on the dropdown menu associated with the filter functionality.

Warning -- the sort function rearranges the information permanently. To restore the data to a previous layout, you will need to undo the sort or execute a new sort with criteria to match the previous layout.

Filter: hide some of the rows

If you want to see some rows and hide others based on a set of defined criteria, use the FILTER function. For example, if you only want to see active Javanese groups in New York, filter the status column to only show rows where the status is listed as “active”, the Javanese column to show only rows in which an “x” appears, and the state column to only show rows with “New York”. 

The spreadsheet already has the filter function activated on all of the columns. A small filter icon appears to the right of each cell in the header row – click on them to see what the filter options are for each column. The icon will change slightly to indicate whether a filter has been implemented for that column.

The filtered information is not actually eliminated, just hidden while the filter is in effect. To restore the data to the original layout, undo or uncheck the filter(s) for the column(s).

* LibreOffice, a "free software" suite of office applications, includes a spreadsheet program that is compatible with .xlxs file. LibreOffice is available in 30 languages, and for all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux.