Directory of Gamelan Groups


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Auburn University Gamelan
Instruments: Cirebon set from 1930’s
Repertoire: American Percussion, some Balinese percussion

This ensemble has disbanded and the instruments (and puppets, etc.) are no longer at Auburn University. The set may have been donated to a museum in Atlanta.  If anyone knows the current location of this set, please contact

Greg Byrne is now at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. 

2012 10 11 Found faculty bio indicating Greg Byrne left Auburn and is now at University of Louisville in Kentucky.  Re-sent outgoing message re Auburn, with added inquiry about Louisville.

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no listings (yet?)


no listings (yet?)

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AZ – Phoenix – ACTIVE

Sinar Budaya (Sunny Culture)
Instruments: gamelan angklung, built by Nyoman Soedrana in Denpasar, acquired in 2009.
Repertoire: Traditional Balinese
Colin Pearson, curatorial assistant
Musical Instrument Museum
4725 East Mayo Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ  85050

Introductory workshops are held once per month, open to the public (fee is separate from museum entry fee).  Workshops can also be included in school group tour programs.  There is no “regular” practice or performing group at the Museum.

2012 10 13 interest inquiry sent.  Not on Wikipedia list.
2012 10 25 pestermail.
2012 12 04 phone number for the museum is 480-478-6000.  Left voicemail in personal museum box.
2012 12 24 live contact with museum, left voicemail in Pearson’s box.”
2012 12 24 live contact with Colin.

AZ – Tempe – ACTIVE

Javanese Gamelan “Children of the Mud Volcano,” at Arizona State University
Instruments: Javanese slendro and pelog, bronze
Repertoire: Traditional Central Javanese
Ted Solis, Prof. Ethnomusicology
Director, Javanese gamelan, and “Latin Marimba “Maderas de Comitán”
School of Music, Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-0405

The group sometimes includes elements from new or traditional Balinese gamelan and from other musical traditions within the framework of traditional Central Javanese repertoire.

Any further description of the group’s membership, affiliations, activities, history?
2013 01 17 inquiry from Ted about how to describe repertoire.
2013 01 18 suggestion provided and incorporated above.

AZ – Tucson – ACTIVE

Fine Stream Gamelan: Kyai Wisiking Wuluh (Whispering Grass, referring to bamboo) pelog, and Kyai Wisiking Sato Edi (Sounds of All Good Creatures) slendro
Instruments:  Javanese, Sundanese Degung, Balinese Gong Kebyar (iron/brass by Matt Finstrom, augmented with instruments from Suhirdjan in Yogya), Banyumas Calung (bamboo by Matt Finstrom)
Repertoire: Traditional, some American compositions.  Also regional regional styles including Banyumas, Semarang, Angklung Banyuwangi, and Cirebon.
Matt Finstrom, Director,
1901 N. Avenida Azahar
Tucson, AZ  85745
(520) 743-9879
David Dettman, Asst. Dir.,


Teachers/performers welcome.  We are a community based group formed in 1988.  Past invited teachers include Pak Rasito, Midiyanto, I Nyoman Sumandi, and Rene T.A. Lysloff.

2012 10 13 weblink to name and website do not work.  Sent standard update inquiry.
2012 10 25 pestermail.
2012 12 04 reached Matt by phone.
2013 02 04 changed .org to .com based on update notice from Jody and double-check online.

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no listings (yet?)

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CA – Arcata – ACTIVE

Gamelan Sekar Sequoia
Instruments: Javanese, bronze, pelog (various smiths, including Suboyo)
Repertoire: Generally traditional Solonese style
Sharon Millman
388 Eleventh Street
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 502-7904

Gamelan Sekar Sequoia is a community group established in Arcata in 2004. The group performs 2-4 times per year at a wide variety of local venues and events. Member learning, development, inclusiveness, and enjoyment take priority over optimizing performance.

A short introductory session is offered once or twice per year. The group is occasionally able to host Midiyanto for a weekend of master instruction in Arcata.

The gamelan is located in a private residence, a few blocks from Humboldt State University. Beginners and visitors welcome.

CA – Berkeley – ACTIVE

Sari Raras / Kyai Udan Mas
Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional
Midiyanto and Ben Brinner, directors
250 Morrison Hall
Department of Music #1200
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1200
(510) 642-2678


Joint university and community ensemble.

2012 10 05 Jody notes that the weblink is not active and that it would be nice to have Widi’s email listed as well so people could contact him directly for performances (Brinner declined to list contact info for Widi).
2012 10 13 weblink does not work.

CA – Berkeley – ACTIVE

Saih Pitu
Instruments: Balinese, seven-tone Semar Pagulingan, with gender rambat added for pelegongan repertoire (made by I Wayan Berata (1999?)
Repertoire: Depends on the teacher but usually includes a mix of new compositions by the teacher and traditional pieces for semar pagulingan, pelegongan, and angklung, often in new arrangements.
Ben Brinner
Department of Music #1200
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94720-1200
(510) 642-2678

This set of instruments, owned by UC Berkeley’s Center for Southeast Asia Studies, is used for a Balinese gamelan class supervised by Ben Brinner and usually taught by Gamelan Sekar Jaya’s guest artist. It is also used for performance labs for courses on Bali and Southeast Asia taught by Lisa Gold and Ben Brinner.

Teachers to date have included Nyoman Windha, Dewa Putu Berata, Made Arnawa, Ida Babus Widnyana, and Made Subandi.

2012 10 13 Sent interest inquiry to Ben Brinner.
2012 10 19 Response from Ben Brinner that he is checking up on it.
2012 10 25 Pestermail. Thread subject is Sari Raras. Response received.

CA – Berkeley – DISBANDED

The Berkeley Gamelan

As of 2012, this group has been disbanded for several years.

2012 per Daniel Schmidt, group has been disbanded for several years.


Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar, Angklung, Gender Wayang, Joged, and Jegog
Repertoire: Traditional and new music and dance by both Balinese and American artists
Emiko Saraswati Susilo, Director
Sara Gambina-Belknap, General Manager
Rose Nisker, Assistant Manager

Gamelan Sekar Jaya
3023 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 655-1227 (phone)
(510) 788-6259 (fax),


MISSION:  To foster artistic exchange between Bali and the United States through residencies, workshops, performances, and the creation of innovative new works of music and dance; and to share the excitement of this exchange with diverse audiences in California, the US, and abroad.

SHORT BIO:  Gamelan Sekar Jaya performances range from traditional Balinese repertoire to cutting-edge new compositions by Indonesian and American composers and collaborations with artists in other media and genres.  The GSJ company includes over sixty musicians and dancers that perform in several sub-ensembles.  GSJ offers a wide range of performances, classes, and workshops every year with the more than 50 Balinese master musicians, dancers, and composers they have brought to their banjar in the San Francisco Bay Area for residencies ranging from one month to two years.  GSJ is the only foreign group to ever receive the Dharma Kusuma, Bali’s highest award for artistic achievement. Formed in 1979, the GSJ has performed in various settings from bustling village squares in Bali to Symphony Space in New York City and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.  Many members of Sekar Jaya have traveled to Bali to continue their studies or to perform and many alumni of GSJ have gone on to establish new gamelan groups in the Bay Area and other locations in the United States.

2012 10 13 Weblink works. Change-of-address notice on Wayne – for gsj, contact Sara Gambin at

CA – Claremont – ACTIVE

Giri Kusuma
Instruments: Balinese gamelan gong kebyar and gender wayang
Repertoire: Traditional instrumental and dance music from the kebyar and pelegongan repertoire, as well as some contemporary compositions.

Katherine Hagedorn, ethnomusicologist, Pomona College faculty;
Nyoman Wenten, instructor, Pomona College
Department of Music
Claremont, CA 91711

(909) 621-8155

Taught by Nyoman Wenten (music director) and Nanik Wenten (dance director); the emphasis is on direct hands-on training and the development of ensemble skills in music and dance. Classes meet on Mondays from 4 - 6:30 pm (music) and from 6:30-7:30 pm (dance), and are open to students, faculty, and members of the Claremont community (depending on enrollment). Wayne Vitale taught the group from 1995 to 1999, and arranged for the commissioning of Giri Kusuma's gong kebyar set and pair of gender wayang in 1995. Nyoman and Nanik Wenten have been coaching Giri Kusuma since 1999, and arranged for the commissioning of a quartet of gender wayang in 2009. A performance of gong kebyar, gender wayang, and dance is given at the end of each semester, with guest appearances by renowned Balinese artists.

2012 10 13 standard update inquiry to both emails. Response from Wayne delegating to Katherine. Per Wayne, he taught the group originally, from 1995-1999 and then Pak Wenten took it over and continues to teach the group.
2012 10 25 pestermail to Katherine.
2012 10 30 update from Katherine.

CA – Claremont – ACTIVE

Harvey Mudd American Gamelan
Instruments: American, tuned and adapted for new American music

Bill Alves

Harvey Mudd College
301 Platt Blvd.
Claremont, CA 91711


2012 10 13 my gmail contact list has Bill Alves as
2012 10 15 final from Bill.

CA – Davis – ACTIVE

UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Sundanese gamelan salendro; Sundanese gamelan degung
Repertoire: Sundanese gamelan salendro and degung music
Henry Spiller

The UC Davis Gamelan Ensemble studies traditional and modern repertoires for gamelan salendro and gamelan degung. The ensemble is open to interested community members on a space-available basis (priority goes to enrolled UC Davis students).

2012 10 13 Sent general offer/inquiry to and
2012 10 14 Received response from Henry.

CA – El Cerrito – DISBANDED?

Prospect Sierra School Gamelan
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
Repertoire: Traditional and student pieces
Maddie Hogan
Prospect Sierra Elementary School
960 Avis Drive
El Cerrito, CA 94530

If you have any information about the current status of this gamelan, please contact

2012 10 13 Sent standard update inquiry. Email bounceback. Noticed that Maddie Hogan is listed as a current member of Sekar Jaya.
2012 10 18 Per Ben Brinner, “Prospect Sierra does not have a gamelan any more as far as I know”.
2012 10 25 contact inquiry to Sara at Sekar Jaya – looking for Maddie.
2012 12 24 pestermail to Sara. This school is now called “Prospect Sierra”. Website: Phone number: 510-236-5800. Search of school site has no reference to gamelan. Used the dial-by-name feature (the operator option just went in a loop) and left a message. The Prospect Sierra School Middle School is now at the address above and the Elementary school is at 2060 Tapscott Ave in El Cerrito.

CA -- Granada Hills -- ACTIVE

Bali and Beyond
Instruments: Balinese Gender Wayang Batel (slendro bronze), Semar Pegulingan, Gamelan Beleganjur (pelog bronze), Tiklik (slendro bamboo), and Javanese gamelan gadon

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary music, and traditional contemporary shadow theatre and dance
MaRia Bodmann

11856 Balboa Blvd 318
Granada Hills, CA 91344

(818) 837-9485 (phone)
(801) 904-6509 


Based in Los Angeles, Bali & Beyond, a performing arts company inspired by the cultures of Indonesia, performs and teaches traditional and creative gamelan music and wayang kulit shadow theater throughout the USA and Canada. Since 1988, Bali & Beyond has presented their informative programs to thousands of people, acting as guides to Indonesian musical and theatrical arts, including its culture and religion. The ensemble translates these experiences into a language Western audiences can easily understand. Bali & Beyond is proud of its innovative approach to advancing and promoting awareness of Indonesian culture, gamelan, and wayang kulit. Bali & Beyond is directed by MaRia Bodmann ( and Cliff DeArment (

2012 10 13 weblinks work. Group has events scheduled in 2012. Sent regular inquiry. Bounceback on email.
2012 10 23 picked new email from website, forwarded inquiry to
2012 10 31 rec’d response from maRia. Sent follow-up inquiry to confirm narrative edit.
2012 11 30 revised edit from maRia.
2012 12 20 revised revised edit to maRia. Final approved by maRia.

CA – Kensington – ACTIVE

The L. Reed and Mary F. Tripp Memorial Gamelan (UUCB Gamelan)
Instruments: Javanese, bronze, slendro (for about 12 players), acquired by Tom Tripp’s mother in Jogjakarta in 1957, with Mantle Hood as advisor.
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese and new compositions by Daniel Schmidt
Daniel Schmidt or Tom Tripp
1 Lawson Road
Kensington, CA 94707
(510) 525-0302


The UUCB Gamelan is at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, in Kensington, CA. The group is led by Daniel Schimdt, using instruments owned by Thomas Tripp, on loan to the church. The UUCB Gamelan ensemble practices every Thursday night, and performs periodically at church services and other miscellaneous occasions. The group plays traditional Javanese music and various modern pieces composed by Daniel Schmidt.

CA – Kentfield – INACTIVE

While looking for current information about a Javanese gamelan group in San Anselmo, we came across this info in the College of Marin Community Education bulletin for summer 2010: “Discover world music in Mindia Klein’s Community Gamelan Ensemble and learn to play Balinese music on beautiful, handmade gamelan instruments. This may be the start of College of Marin’s Gamelan Orchestra!” Unfortunately, the program did not blossom at College of Marin. If you have information about the current status of the associated instruments, please contact

2012 10 25 pestermail.
2012 12 07 email from Bethanie Gilbert fw’d from Marc Hoffman in response to Lost Groups info request to listserv. Bethanie might have info about Mindia. Bethanie’s email is, phone is (415)492-1933. Sent email to Bethanie.
2012 12 24 Phone number for Community Education Office is 415-485-9305. Left message but campus is closed until after the new year.
2013 01 02 Garbled msg received from Cheryl Carlson.
2013 01 12-ish Spoke to Cheryl – program offered a few times but did not have enough enrollment. Disposition of instruments unknown.


Center for World Music

Gamelan instruments transferred to the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music at the University of Illinois in 2006.

2012 10 13 Appears active, in San Diego area. Website includes gamelan with contact info for Dr. Lewis Peterman ( and John Gabriel (
2012 10 13 Per Lewis Peterman, no longer includes gamelan. Sets transferred to Robert E. Brown Center for World Music at the University of Illinois in 2006.

CA – La Verne – ACTIVE

Gong Kyai Pramugari (Gamelan of the Venerable “Leader”/Host)
Instruments: Javanese; laras pelog; bronze; made by Pak Kuat
Repertoire: Solonese klenengan
Craig Rowe, MFA, M.Ed., MI, CTC (CLEAR/CLAD/ASD)


(Bio is in the “Notes” section of the Facebook page; gamelan videos are in the “Links” section).

Ensemble members are often drawn from Cal Arts, UCLA, various other institutions and the Indonesian community. Ensemble was named by and dedicated to Bapak Djoko Waluyo.

The mission of GKP is to allow players a chance to refine their “chops” in a casual atmosphere on a variety of instruments and to create an extension of Javanese culture and generosity in a family setting.

GKP meetings are by invitation only and are held in a private residence. Participants, current or future, should contact Craig Rowe (owner and director) in advance, via Facebook or email for confirmation of admittance. The instruments are privately owned and will not be loaned, in whole or in part, under any circumstances. The instruments are not available for rent under any circumstances.

Pramugari is used in the Javanese translation as “leader”, host, or master of ceremonies. For more information, please refer to “Religion of Java” by Clifford Geertz, page 299. Other sources (translations), in Javanese, available on request.

2012 10 13 Craig Rowe and the associated gamelan appear to be active but I could not find any contact info for them. Perhaps through Djoko Walujo if those contacts yield fruit?
2012 10 25 found two email options: (sic!) and Sent standard update inquiry to the latter.
2012 10 26 finalized with Craig.

CA – Los Angeles – ACTIVE

Gamelan Kembang Atangi (Flower of Awakening)
Instruments: Balinese Angklung, 5-tone
Repertoire: Traditional Angklung pieces and Kreasi in the Angklung Kebyar style
Dr. Paul Humphreys

Loyola Marymount University, Department of Music

One LMU Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 338-7432 or

Mission: One half of the LMU World Music Ensemble (along with Ghanian percussion), open to students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Active since Spring 2000. Meetings are Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm, from January through April, and September through late November.

2012 10 13 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 23 pestermail.
2012 12 24 program appears active at

CA -- Los Angeles

UCLA ensembles: Gamelan Sekar Anyar (Balinese) and Kyai Mendhung (Javanese)
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar and Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional music and dance and occasionally new music and dance.


Instructors: Balinese, Dr. I Nyoman Wenten; Javanese, Djoko Walujo.

Department of Ethnomusicology

UCLA, Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 206-1096 or (310) 825-8381 or

Javanese and Balinese ensembles were being taught in alternate years (Balinese in 1995).

2012 10 13 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 16 bounceback on
2012 10 23 ULCA website shows history of Javanese ensemble but only Balinese ensemble is active? Email is for I Nyoman Wenten – Sent pestermail. Found email for Walujo at Found pdf indicating Walujo was a lecturer at UCLA 2005-06.

CA – Oakland -- ACTIVE

Mills College Gamelan Ensemble /Si Darius and Si Madelaine
Instruments: American made, aluminum, in a Javanese style (Lou Harrison/William Colvig)

Repertoire: Traditional and American new music

Daniel Schmidt
Mills College Music Department

5000 Macarthur Blvd

Oakland, CA

The Mills College program consists of gamelan performance, composition of pieces for gamelan, and instrument building. Student compositions constitute 50% of the repertoire. Daniel Schmidt teaches a musical instrument building class and there also is a program in which students are rebuilding, under guidance from Daniel Schmidt, the gamelan originally built by Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig.

Email or website contact info?
Any further description of group activity? {2012 10 06 Jody provided this linke to info on the instruments:
and this info:
Daniel Schmidt is the instructor of this group. He is also building a set of new instruments to be integrated with the Harrison/Colvig ones. His contact info:
Mobile: 510-334-1334
Home: 510-758-9022
Email at work:
2012 10 10 Daniel Schmidt responded that he is teaching gamelan and musical instrument building at Mills. Sent follow-up inquiry re Mills, Tripp.
2012 10 23 pestermail.

CA – Oakland – ACTIVE

Gamelan X
Dan Bales

2012 10 11 … try Ed Garcia? Alyssa DeCaro ( Dan Bales is also a member of Sekar Jaya? Sent contact inquiry to Ed Garcia on his personal website.
2012 10 23 interest inquiry to Response – will send update soon.
2012 12 24 pestermail to Dan Bales.

CA – Richmond – ACTIVE

Gadung Kasturi

Gadung Kasturi refers to the scent of the Gadung flower. The mission of Gadung Kasturi Balinese Dance and Music is to preserve, promote, and develop the traditional dance and music of Bali, Indonesia through live performance, workshops, classes, lectures, and publications.

2012 10 12 interest inquiry.
2012 10 18 per Ben Brinner, run by Kompiang Metri Davies, with Carla Fabrizio and Paul Miller.
2012 10 23 pestermail.
2012 12 24 pestermail.

CA – Riverside -- ACTIVE

UC Riverside, Kyai Telaga Semu (Venerable Lake of Illusions)
Instruments: Three sets – one older bronze Javanese slendro set, one newer bronze slendro-pelog double set, both by Pak Tentrem, one Banyumas calung set.
Repertoire: Traditional
 and contemporary, experimental
Rene Lysloff

Department of Music

U.C. Riverside

Riverside, CA 92521


Program began in fall 1996. The instruments from the older slendro set are used occasionally by composition students for experimental music. The student gamelan ensemble performs both traditional and contemporary gamelan music.

Any further description of group activity?
2012 10 13 per Wikipedia page “Kyai Telaga Semu” (Venerable Lake of Illusions). Sent update inquiry.
2012 10 23 pestermail.
2012 12 24 pestermail. His phone number on the UC Riverside directory is (951) 827-3606. The email is listed as Forwarded pestermail also to new address.
2012 12 25 response from Rene.

CA -- Sacramento -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Dharma Santi (Path of Peace)
Instruments: Balinese
Repertoire: traditional Balinese 
Dr. Jim Chopyak:
Michael Crain:
Sacramento State University
Department of Music, Percussion Studio
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA  95819-6015
(916) 278-5191

The ensemble is comprised of students and faculty from many academic disciplines, with all participants as active performers in the ensemble.  The group meets weekly in a rehearsal format, in preparation for several concert appearances each semester.

2013 02 16 found while researching other stuff at Sacramento State. Sent draft listing, with questions about instruments and expanded narrative.

CA – San Anselmo – INACTIVE?

Gamelan Marin / Adi Luhung
Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional


Bob and Nan Mitchell

2 Legend Rd.

San Anselmo, CA 94960

Community gamelan.

During the comprehensive directory update in 2012, we were unable to make contact with this gamelan. The phone number and email we had were no longer in service. If you know anything about the status of this group, please contact

2012 10 13 returned an error. However there was this info in the College of Marin Community Education bulletin for summer 2010: Discover world music in Mindia Klein’s Community Gamelan Ensemble and learn to play Balinese music on beautiful, handmade gamelan instruments. This may be the start of College of Marin’s Gamelan Orchestra! Sent contact inquiry to

2012 10 23 phone number above is no longer in service. Added to list of lost gamelan for listserv email.
2012 12 05 per Jody, the Mitchells had a full Javanese gamelan in their Marin home and Midiyanto went over a couple of times to lead sessions.
2012 12 21 email to Midiyanto.
2013 01 11 Midiyanto has “no idea where that gamelan is now.”

CA – San Diego -- ACTIVE

Gamelan at San Diego State University
Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional


Dr. Kevin Delgado
Djoko Walujo, dir.

Music Dep't, San Diego State University
5402 College Ave.

San Diego, CA 92115

Email contact info? Further description of group?

2012 10 12 per website there is a Javanese gamelan and the contact for World Music offerings is Dr. Kevin Delgado. The link for Kevin Delgado returned an error. However, he is in the faculty directory with this email:
No mention of gamelan on his bio page. No listings for Peterman on the directory. No email for Walujo.
2012 10 23 pestermail to
2012 10 23 found email for Walujo at He is listed on the SDSU School of Music & Dance website as a faculty, but no email. Phone is listed as 619-594-6031.

CA – San Diego – ACTIVE

Sekaha Angklung Gunung Mas
Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung
Repertoire: Traditional
David Harnish
Music Department
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

CA – San Diego – ACTIVE

Kembang Sunda
Instruments: Multi-Laras – Sundanese Degung, Madenda, Salendro
Repertoire: Degung Klasik, Degung Kawih, Salendro (Jaipongan)
Amy Hacker, director


Kembang Sunda is a San Diego-based ensemble that performs traditional and contemporary music from West Java, Indonesia. Our mission is to entertain, educate, and expose an international audience to the beauty and diversity of Sundanese music and culture. Kembang Sunda, directed by Amy Hacker, has performed throughout Southern California since 2007.

2012 10 13 found on Wikipedia page, minimal info. Have not yet contacted or researched.
2012 10 22 – directed by Amy Hacker (, founded in 2007. Website includes shows in 2012. Appears to be a “band”. Sent interest inquiry.
2012 11 01 response from Amy Hacker. 2013 04 22 website appears to have expired. Researched to find

CA – San Diego – ACTIVE

(The Museum School)
Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung
Repertoire: Balinese angklung

A teaching program was initiated at The Museum School in 2000, with all children receiving instruction in gamelan angklung and Balinese dance on a twice weekly schedule. The ensemble continues to be active, including participation in festivals with other San Diego gamelan groups.

2013 01 02 brought to my attention by Louis Peterman via Jody Diamond. Also found reference to activity in 2011 posted on listserv by Danlee Mitchell at and on Center for World Music website associated with SDSU. Email inquiry to Danlee Mitchell.

CA – San Diego – ACTIVE

(Canyon Crest Academy)
Instruments: Javanese

Canyon Crest Academy is the first American high school to purchase a full Javanese gamelan and to enjoy year-round, weekly, on-campus instruction by a distinguished senior Javanese musician. Canyon Crest Academy has also hosted a Gamelan Festival in 2011 and 2012, featuring 5 gamelan groups from San Diego under the guest leadership of Bapak Ade Suparman and Bapak Djoko Walujo.

2013 01 02 brought to my attention by Louis Peterman via Jody Diamond. Also found reference to activity in 2011 posted on listserv by Danlee Mitchell at and on Center for World Music website associated with SDSU. Email inquiry to Danlee Mitchell.

CA – San Francisco -- ACTIVE

Shadow Light Productions
Instruments: Gender wayang

Repertoire: Balinese wayang kulit and new shadow theatre
Larry Reed

22 Chatanooga St.

San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 648 4461


ShadowLight Productions was founded in 1972 by theatre artist, filmmaker, and shadow master Larry Reed, to nurture indigenous shadow theater traditions and to explore and expand the possibilities of the shadow theatre medium by creating innovative interdisciplinary, multicultural works.

2012 10 12 website has only an email link to
2012 10 13 returned an error. Trying again with
2012 10 23 pestermail sent.
2012 12 24 pestermail sent.
2012 12 25 got bounceback error for email in France?
2012 12 27 listserv also has Forwarded inquiry. Got out-of-office from Found website. Added blurb.

CA – San Francisco -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Kori Mas (“Golden Gate Gamelan”)
Instruments: Balinese bamboo grantangs (also called tingklik) and suling, played by Sam Wantman, Michael Steadman and Ken Worthy

Repertoire: Traditional Balinese Rindik and Joged music.

Samuel Wantman


2012 10 11 contacted Sam Wantman at However, the site also has Website address works.
2012 10 23 reminder sent.
2012 12 24 pestermail.
2012 12 24 response from Sam.

CA – San Francisco – MOVED to Berkeley

Gamelan Sekar Jaya-Bamboo Ensembles
Instruments: Joged (Balinese bamboo & bronze ensemble) and Jegog (West Bali bamboo ensemble).
Repertoire: Traditional Balinese

This ensemble is still active but is now housed together with the other Gamelan Sekar Jaya ensembles, in Berkeley.

*verify hyperlink to ensemble name.
2012 10 11 weblink to ensemble name did not work. Sent inquiry to Sam Wantman at
2012 10 23 did not find original inquiry, sent new email. Found original inquiry (combined with Kori Mas).
2012 12 24 pestermail (combined with Kori Mas).

CA – San Francisco – ACTIVE – NEW LOCATION

Gamelan Range of Light
Instruments: American, made of aluminum

Repertoire: American/Central Javanese

James Harding
The San Francisco School
300 Gaven Street
San Francisco, CA 94134

This gamelan was acquired by James Harding for the San Francisco School from Joan Bell Cowan (now Joan Bell Dakin) and is used primarily for sixth grade music instruction.

2012 10 11 bounceback on email. Could not find in online search.
2012 10 22 phone number no longer in service. Added to list of lost gamelan for listserv email.
2012 12 04 Bill Alves suggested contacting
Carl M. Dakin Home (520) 625-9374
2364 W. Calle Ceja
Green Valley, AZ 85622-8067
2012 12 04 Kathy Foley suggested a generic people search sight and also that “sekar jaya people” might know.
2012 12 05 from Jody – built by a former student of hers and Lou’s while she was at Mills. Student has since retired, Jody not sure what happened to the instruments but will try to find out.
2012 12 05 – follow-up inquiry to Jody, Wayne and Sara at GSJ, and left message at Dakin home. Wayne responded no info. Received phone call back from Joan. Sent follow-up email to Phone for The San Francisco School is (415) 239-5065.
2012 12 21 Joan responded.
2012 12 24 Sent follow-up email to

CA – San Jose -- ACTIVE

Pusaka Sunda
Instruments: Sundanese degung and kacapi suling
Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary

Burhan Sukarma, dir.
Rae Ann Stahl

413 E. Julian St., San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 275-9575


Pusaka Sunda is based in San Jose, California and draws gamelan musicians from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The group was formed in 1988 and has toured extensively in California as well as in other states. Pusaka Sunda performs on a ten-instrument West Javanese gamelan degung built by Tentrem Sarwanto in 1993.

When Sundanese musician and composer Burhan Sukarma formed a gamelan degung group, he named it "Pusaka Sunda" (heirloom of Sunda). Burhan wanted to stress the connection of the group and the music it plays to his Sundanese homeland and to emphasize his belief that the group represents the inevitable flowering of Sundanese art which, despite the American heritage of many of its members, is nevertheless "khas Sunda" (truly Sundanese).

2012 10 11 inquiry sent.
2012 10 16 final from Rae Ann.

CA – San Marcos – ACTIVE

Kyai Laras Driyo (Feeling of the Heart)
Instruments: Javanese pelog and slendro, iron, Pak Tentrem (Solo)
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese
Randy Griswold, director

Visual & Performing Arts
California State University San Marcos
333 S Twin Oaks Valley Road
San Marcos, CA 92096-0001

(760) 750-4137

Linda Muse

Administrative Coordinator, VPA

University ensemble: open to students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Active since spring 1998.

2013 01 04 came across this group while researching newly discovered groups in San Diego. Email to Bradbury.


Monkey C
Instruments: Javanese pelog
Repertoire: Strictly American and often alternative


Edward Dorsey, dir.

The group is currently on hiatus.

2012 10 13 got bounceback on email. Could not find anything more recent than 2009 online. Has a Facebook page but not public?
2012 10 22 Edward Dorsey not listed in Music Dept directory or at UCSB generally. Gamelan ensemble is listed for Javanese, with director Mike Pievac (see listing for Gamelan Kyai Selamet). Sent inquiry to Chad Nielson. Per Chad, group is directed by Ed Dorsey, is currently on hiatus and does not have a web presence. He will ask Ed for more info next time he sees him.
2012 12 24 pestermail to Chad.

CA – Santa Barbara -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Kyai Selamet 

Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional Cirebon and Malaysian Gamelan
Richard North
Music Department
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Founded as a Central Javanese gamelan group by Donn Howell in 1986, the instruments at University of California Santa Barbara played a variety of styles until switching focus to Cirebon and Malaysian traditional repertoire when Richard North was appointed to direct the ensemble in 2015. Performances often include lively Cirebon Topeng mask dancing. Classes meet two evenings a week, and usually perform four times per year, often in collaboration with the Santa Barbara community group  Gamelan Sinar Surya. The ensemble is open to all students, as well as members of the community at large.

2012 10 11 UCSB website still lists a gamelan ensemble taught by Mike Pievac but the links associated with it return errors and there is no Mike Pievac in the faculty or staff directory. Sent an inquiry to the Chair’s Assistant for the Music Department.
2012 10 12 Cori Montgomery at UCSB responded that Chad Nielson at is the instructor. 2012 10 13 sent regular inquiry to Chad Nielson. He will send update sometime later.

CA – Santa Barbara -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Sinar Surya ("The Rays of the Sun”)
Instruments: Cirebonese - slendro iron (Budi Daya - Power of Wisdom) and Cirebonese iron pelog/degung combination (Sekar Parahyangan, Flower of Sunda) 

Repertoire: Cirebon and Sunda pelog/slendro, degung and gong renteng; Malaysian

Gamelan Sinar Surya
c/o Richard North

808 W. Micheltorena St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 895-0592


Gamelan Sinar Surya has two complete gamelan orchestras. The blue Prawa (5-tone) set plays the gamelan repertoires of Cirebon, Sunda, and Malaysia. The green Pelog (7-tone) set plays gamelan music of Cirebon, as well as the Sundanese chamber music known as Degung.

Ongoing classes are offered on Wednesday and Sunday evenings in a home studio at the address above. Beginners are welcome!

The director of Gamelan Sinar Surya, Richard North, has been studying, teaching, and performing gamelan music since 1972, from the villages of Sunda to the royal palaces of Cirebon. Prior to moving to Santa Barbara, Richard North directed Gamelan Northwest of Seattle.

*weblinks to name and website do not work.
2012 10 11 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 22 pestermail.
2012 12 24 drafted revisions based on website. Sent with pestermail.
2012 12 24 response from Richard.

CA – Santa Cruz -- ACTIVE

Wayang Golek at UCSC 

Instruments: (see “UCSC Gamelans”)
Repertoire: Traditional
Kathy Foley, Provost

University of California Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

(408) 459-2564

Kathy Foley teaches and performs wayang golek at UC Santa Cruz. See also “Gamelans at UCSC”.

2012 10 11 UCSC website lists Undang Sumarna as the musical director of the UCSC West Javanese Gamelan. Also found Kathy Foley in the theater arts department
2012 10 22 pestermail.
2012 12 24 wondering if this is a full or partial duplicate of the “UCSC Gamelans” listing. Sent another pestermail.
2012 12 24 response from Kathy. Rewrote this listing.

CA – Santa Cruz -- ACTIVE

UCSC Gamelans (West Javanese and Balinese)
Instruments: Balinese angklung
 and West Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional and new music for Balinese Angklung, especially new music by Balinese composers
, Sundanese, West Javanese Kecapi-suling and Angklung.

Linda Burman-Hall
Professor of Music
University of California
Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

(831) 459-4648


The Balinese Gamelan Ensemble includes a class directed by Professor Burman-Hall and a community group. The West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble class is directed by Undang Sumarna (, working on Sundanese music primarily plus some Ceribon lagu.

2012 10 11 errors for weblink on name and webpage although it did get to a blank-ish UCSC arts school page.
2012 10 11 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 22 pestermail.
2012 12 24 drafted update based on website information and indication that supervising faculty is currently on leave.
2012 12 24 response from Kathy Foley.

CA – Santa Cruz -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Anak Swarasanti
Instruments: Balinese angklung and beleganjur

Repertoire: Traditional and new music for Balinese Angklung and Beleganjur, including extended arrangements with electric accompaniment and treatments.

Martin Randall

(831) 423-6189,


Gamelan Anak Swarasanti is a community-based Balinese gamelan orchestra that performs throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond in a wide variety of settings. Based in Santa Cruz, the group has its origins in UCSC's teaching gamelan, Gamelan Swarasanti - the name "Anak Swarasanti" means "Child of Swarasanti". Gamelan Anak Swarasanti is especially interested in pushing the frontiers of gamelan, and introducing gamelan to new audiences. The ensemble has collaborated with several Bay Area ambient electronic musicians, including Rob Rayle, Randy Cone, Charles Uzzell-Edwards, AndyW, and DJ Lorin, and have pioneered gamelan in the San Francisco underground dance community, bringing gamelan music to raves and other contemporary music events in the San Francisco Bay Area and as far afield as the Sierra mountains.

2012 10 11 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 22 pestermail.
2012 12 24 pestermail, with copy to

CA – Santa Cruz – HATCHING

Gamelan Artha Negara
Instruments: Balinese jegog
Repertoire: Traditional and new Balinese
I Gede Oka Artha Negara, Director
(415) 410-9230

Sarah Kristine Artha Negara, Manager
(415) 244-8326

Gamelan Artha Negara is trying to obtain a set of jegog instruments in order to establish a jegog ensemble in Santa Cruz. Their first goal is to raise money and to produce a mebarung performance in 2013 with Gamelan Sekar Jaya’s jegog. The group is conducting a fundraising campaign on

2012 12 27 Jody found this one via their kickstarter campaign. Drafted a listing from online research. Sent inquiry.

CA – Valencia -- ACTIVE

Cal Arts Ensembles / Burat Wangi (Balinese) and Kyai Dara Dasih (Javanese)
Instruments: Balinese Semar Pegulingan and Gamelan Gong Kebyar, and Central Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional music and dance as well as New Music by American and Indonesian composers for both ensembles.

Balinese: Dr. I Nyoman Wenten, (661) 255-1050 x2549,
Balinese Dance: Nanik Wenten,
Javanese: Djoko Walujo (661) 255-1050 x2549,
California Institute of the Arts

24700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355


All ensembles are active during the school year. Players are primarily CalArts students, along with community members from the greater Los Angeles area. Balinese dance instruction offered by Nanik Wenten. Javanese dance instruction offered by Djoko Walujo. Classes also given in Balinese gender wayang, gong suling, and kecak.

2012 10 11 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 12 error warning. Followed by permanent fail on 2012 10 14.
2012 10 22 re-sent to
2012 10 23 found email for Walujo at
2012 12 24 website is active, made some minor edits. Pestermail to both.
2012 12 18 response from “Nyoman Wenten” at email address for Nanik Wenten ( Alternate email for Nyoman Wenten is

CA – Vallejo – MOVED to San Francisco

Gamelan Range of Light

This ensemble, previously directed by Joan Bell Cowan (Joan Bell Dakin) has been acquired by the San Francisco School and relocated to San Francisco.

COLORADO back to top


Naropa Institute Gamelan / Eka Mudra
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
Repertoire: Traditional


Mark Miller
Professor of Music

Naropa Institute

2130 Arapahoe

Boulder, CO 80302

(303) 444-0202

This group is currently inactive due to lack of adequate rehearsal and storage space. We hope to continue with the gamelan orchestra when these issues are resolved.

CO – Boulder – ACTIVE

Genta Kencana
Instruments: gamelan angling kembang kirang (5 tone)
I Made Lasmawan

2012 10 22 per University of Colorado Boulder College of Music website, world music ensembles contact is Jay Keister at Sent interest inquiry.
2012 12 25 pestermail. Website appears active. Phone for Keister is 303-492-5496.

CO – Colorado Springs -- ACTIVE

Tunjung Sari, Santi Suara, and Mulya Raras
Instruments: Balinese angklung (Tunjung Sari), Balinese gender wayang (Santi Suara), Javanese pelog (Mulya Marta)
Repertoire: Traditional

I Made Lasmawan, dir.

Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO


The ensemble, founded in 2011 performs twice each year on campus and in other venues both on- and off-campus. The group has performed throughout the Front Range region of Colorado, in Wyoming, and in Bali. Performances include the Colorado College Balinese Dancers, under the direction of Ni Ketut Marni and are often joined by professional Balinese dancers from across the United States. Repertory includes both traditional and contemporary Indonesian music and dance. Every other summer, the program offers an academic course on the arts and culture of Bali, which is taught in Bali.

*phone, email, or web contact? Zip code? Group description?
2012 10 09 update from Lasmawan.
2012 12 25 add description from website.

CO – Denver -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Tunas Mekar
Instruments: Balinese angklung, Semaradana

Repertoire: Traditional and new Balinese. Angklung, Gong Kebyar, Semar Pegulingan, and Semaradana


Tunas Mekar

PO Box 6735

Denver, CO 80206

Michael Fitts and Jill Frederickson
I Made Lasmawan (dir)

(719) 550-1231


A subgroup of the ensemble is gender wayang quartet Catur Eka Santi.

2012 10 09 if the email doesn’t work, try Response received from address above. Will probably send changes.
2012 10 22 pestermail. Received response.

CO – Denver – ACTIVE

Manik Kusuma
Instruments: gamelan angklung
Artistic Director: I Made Lasmawan
Dr. Peter Schimpf
Department of Music
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Campus Box 58
PO Box 173362
Denver, CO 80217-3362
(303) 556-8678

Manik Kusuma is a gamelan angklung, founded in 2011. It is a collegiate ensemble within the Department of Music at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Under the direction of I Made Lasmawan, and the additional assistance of members of Denver’s Tunas Mekar, this group seeks to promote the rich tradition of Balinese gamelan through education and performance.

2012 10 22 interest inquiry sent. Response received. Might get more info later.

CO – Loveland – ACTIVE

Kyai Brojo Marto (produced by ARCINDA: The Arts and Culture of Indonesia)
Instruments: Javanese, pelog
Repertoire: Traditional and New Music
Anie Pelletier, Executive Director
I Made Lasmawan, Program Director
(970) 613-0439


Kyai Brojo Marta was founded by I Made Lasmawan and Anie Pelletier in October 2008. “Brojo” comes from the name of Anie’s great grandparent, a powerful and strong heroic character. “Marto” comes from Bapak Martopengrawit, the great Javanese teacher of I Made Lasmawan.

ARCINDA is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status, providing Indonesia cultural programs, event coordination, presentations, workshops, lectures, and education in Colorado and Wyoming. Several Indonesian Artist Community Groups sometime partner with Kyai Brojo Marto for performances under ARCINDA. The Kyai Brojo Marto Javanese Gamelan instruments are privately owned, but the performance is produced by ARCINDA as a non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status.

2012 10 09 alerted to existence of group by I Made Lasmawan.
2012 10 20 initial interest inquiry sent (not including draft, above).
2012 10 21 update received, no narrative. Sent suggested draft narrative. Revision approved.

CONNECTICUT back to top

CT – Middletown -- ACTIVE

Wesleyan University Gamelan: Kyai Pradhah (Venerable Prosperity, Javanese pelog) / Kyai Mentul (Venerable Bouncing, Javanese slendro)
Instruments: Javanese (a Yogjanese set dating from the early part of the 20th century)
Repertoire: Focusing on traditional music, dance, and wayang
Sumarsam, Director,
I.M. Harjito, Director,
Music Department
Wesleyan University
297 Washington Terrace
Middletown, CT 06459

Wesleyan Gamelan Blog:
Wesleyan Virtual Instrument Museum:
Youth Gamelan Program:

Performance study groups: Javanese Gamelan – Beginners, Javanese Gamelan – Advanced

Urip Sri Maeny, instructor of Javanese dance, will be retiring in May 2013.

A previous Javanese slendro set, Kyai Muntjar Basuki (Venerable Sparkling Prosperity) is used for off-campus concerts. Instruments were made around 1960 for the 1964 World's Fair. Its pelog instruments are in use at Smith College, Northampton. See additional listing for Balinese gamelan at Wesleyan.

Since 1984, Wesleyan has also been hosting a two-week summer course in gamelan for high school students in the Center for Creative Youth, which is administered by the Capitol Region Education Council in Connecticut. Since 2002, the Center for Arts at Wesleyan sponsors a community Javanese gamelan ensemble for children ages seven and older (the Youth Gamelan Program) and workshops for all local 4th grade elementary school students. The Youth Gamelan Program performs a few pieces each semester during the end of semester concerts by the university student groups.

2012 11 30 info regarding summer high school program, for the Youth Gamelan Program, and for the workshops via Center for the Arts provided on listserv by Joseph Getter at

CT – Middletown -- ACTIVE

Wesleyan University Gamelan: Balinese Gamelan Angklung
Instruments: Balinese Angklung
Repertoire: Balinese
Sumarsam, Director,
I.M. Harjito, Director,
Music Department
Wesleyan University
297 Washington Terrace
Middletown, CT 06459

Acquired in 2005, the Balinese angklung gamelan is used for some classes on the history/theory of Indonesian music. Performance study group in Balinese music might be offered, taught by a graduate student whose study is Balinese music. See additional listing for Javanese gamelan at Wesleyan.

2013 01 06 Peter Steele (currently at Bates) mentioned that he ran this group for four years when he was at Wesleyan. At the time they were calling the group “Gamelan Wira Surya”.


Gamelan Suprabanggo
Instruments: Central Javanese (Bapak Tentrem and Midiyanto)
Repertoire: Traditional Central Javanese repertory and newly composed music of both traditional and non-traditional genres
Department of Music, Yale University
New Haven, CT

With funds provided by the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies, and through the efforts of Yale Department of Music faculty and staff, the ensemble was purchased from Ki Midiyanto, Central Javanese dhalang and long time teacher at UC Berkeley. The instruments were shipped from Wonogiri, Indonesia where they had been used regularly for wayang and klenengan performances, arriving on campus in November 2006 and unpacked by student volunteers in December. Before leavingJava, the ensemble was named Gamelan Suprabanggo, a condensed word (singkatan) formed from the names of the sons of Ki Midiyanto (Supraba and Anggo).

In spring semester 2007, Sarah Weiss began teaching Yale's first seminar on the history, theory, aesthetics, cultural contexts and performance of Javanese karawitan or gamelan music. In addition to their intellectual work, the students who take the seminar participate as members of the performance ensemble. There are also student composers.

The ensemble is led by Darsono and Maho Ishiguro, as of July 2021. The website hosts information about past performances including programs, photographs and recordings.

2012 10 20 discovered through research on Giri Mekar (NY). Interest inquiry sent. Response received. Follow-up question re email format sent. Approved.


Sekar Kembar

These instruments were brought to Yale University in 1986 from Berkeley, California by Michael Tenzer in connection with the establishment of Sekar Kembar. The instruments were sold to Garry Kvistad to facilitate the founding of Gamelan Giri Mekar in Woodstock, NY (now in residence at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY). Sekar Kembar disbanded in 1988.


Jagat Anyar

This Balinese ensemble was at Yale University from 1993-1996.

DELAWARE back to top

DE – Newark -- DISBANDED

Kyai Tlogo Beruang Perak (Lake of the Silver Bear)

This set of instruments was built by Michael Zinn, who taught for many years at the University of Delaware. After his retirement, the instruments were donated to the Solebury School in New Hope Pennsylvania.

*Does anyone at Univ Del know where they went? Is there an active gamelan group in Newark, DE?
2012 10 11 Prof Tom Palmer referred me to the Music Department Office. Sent an inquiry.
2012 10 13 per Wikipedia page, the instruments went with Dr. Zinn when he retired.
2012 10 16 Noticed the reference to the donated instruments in New Hope, PA.


DC – Washington -- ACTIVE

Javanese Ensemble of the Indonesian Embassy
Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional


Bp. Muryanto, Gamelan Director

Department of Education and Culture
Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia,
2020 Mass. Ave. NW, Washington DC

The Javanese ensemble, open to members of the community, meets on Mondays and Thursday evenings.

The Sultan of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, provided the Embassy with a new gamelan in April 2012.

*email or web contact?

2012 10 09 standard update inquiry sent.
2012 10 20 pestermail to
2012 12 25 direct link to .pdf that I found before now returns gibberish. However, looks like the Embassy received a new gamelan in April 2012 … sent email info request via a dance group with a website and contact form (Santi Budaya) that performed recently at the Embassy and appears to have a working relationship with Muryanto.
2013 01 04 potential lead through Jon Singer at

DC - Washington

Mitra Kusuma(“Flowering Friendship”)

See listing under Maryland - College Park.

DC – Washington – ACTIVE

Santi Budaya Performing Arts Center, LLC
Instruments: performs with local musicians
Repertoire: traditional dance of Bali, Java, Sunda, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and modern dance
(202) 413-2062, (202) 680-4316


Dance classes held regularly at 3101 S. Manchester St #22, Falls Church, Virginia 22044 and at the Embassy of Indonesia.

Santi Budaya also hosts music lessons, and provides workshops, entertainment packages, traditional Indonesian wedding packages, fashion shows, and traditional costume rentals.

2012 12 25 discovered while looking for better contact information or signs of recent gamelan activity at the Embassy in DC. Sent interest inquiry via website contact form. Website founded in 2007; “recent photos” posted in 2009. Performed at dcFestival in 2012?

FLORIDA back to top

FL – Tallahassee -- ACTIVE

Sekaa Gong Hanuman Agung
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar, beleganjur
Repertoire: Traditional, neo-traditional, and contemporary

Michael Bakan

Professor of Ethnomusicology
Head of World Music
of Music
Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL 32306-1180


*website? Add description of group?
2012 10 11 re-sent to Change group name to Sekaa Gong Hanuman Agung? Confirmed by Michael.

GEORGIA back to top

GA – Atlanta – ACTIVE

(New Instruments at Emory)
Instruments: Full set of central Javanese pelog-slendro from Surakarta; Sundanese gamelan degung.
Repertoire: Traditional and modern


Tong Soon Lee
Department of Music

Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322

(404) 727-7937

Javanese ensemble plays both traditional and modern compositions.

The Nyai Tentrem ensemble of instruments has moved to Shorter University in Rome, Georgia.

*add website? Expand description?

2012 10 09 standard update inquiry sent.
2012 10 19 pestermail. Response – he is no longer director. Nyai Tentrem instruments sold to Shorter University and new full pelog-slendro set acquired for Emory plus subsequent Sundanese set. Contact Tong Soon Lee at Sent email to Lee.
2012 12 25 pestermail to Lee.

GA – Rome – ACTIVE

Nyai Tentrem (Miss Peaceful)
Instruments: Javanese slendro
Repertoire: Traditional
Dr. Fred Tarrant
Department of Music
Shorter University
315 Shorter Avenue
Rome, George 30165
(706) 233-7289

The Nyai Tentrem instruments, formerly at Emory University in Atlanta, were acquired by Shorter.

2012 10 22 Discovered in response from Emory. Sent interest inquiry.
2012 12 25 pestermail to Tarrant. His phone number is 706-233-7289.

GUAM back to top

no listings (yet?)

HAWAI'I back to top

HI – Honolulu – ACTIVE

University of Hawai'i Javanese Gamelan Ensemble / Kyahi Gandrung
Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional


Byron Moon, Director,
Hardja Susilo,
Artistic Director,
Music Department
University of Hawaii

2411 Dole St.

Honolulu, HI 96822

2012 10 12 inquiry to Byron Moon.
2012 12 25 pestermail.

HI – Honolulu – ACTIVE

University of Hawai'i Balinese Gamelan Ensemble / (Gamelan Segara Madu)
Instruments: Gamelan Gong Kebyar and Gamelan Suling
Repertoire: traditional
Anna Reynolds, Director
I Made Widana, Artistic Director

Music Department
University of Hawaii
at Manoa
2411 Dole ST.
Honolulu, HI 96822
(808) 341-6282 (Anna Reynolds)

The ensemble has also begun performing kecak and has an active Balinese dance program.

In 1995, the former Governor of Bali, /Ida Bagus Oka, presented a complete set of Balinese gamelan gong kebyar instruments to the University of Hawai’i at Manoa in recognition of the commitment of the University and the Javanese Gamelan Ensemble to advocating for Indonesian culture, especially through the performing arts. In the years since, the ensemble has been led by many distinguished artists from Bali. Currently, the ensemble is led by resident artist I made Widana from Bali. Widana, a professional musician, composer, and dancer has been enthusiastically leading the ensemble since 2009.

*add website? Expand description? Try "Hardja Susilo" <>, if the listed one does not work.
2012 10 11 re-sent to Looks active on website. Instructor is now also Byron Moon, under the guidance of Hardja Susilo. However, could not get links to Byron Moon to function on the University of Hawaii site.
2012 10 12 email to Reynolds.
2012 10 30 response from Reynolds.

IDAHO back to top

ID – American Falls – ACTIVE

Tirta Budaya
Instruments: Angklung
Repertoire: Angklung and Various Modified
Cherie Bowman
(208) 201-3781

Procured in 2000, expressly for the benefit of K-3 elementary students, their community, and Idaho, Tirta Budaya, directed in the first ten years by Pak I Made Lasmawan, or Colorado College, has performed locally, at Idaho State University, and at the state capitol building in Boise.  Third grade students perform an annual spring concert.  The ensemble is active seasonally.

2012 10 19 interest inquiry sent.
2012 12 25 pestermail.  Did not find any relevant websites.
2013 01 04 response from Cherie Hoffman-Bowman at

ILLINOIS back to top

IL – Chicago – ACTIVE

Friends of the Gamelan (FROG)
Instruments: Javanese bronze (Sri Sedånå) and Javanese iron (Nyai Panjang Sari)
Repertoire: Traditional and new

Linda Maher
5854 N Leonard Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 763-3668


The ensemble practices jointly with University of Chicago Central Javanese Performance Ensemble.

*there is no listing for the University of Chicago Central Javanese Performance Ensemble.
The web link to the name works. Includes links to notation (“Notasi”)
2012 10 08 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 19 pestermail. Response.
2012 10 20 follow-up question re email contact. Revised.

IL – Chicago – ACTIVE

Indonesian Consulate Gamelan
Instruments: Javanese bronze

Repertoire: Traditional


Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia

211 West Wacker Drive #8
Chicago, IL 60606

(312) 595-1777


Teacher: Diayh Minarno Kasir. A new and large set of instruments.

*web link goes to a map of Indonesia, with a further link to the consulate. I could not find any links to the gamelan on the consulate website. Clicking on the search field on the consulate website returns an error. “New” as in … when?
2012 10 08 found info at
2012 10 09 response from I Gusti Ngurah Kertayuda regarding name, address, teacher.

IL – DeKalb – ACTIVE

Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Balinese angklung; Javanese, iron (Suhirjan)

Repertoire: Traditional and new music (mainly by our own composition students)

Jui-Ching Wang
School of Music

Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 753-7979

*phone? Email? Web link? Description?
2012 10 11 Michael Mixtacki referred me to Jiu-Ching Wang, who is the director of the Indonesian gamelan ensemble. Sent original version of inquiry to

IL – Urbana-Champaign – ACTIVE

University of Illinois Gamelan/ Urbana-Champaign Community Gamelan
Instruments: Balinese gamelan: gong kebyar, gamelan Semara Dana, gamelan Angklung, gamelan Gambuh, gamelan Gambang, gamelan Gender Wayang. Javanese gamelan: pelog slendro.
Repertoire: Traditional music and dance and new compositions

I Ketut Gede Asnawa, Director
Robert E. Brown Center for World Music

School of Music

Music Bldg, Rm 4007
1114 W. Nevada Street

Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 244-0790


I Ketut Gede Asnawa began instructing gamelan courses at the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music and the School of Music at the University of Illinois in August 2006. Under his direction a special project called the East-West Ensemble performed at the Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar (June 2008) and Gamelan Eka Sruti Illini was featured at the Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) in Indianapolis (November 2009). Students of the University of Illinois are offered gamelan as a one-credit course through the School of Music. The Urbana-Champaign Community Gamelan meets on Monday evenings, and is open to anyone who wishes to learn this exciting music or the associated dance, instructed by Putu Oka Mardiani Asnawa. Concerts featuring these ensembles are scheduled at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters.

*phone, email, web? Description? 2012 10 08 There is a lot on the website for I Ketut Gede Asnawa at Looks like after a hiatus, the group is active, but has changed from Javanese to Balinese.

2012 10 08 sent standard update inquiry to
2012 10 19 pestermail. Rec’d response.
2012 10 23 Marc Benamou at Earlham also suggests contacting Philip Yampolsky at the Center for World Music website – the last email address he had for him was Marc does not think they have a Javanese group any more.
2012 10 29 received response from Jason Finkelman, Director of the Global Arts Performance Initiatives at
2012 12 26 pestermail for narrative.
2012 12 26 received from Finkelman.

INDIANA back to top

IN – Richmond – ACTIVE

Earlham College Javanese Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: full slendro-pelog Solonese gamelan (original instruments probably made by Pak Reso in the 1960s; new instruments, mostly by Pak Saroyo, added in 2006)
Repertoire: almost entirely traditional Central Javanese
Marc Benamou, director

Earlham College ensemble also open to community members.  The group is divided into two sections: beginning and intermediate.  The ensemble is offered as a class for credit every other semester, at the end of which both sections perform a combined concert, sometimes with professional dancers or a dhalang.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page.  Not yet contacted.
2012 10 19 initial interest inquiry sent.
2012 10 23 response received.

IOWA back to top

IA – Grinnell – ACTIVE

Kyai Biwara (messenger)
Instruments: Javanese, iron

Repertoire: Traditional


Roger Vetter

Music Department

Grinnell College

Grinnell, IA 50112-0806

(641) 269-3067


A student group at a four-year undergraduate liberal arts institution. Central Javanese gamelan taught by Roger Vetter; Central Javanese dance taught by Valerie Mau Vetter. On-campus performances are presented each year in early December and early May, and the group is usually invited to give one or two performances per year in Iowa or surrounding states.

*add website?
2012 10 11 Trying again with

KANSAS back to top

no listings (yet?)

KENTUCKY back to top

KY – Lexington – ACTIVE

(no name)
Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Angklung (bronze, built by I Made Gabeleran, Blahbatuh, Bali, 2005).
Repertoire: traditional, Kebyar style, and some American compositions.
K.H. Han

This set is privately owned by Dr. K.H. Han, retired music professor (formerly of Northern Illinois University), who is now living in Lexington.  It was used by the University of Kentucky School of Music for several years while he was a visiting professor.  One performance of the group (Joged Dance) was taped by the Kentucky Education TV for their Arts Toolkit: A World of Music Series (2007).

2012 10 27 email from Jody fw’ding email from Hannah McLaren Boyd indicating that Dr. Han and his gamelan are in Lexington. 
2012 12 26  Found a YouTube video posted in 2012 of University of Kentucky Gamelan Ensemble.  Could not find gamelan amongst ensembles listed on Music Department page but found reference to membership in a community Balinese & Javanese ensemble on a bio page for faculty member Elaine Cook.  Sent email to
2013 01 04 response from Dr. Han at  More to come soon.
2013 01 06 more from Dr. Han.

KY – Lexington – ACTIVE

The Community of Indonesian Art and Music Gamelan
Instruments: Javanese gamelan (iron slendro and pelog, built by Pak Rukiman, Bantul, Yogyakarta, 2005).
Repertoire: traditional
Muhammad Ahmadin, director

The set is used for Indonesian holiday activities and home gatherings.  Members are Indonesians living in Lexington.  It was borrowed several times by the University of Kentucky School of Music and the Lexington Community Gamelan, both directed by K.H. Han.

2012 10 27 email from Jody fw’ding email from Hannah McLaren Boyd indicating that Dr. Han and his gamelan are in Lexington. 
2012 12 26  Found a YouTube video posted in 2012 of University of Kentucky Gamelan Ensemble.  Could not find gamelan amongst ensembles listed on Music Department page but found reference to membership in a community Balinese & Javanese ensemble on a bio page for faculty member Elaine Cook.  Sent email to
2013 01 04 response from Dr. Han at  More to come soon.
2013 01 06 more from Dr. Han, with approval by Muhammad.

LOUISIANA back to top

no listings (yet?)

MAINE back to top

ME – Lewiston -- ACTIVE

Bates College Gamelan Orchestra / Mawar Mekar (“Blossom of Inspiration”) and Gamelan Degung
Instruments: Central Javanese, iron with brass, by Mulyadi
in Solo, acquired in 2001 and 7-piece bronze gamelan degung donated to Bates by David Lydgate in 2007
Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary music from West Java (Sunda), Central Java, and new music by North American composers
2012-2013: Peter Steele, (207) 786-6307,
Permanent: Gina Fatone, (207) 786-6135,


Indonesian artists who have held guest residencies at Bates include Kuwat (2002), Midiyanto (2003), Joko Susilo (2003-2004), Otong and Atik Rasta (2004), Undang Sumarna (2005, 206, 2008), Euis Komariah and Gangan Garmana (2007), Nano S. (2008), Burhan Sukarma (2008) and Wahyu Roche, Ening Rumbini and Rina Oesmann (2009), Wahyu Roche and Apep Sobani (2010), and Wahyu Roche and Achmad Farmis (2012). Additional guest instructors and performers have included I.M. Harjito, Sumarsam, Ben Arcangel, Jody Diamond, Andy Bouchard, Evan Ziporyn, Christine Southworth, and Peeter Steele.

The ensemble typically performs at Bates once per semester and often participates in World Music Weekend at Bates in early spring. The group has also performed at other venues in Maine. New members are welcome at any time.

Bates College also houses the Eisler shadow-Puppet Collection.

*phone, email, web, description?
2012 10 05 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 19 pestermail.
2012 12 26 found listserv posting from Gina at Phone number associated with this email is 207-786-6135.
2012 12 26 pestermail to Fatone. Edits based on website. “Peter Steele, director” – forwarded inquiry to
2012 12 26 response from Fatone. Info in the works.
2012 12 29 response from Steele – Fatone is permanent director, on sabbatical, he prefers to wait for her input.
2013 01 04 draft to Gina.
2013 01 05 response from Gina.

MARYLAND back to top

MD – Baltimore – DISBANDED

The Robert Macht Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Javanese pelog and slendro, bronze

Robert Macht

6140 Barroll
Baltimore, MD 21209

The Robert Macht Ensemble released a CD: Suite for Javanese Gamelan and Synthesizer.

The Ensemble has permanently disbanded. Robert Macht is looking for a school, university, or non-profit to which he could donate his set of instruments.

*website? [Dorian label now “sono luminus”? But returns nothing on a search for Robert Macht and/or gamelan. Can’t find anything online more recent than 2000. However, an interview from 1999 or so indicates that he likes the AGI site maintained by Jody Diamond….sent follow-up email to Jody Diamond 2012 10 07]
2012 10 05 bounceback on email.
2012 10 19 pestermail to Jody.
2012 12 21 Jody suggests contacting John MacDougall re groups in Maryland – might be able to reach through Indonesia Publications, 7538 Newberry Lane, Lanham, MD 20706, (301) 552-3251.
2012 12 25 The lady at the phone number says that Indonesia Publications no longer exists and the man at that number says “don’t call back” and hung up on me.
2012 12 26 Sent “lost gamelan” email to listserv.
2012 12 26 response from Bill Alves shows man playing gender for yoga studio ad, uploaded by RobertMacht. Response to Bill – any way to actually contact?
2013 01 25 Sent letter of inquiry by snail mail to physical address.
2013 02 02 Received email response from Robert Macht at

MD – Baltimore – ACTIVE

UMD Gamelan Saraswati
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar, built by I Wayan Beratha, acquired in 2001.

I Nyoman Suadin, director
University of Maryland
School of Music, Bldg. 386
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 2110
College Park, MD 20742-1620


Two public performances per year. Gamelan Saraswati sometimes performs together with Gamelan Mitra Kusuma.

*email, web, description?
2012 10 05 appears to now be “UMD Gamelan Ensemble”. Sent email to
2012 10 19 sent pestermail to same email address. If that doesn’t work, try Musicology & Ethnomusicology Division Chair: Barbara Haggh-Huglo at
2012 12 25 edits based on website. Forwarded inquiry to Haggh-Huglo.
2012 12 28 response from Haggh-Huglo.

MD – Boyds – MOVED to Germantown, MD

Wrhatnala USA

MD – College Park -- ACTIVE

Mitra Kusuma(“Flowering Friendship”)
Instruments: Balinese gamelan gong kebyar and gender wayang
Repertoire: Traditional


I Nyoman Suadin, Artistic Director

Latifah Alsegaf


Community group of musicians and dancers founded in 1997. The ensemble is in residence at World Arts Focus in Mount Rainer, Maryland. Members come from all over Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

Gong kebyar rehearsals every Thursday evening at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland and angklung rehearsals every other Wednesday evening in Mount Rainier, just three blocks outside of Washington, DC in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

2012 10 09 Standard update inquiry.
2012 10 13 Per Wikipedia, in Mount Rainier, MD.
2012 10 20 Pestermail. Bounceback. Website is still active, has events posted from 2011. New email to try: Forwarded original inquiry.
2012 10 25 email bounceback.
2012 12 21 email to Marc Hoffman (who apparently knows them?) – looking for personal email for any of their directors or members. Current activities does not list anything more recent than 2011 (but perhaps more active on Facebook?) Should this gamelan be listed in Maryland or in DC?!
2013 01 04 potential lead through Jon Singer at
2013 01 09 moved listing to Maryland, added location for Prince George’s County.

MD – Ellicott City – DISBANDED (moved to Australia)

Seka Genta Semara 

Instruments: Balinese 5 or 7 tone - a unique tuning by Wayan Beratha, 1983

Repertoire: Traditional semar pegulingan and angklung repertoire


Made Hood

Genta Pinara Pitu has 11-key gangsa and a 14-kettle terompong. It permits 4-tone slendro, 5-tone slendro, 5-tone pelog, 6-tone pelog and 7-tone pelog.

*website? [2012 10 06 found obits online for Steve Pope, dated 2002. Did not find anything more recent when searching online for gamelan group name or Diana Pope + gamelan].
2012 10 19 “the number you have dialed is not in service.” Added to “lost gamelan” email for listserv.
2012 12 07 Marc Hoffman ( was planning to go to a concert in MD and ask about this group. He also forwarded information suggesting contacting Pamela Rogers Aguinigas, who has since moved but may have information. Pamela’s phone number is 410-350-6117. She founded West Java Arts.
2012 12 20 Sent follow-up inquiry to Marc re Seka Genta Semara.
2012 12 21 Email to Made Hood at
2012 12 21 Jody suggests contacting John MacDougall re groups in Maryland – might be able to reach through Indonesia Publications, 7538 Newberry Lane, Lanham, MD 20706, (301) 552-3251.


Wrhatnala USA
Instruments: Gong Kebyar, Gender Wayang, Joged Bumbung, Gong Suling, Tektekan, Genggong and Godogan

Repertoire: Balinese traditional and new music and dance compositions

I Gusti Agung Pratimawan Supartha
Wrhatnala USA
P.O. Box 1630 Germantown, MD 20875


Wrhatnala USA is part of the legacy of I Gusti Agung Ngurah Supartha SST, who founded Sanggar Wrhatnala in Bala. Sanggar Wrhatnala has two sister ensembles in the United States: Gamelan Wrhatnala Blue Ridge, based at Shepherd University in West Virginia, and Wrhatnala USA. I Gustiu Agung Ngurah Supartha SST has passed the tradition of Indonesian music and dance to his two sons, I Gusti Agung Jenggala Supartha, director of Sanggar Wrhatnala, and I Gusti Agung Pratimawan Supartha, director of Gamelan Wrhatnala Blue Ridge and Wrhatnala USA.

Wrhatnala USA includes musicians and dancers and has performed throughout the DC area and elsewhere in the United States, including the Kennedy Center and for Voice of America.

Newcomers welcome to join the practice on Sundays from 11am-1pm at the Embassy of Indonesia in Washington, DC (2020 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036). See also Wrhatnala of Blue Ridge at Shepherd University in West Virginia.

*weblinks do not work. [2012 10 05 emails to both returned permanent errors. Appears quite alive online, forwarded outgoing solicitation to new contact info on 2012 10 07.]
2012 10 05 sent standard inquiry to both emails.
2012 10 05 error on and
2012 10 07 re-sent to Pratimawan Supartha at
2012 10 19 pestermail.
2012 12 21 Jody suggests contacting John MacDougall re groups in Maryland – might be able to reach through Indonesia Publications, 7538 Newberry Lane, Lanham, MD 20706, (301) 552-3251.
2012 12 25 Indonesia Publications no longer exists and man at that number said not to call back and hung up on me.
2012 12 25 made edits based on website, which shows performance schedule for 2012. Pestermail to Pratimawan.
2012 12 30 response from Pratimawan Supartha.

MD – Landover – ACTIVE

Art & Cultural Center of Indonesia (ACCI) 

Instruments: Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese

Repertoire: Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese

Soeprapto, Javanese dalang (master puppeteer)
512 Brightseat Road
Landover, MD 20785

(301) 336-0812 or (240) 838-4671 [cell]

The Art & Cultural Center of Indonesia (ACCI), in Maryland, U.S.A. is a non-profit organization in the city of Landover. Since its operation in 1976, ACCI has three main departments: Indonesian Traditional Art of Music and Dance, Indonesian Authentic Shadow Puppet Theater, and Gallery of the Community Arts & Crafts.

ACCI has been participating in various cultural activities in Washington, D.C. areas and beyond. Its department of music and dance group has performed in several festivals. The department of Shadow Puppet Theater has also performed extensively in several educational and cultural institutions from coast to coast, while its collection of arts & crafts has been displayed in many cultural exhibitions. ACCI is available to provide workshops and exhibits for the public.

In rehearsals and performances, ACCI works in cooperation with the Javanese, Balinese, and Sundanese music ensembles of the Indonesian Embassy of Washington, DC.

•website? [websearch yielded nothing although there is a 411. Listing for S Soeprapto at this address and phone number]
2012.10.19 Called 301-336-0812. LM in unidentified voicemailbox with my name, phone number, and email. Soeprapto returned my call. His current email is: Re-sent original inquiry.
2012 10 26 rec’d update. Sent minor edit confirmation follow-up.

MD – Prince George’s County -- ACTIVE

Mitra Kusuma
 (“Flowering Friendship”)

See listing for this ensemble also under “MD – College Park”.


MA – Amherst – ACTIVE

Electric Junkyard Gamelan
Terry Dame

2012 10 08 found online while looking for the ensemble at Amherst College. Sent interest inquiry Oct 8.
2012 10 19 pestermail and “in the works” response from Terry Dame at
2012 12 26 pestermail to Terry. Per listserv archive, actively touring in 2008.

MA – Amherst – COMBINED with SMITH

Ensemble at Amherst College 

Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional

Music Department

Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002

(413) 542-2364

The gamelan ensemble at Amherst College appears to have disbanded and/or been combined with the Ensemble at Smith College. If you have any information about this group, please contact

*email, web, description? Now combined with the ensemble based at Smith?
2012 10 10 Margaret Sarkissian at Smith suggests contacting the ethnomusicologist at Amherst, which is Prof. Jeffers Englehardt – David Reck retired many years ago. “As far as I am aware, the only gamelan they had was John Pemberton’s instruments, which were stored there for him as a favor (his father taught at Amherst in the past, but has also long retired). As far as I’m aware, John retrieved the instruments several years ago. I haven’t heard that they have any other gamelan there now.”
2012 10 19 standard inquiry to Jeffers Engelhardt at
2012 12 26 pestermail to Engelhardt. Internet research suggests that there is no gamelan at Amherst College but that the ensemble at Smith is open to members of the “Five Colleges”.

MA – Amherst – DISBANDED

Sundanese Gamelan
Instruments: Sundanese

Repertoire: Traditional
Sandra Moulon

Leveritt Craft Center

Amherst, MA 01002

This gamelan is no longer at the Leverett Craft Center and the current management does not know anything about it so we presume it has disbanded. If you have any information about this group, please contact

MA – Andover – ACTIVE

Gamelan Sleeping Fox
Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung.
Repertoire: Traditional
Contact: Emeric Viani
Music Teacher, The Pike School, 34 Sunset Rock Rd, Andover, MA 01810


*email, web, description? Could also try although Sandra Moulon is not listed.

2012 10 19 phone number is fax. Sent contact inquiry to
2012 10 30 response from Walt Burnham, current director of the Center. Knows nothing about a gamelan there and previous director had just passed away.
2012 12 26 sent inquiry to listerv for assistance.

MA – Boston / Medford -- ACTIVE

Boston Village Gamelan and Tufts Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Javanese, Rinengga Sih Tentrem (Solo, by Tentrem Sarwanto)
Repertoire: Traditional


Barry Drummond, Artistic Director

Music Department, Tufts University

Medford, MA 02155
(617) 547-3395


The Boston Village Gamelan is in residence at Tufts University, and rehearses with the Tufts ensemble. Rehearsals are Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The repertoire is drawn largely from the Solonese court traditions. In addition to a couple of concerts at Tufts per year, the ensemble performs several other times in the New England area. It performs also occasionally on a 19th century Solonese set owned by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Kyai Jati Mulya.

*URL does not work. [2012 10 06 per Jody Diamond, now meets on Tues and Thurs, not on Monday].
2012 10 08 inquiry to Barry Drummond and response received.

MA – Cambridge – ACTIVE

Gamelan Anak Tika
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
Repertoire: Traditional
Emeric Viani, Co-Founder & Artistic Director

MA – Cambridge – ACTIVE

Gamelan Galak Tika
Instruments: Balinese pelegongan, kebyar, gender wayang; Angklung Banyuwangi
, just intonation slendro (custom-designed); Gamelan Elektrika (electronic gamelan instruments built by Gamelan Galak Tika in the US); Beta Gamelan (just intonation, designed by Gamelan Galak Tika and built in Bali).
Repertoire: American and Balinese new works, also traditional Balinese repertoire

Evan Ziporyn

Music and Theater Arts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139


*weblink works and includes links to other stuff, including notation for new compositions, etc.
2012 10 11 bounceback on email. Trying again with
2012 10 15 correspondence to Evan re Beta Gamelan.
2012 10 16 response from Evan re Beta and Elektrika; keep both with Galak Tika. He is good with this draft of the Instrument text.

NY – SUNY New Paltz

Gamelan Si Betty
Instruments: American, Javanese style, aluminum (Lou Harrison, William Colvig)
Repertoire: international new music
Jody Diamond

Gamelan Si Betty is named for the arts benefactor Betty Freeman, who sponsored the building of the ensemble. At the time it was built in 1979, Lou Harrison was studying with K.R.T. Notoprojo (Pak Cokro) and Jody Diamond, so Si Betty was modeled on the instruments of Gamelan Kyai Udan Mas at U.C. Berkeley. In 2020, Gamelan Si Betty moved to SUNY New Paltz at the invitation of pianist Alex Peh. Diamond will start a post-pandemic group in August of 2021, with a partial focus on gamelan compositions of Lou Harrison.

[PREVIOUS NARRATIVE: Si Betty moved to Harvard in the fall of 2007, with the idea of exploring the idea and repertoire of "American gamelan", and providing new performance experiences for Harvard students and community members. Jody Diamond, Artist in Residence in the Harvard University Music Department, offers performance labs for a variety of courses, co-teaches course with other faculty, and is often involved in interdisciplinary projects with other departments and other schools in the area. There is a student and community group called Si Betty, as well as the Viewpoint Composers' Gamelan, formed in 2011 to encourage composers to work with the gamelan; both groups are directed by Diamond. The web page has a tuning equivalency chart for the ensemble.]

NY – Red Hook – ACTIVE

Diamond Bridge
Instruments: American Javanese style, aluminum, pine, and stained particle-board (builder Daniel Schmidt)
Repertoire: Javanese style elements, player-composed pieces
Jody Diamond

The Diamond Bridge was built by Daniel Schmidt for use in school settings. The instruments approximate, but do not copy, some Javanese instruments: gong, kempul, slenthem, kenong, demung, etc. The gongs, etc. have box resonators with stoppers for tuning the resonator length to attain maximum resonance. Drums are usually Javanese. Diamond uses these instruments in different classroom settings, or in treatment programs, for example, for blind or emotionally disturbed individuals. In addition to learning existing pieces, students create their own works using a text-based process, inspired by (but not a copy of) Orff-Schulwerk, combined with Javanese ideas of time and form. The instruments are sometimes taken to a school and, after careful teacher training, left on site several weeks until the concert date. The name of the ensemble comes from an Hassidic tale about the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of mystical Judiasm. A particularly popular psalm singer had died, and the Baal Shem Tov went to heaven to try to get him back. He hopefully approached King David for assistance, saying "your song was like a diamond bridge that led to the heart of God."

MA – Northampton – ACTIVE

Smith College Gamelan
Instruments: The pelog half of Kyai Muncar Basuki, “Sir Sparkling Prosperity,” constructed by the now defunct Mangkunegaran Gamelan Factory. Instruments on loan from Wesleyan University.
Repertoire: Traditional

Margaret Sarkissian (
Director: Sumarsam (


The Smith College Gamelan was founded in 1995 by Margaret Sarkissian and Sumarsam. The group is primarily comprised 5-College students, faculty and staff (Smith, Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and the University of Massachusetts). Rehearsals are held once a week and performances twice a year. Over the years the Smith Gamelan has presented several abridged wayang performances and hosted notable guest artists, including I.M. Harjito, A.L. Suwardi, and Darsono. The ensemble has also performed with notable dancers, including Urip Sri Maeny, Sukarji Sriman, B.R.M. Bambang Irawan, Noor Farida Rahmalina, and I Nyoman Catra.

*email, phone, web, description? Combined with the ensemble at Amherst College, still taught by Sumarsam but managed by Margaret Sarkissian at Smith?
2012 10 10 Per Margaret Sarkissian at Smith, the translation of the name is “Sir Sparkling Prosperity” and I would need to talk to Sumarsam to resolve the difference with the directory listing. She also forwarded my info request to Sean Norton (“one of our long-time group members”) to provide further information –
2012 10 11 received update from Sean.

MA – Worcester – ACTIVE

Gita Sari (Essence of Song) 

Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary

Lynn Kremer, Theatre Department
Shirish Korde, Music Department

College of the Holy Cross

Worcester, MA

Gita Sari arrived in the spring of 1999. Resident artists were Desak Suarti Laksmi, and, in 2006, Wayan Dibia. I Made Bandem and Ni Luh Suasthi Bandem arrived in 2008 and continue as artists-in-residence (on-going as of 2012).

*web, expand description?
2012 10 08 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 19 pestermail. Response from Lynn. No website for the group at this time.

MICHIGAN back to top

MI – Ann Arbor – ACTIVE

Kyai Telega Madu (Lake of Honey)
Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional
and newly composed works
Susan Pratt Walton
Music Department

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
(734) 663-9825


*phone, email, web, description?
2012 10 05 inquiry sent.
2012 10 08 reply from Susan Walton.
2012 12 26 added website.

MINNESOTA back to top

MN – Minneapolis – ACTIVE

Sumunar (Sumunar Gamelan Ensemble, Sumunar Dance Ensemble, Sumunar Youth Gamelan and Dance Ensemble)
Joko and Tri Sutrisno, Directors
Mary Shamrock, Executive Director
1313 5th St. SE, Mail Unit 111
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3208


Sumunar is a program of the Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota (IPAAM), which was founded in 2002 to continue and expand the gamelan program initiated by The Schubert Club in 1995. Through classes, performances, community workshops, and school residencies, IPAAM promotes an understanding of and appreciation for Indonesian music, dance and culture.

2012 10 24 info from Marc Benamou at Earlham – Joko Sutrisno at Website appears quite active. Sent interest inquiry via blind contact form on Sumunar website.
2012 11 04 per Joko Sutrisno in response to inquiry regarding University of Minnesota, visit Sumuar website for info.

MN – Saint Cloud – DISBANDED (see listing for Sumunar in Minneapolis)

Schubert Club Gamelan at Saint Cloud University
Instruments: Javanese, slendro
Repertoire: Traditional

This group is disbanded. The instruments left St. Cloud State about 8 years ago and were at the College of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, MN for a period of time. Pak Sutrisno is now at the University of Minnesota. See also listing for “Sumunar” in Minnesota.

*web address?
2012 10 05 standard inquiry. Error on
2012 10 06 appears that Sutrisno is still on the faculty. Re-sent to Pak Sustrisno at (My error! Should have been “”).
2012 10 13 no longer in existence per Wikipedia page, instruments now at the Landmark Center in St. Paul.
2012 10 19 pestermail to Pak Sustrisno. “” is “MidAmerica Nazarene University” in Olathe, KS. Search of that site yields no results for “gamelan”.
2012 10 19 website search of St. Cloud University shows gamelan as part of the world drumming experience class. Terry Vermillion, Percussion Studies and Department Chair. Sent contact info inquiry.
2012 10 19 Response from Prof. Vermillion that the instruments left about 2004, were housed at College of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, MN for a period of time. Not sure if they remain there. Discovered error in Sutrisno’s email – he is currently on the faculty at University of Minnesota,

MN – Saint Paul – DISBANDED (see listing for Sumunar in Minneapolis)

Kyai Medharing Madu 

Instruments: Javanese, made by Tentrem Sarwanto of Solo; also an iron gamelan (pelog only) made by Pak Mulyadi of Solo.

This gamelan is no longer owned or managed by the Schubert Club. See listing for “Sumunar” in Minnesota.

*hwindle email returned an error when pasted from list into Word.
2012 10 05 sent standard inquiry. Errors on,
2012 10 06 sent contact info inquiry to
2012 10 19 another contact info request to Gamelan instruments featured on “museum” part of Schubert website but do not appear elsewhere (staff, education, concerts …) but found “school residencies and community classes with Indonesian Gamelan Instruments … now being administrered through the Indonesian Performing Arts Association of Minnesota….612-729-6737.” If that doesn’t work, try
2012 10 19 forwarded original inquiry to Although Sutrisno is listed as affiliate faculty, there are no references to gamelan among the ensembles and courses.
2012 11 04 Joko Sutrisno responds re Sumunar.

MN – Winona – DISBANDED (see listing for Sumunar in Minneapolis)

Winona Gamelan Ensemble at Winona State University

in partnership with the Schubert Club of Saint Paul

This ensemble no longer exists. The instruments were returned to The Schubert Club – see also listing for Sumunar.

2012 01 07 per Cathy Schmidt at Winona State, this gamelan ensemble no longer exists and has not for some years. She requested the listing be removed.

MISSISSIPPI back to top

no listings (yet?)

MISSOURI back to top

MO – Kansas City – ACTIVE

Gamelan Genta Kasturi
Instruments: Balinese Semaradhana
Repertoire: Traditional Balinese and new compositions

Pat Conway, Director
Charlotte Street Foundation’s Urban Culture Project


An active community group, collaborating with other musicians, choreographers, and visual artists. First CD "Kembang Anyar" may be purchased through our website or

*weblink for group did not work, CD Baby link did work.
2012 10 01 inquiry sent to Sam Hughes.
2012 10 08 response from Sam Hughes, with concurrence from Pat Conway.

MONTANA back to top

MT – Bozeman – ACTIVE

Gamelan Sekar Gunung (“Mountain Flower Gamelan”)
Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung by Pande Made Gableran in 2000.
Repertoire: Transcriptions of traditional Balinese works and original compositions by local composers
Jeffrey Vick, Director
Gamelan Sekar Gunung
School of Music
Montana State University
PO Box 173420
Bozeman, MT  59717-3420
(406) 570-5154

Gamelan Sekar Gunung ("Mountain Flower Gamelan") was founded at MSU-Bozeman in 2000 by Alan B. Leech (Professor Emeritus) who studied Gamelan in Bali with I. Nyoman Sumandhi during a sabbatical in 1997. Leech organized a study group tour to Bali in 1999 and commissioned the instruments for MSU from master builder Pande I. Made Gableran at that time. Following Leech's retirement in 2011, Jeffrey H. Vick (a participant in the 1999 Bali tour and group member since inception) was hired by MSU as the director. Gamelan Sekar Gunung is open to university students, faculty, and interested community members who have ranged in age from 10-70 years old. The group performs transcriptions of Traditional Balinese gamelan works, as well as original compositions by Leech, Vick, and other group members, often through collaboration featuring a solo instrument (flute, saxophone, violin, tingklik, sitar, etc.).

2012 12 27 Jody found this group online.  Sent interest inquiry.  Received response.
2013 01 06 more from Jeff Vick.

MT – Missoula – ACTIVE

Manik Harum
Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Angklung (instrument maker: I Made Rindi of Blahbatuh)
Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary Balinese
Dorothy Morrison, music director
737 E. Beckwith Ave.
Missoula, MT 59801
(406) 549-9015


Manik Harum is a community gamelan in Missoula, Montana welcoming all who wish to dedicate themselves to practice regularly, play, and perform Balinese gamelan angklung music together.

2012 10 19 interest inquiry.  Response rec’d from Dorothy Morrison, will provide update soon.  Received update for Manik Harum and separate listing for Kocong!

MT – Missoula – ACTIVE

Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Angklung (instrument maker: I Made Rindi of Blahbatuh)
Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary Balinese music for children
Dorothy Morrison, music director
737 E. Beckwith Ave.
Missoula, MT  59801
(406) 549-9015


Kocong! is a 5th grade ensemble of students from Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Missoula, MT.

2012 10 19 interest inquiry.  Response rec’d from Dorothy Morrison, will provide update soon.  Received update for Manik Harum and separate listing for Kocong!

MT – Missoula – ACTIVE

The University of Montana Jaya Budaya Balinese Gamelan
Instruments: Gamelan Angklung & Bala Ganjur
Repertoire: Traditional Balinese
Robert LedBetter, Director
The University of Montana
School of Music
32 Campus Dr.
Missoula, MT 59812
(406) 243-4819

Jaya Budaya Balinese Gamelan is part of the University of Montana World Percussion Ensemble program.  Members of the group are predominantly UM Percussion Majors.  The group is led by Dr. Robert LedBetter and I made Lasmawan of Colorado College and Bangah, Bali.  The group was formed in 2002 and performs every other year on the UM World Rhythms Concert as well as other special events.  I Made Lasmawan travels to Montana to  direct the group and his wife Ni Ketut Marni works with local dancers.  Members of the group traveled to Bangah Village in the Central Moutains of Bali and stayed in the Lasmawan family compound in May-June of 2012 and may do so on a semi-annual basis.

2012 10 19 found on University of Montana website.  “The gamelan is planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia in May 2012.”  Sent interest inquiry.  Response received from Robert LedBetter, approved.

NEBRASKA back to top

NB – Omaha -- INACTIVE

Son of the Good Earth

Instruments: Javanese, iron (Suhirjan)

Repertoire: Traditional Javanese and contemporary Western


Dr. Frederick Hanna
Interim Chair, Department of Music
Creighton University

Department of Fine and Performing Arts
2500 California Plaza

Omaha, NB 68178

The associated faculty member passed away and the ensemble became inactive. The instruments are in storage at Creighton.

*website? {Marilyn Kielniarz not listed as faculty, no obvious gamelan instructor listed. Sent follow-up inquiry to guy at the top of the Crieghton music dept directory}
2012 10 01 inquiry sent to Kielniarz. Email bounceback.
2012 10 05 inquiry sent to Fred Hanna.
2012 10 07 response from Hanna.

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NEW HAMPSHIRE back to top

NY – Red Hook – ACTIVE

Gamelan Lipur Sih
Instruments: Javanese gadhon (by Tentrem Sarwanto), Banyumas Calung ensemble

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
Jody Diamond


UPDATE 2021: In Storage. This gamelan was played at Dartmouth from 1992 to 2016 for a performance lab in Indonesian Gamelan, a course on the History and Culture of Indonesia, and a team-taught course on Creativity and Collaboration: an exploration (taught with faculty from dance and theater). Past guests included Joko Susilo, Midiyanto, I.M. Harjito, Sumarsam, and Barbara Benary.

2012 10 01 inquiry to Jody.
2012 10 05 response from Jody.

NH – Lebanon/Hanover

Sleeping Fox
Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Angklung
Repertoire: Traditional

Emeric Viani


*name link works (links to one brief website: Add phone, email, website, description? Actually in Lebanon rather than Hanover? Forgot to ask in outgoing email.
2012 10 05 info from Jody.

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NEW MEXICO back to top

NM – Albuquerque -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Encantada
Instruments: American slendro and pelog
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese and New Music
Jenny DeBouzek

413 Tenth St. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 242-6198


Gamelan Encantada’s instruments are rolled steel (with aluminum kenong/keygongs), built in 1991 by Barbara Benary (NY), with gongs, drums, and suling imported from Suhirdjan in Central Java. Gamelan Encantada performs traditional Javanese music and New Music compositions, focusing primarily on works by New Mexican composers (see the group’s 20th Anniversary CD, “Oasis in the Desert”).

Note: a smaller, higher-pitched slendro set (also built by Benary) was acquired in 1999, and has been used by the director of Gamelan Encantada, Jenny De Bouzek, to teach children and young people in schools, summer camps, and detention centers.

2012 10 15 info received from Jenny DeBouzek. Asked some follow-up questions so …
2012 10 17 revised info received from Jenny.

NM – Santa Fe – ACTIVE

Sekar Gadung (Fragrant Flower)
Instruments: Balinese iron-keyed selonding
Repertoire: Traditional music from Tenganan (Bali Aga village)
Jenny DeBouzek
413 Tenth St. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 242-6198


Instruments were imported from I Nyoman Partha Gunawan of Tenganan (East Bali) in 1997, and are played primarily in performances of a “festive” or community-oriented nature (vs. a formal concert setting), in keeping with the traditional use of this music.

2012 10 15 info received from Jenny DeBouzek. Asked some follow-up questions so …
2012 10 17 revised info received from Jenny.

NM – Santa Fe – ACTIVE

Guntur Giri (Thundering Mountain)
Instruments: Central Javanese slendro, bronze
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese
Jenny DeBouzek
413 Tenth St. SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
(505) 242-6198


This set, acquired in the Fall of 2012 (from Central Java via Midiyanto), is used at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design (formerly the College of Santa Fe) for both community classes as well as undergrad ensemble and composition classes for students enrolled in SFUAD’s Contemporary Music Program. It replaces an older set of bronze instruments from Cirebon (Ni Giwang).

2012 10 17 info from Jenny DeBouzek.

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NY – Annandale-on-Hudson – ACTIVE

Hudson Valley Gamelans (Giri Mekar and Chandra Kanchana at Bard College)
Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar (crafted by Pande Gabeleran in Blabatuh, Bali) and Gender Wayang
Repertoire: Gong Kebyar, Kreasi Baru, Gender Wayang
Sue Pilla
PO Box 124, Mt. Tremper, NY 12457
(845) 688-7090

Bill Ylitalo
PO Box 113, Willow, NY 12495
(845) 679-8624


The instruments were originally brought to the United States in 1978 by Michael Tenzer who used them to help establish Gamelan Sekar Jaya in Berkeley and Gamelan Sekar Kembar at Yale University in New Haven. Garry Kvistad purchased the instruments in 1988 to establish Gamelan Giri Mekar in Woodstock. In 1998, founders Garry Kvistad and Diane Kvistad made the instruments available to Bard on long-term loan to help develop a program of study in Indonesian music and dance. Kvistad and members of Giri Mekar traveled to Bard to establish the residency in support of the program.

Gamelan Giri Mekar is a community group in residence at Bard College. Members of the College and of the surrounding community are welcome to join the ensemble free of charge although donations are encouraged to help defray expenses.

Gamelan Chandra Kanchana is a Bard student ensemble assisted by members of Giri Mekar. Gamelan Class is offered by Bard each semester culminating in a combined performance with Giri Mekar and Balinese guest artists, instructors, and dancers.

Musical Director for both groups is I Nyoman Suadin. Pak Suadin was trained in the village tradition in Br. Wani, Kerambitan, Bali and in traditional Balinese music and dance at KOKAR (the Conservatory for the Performing Arts) in Denpasar, Bali. He was the first instructor for Giri Mekar at its inception in West Hurley, NY in 1988 under the artistic direction of I Nyoman Suparta. He returned to lead the group for their first term of residency at Bard in 1998, and returned again in 2010, continuing through the present. Pak Suadin is also the current Artistic Director of gamelans at Eastman School of Music, University of Maryland, Swarthmore College, and the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C.

Instructors and guest artists over the years have included Balinese master musicians: Dr. I Made Bandem, Dr. N.L.N. Suasthi Widjaya Bandem, I Nyoman Suadin, Tjokorda Gde Arsa Artha, I Nyoman Saptanyana, Ibu Ayu Ari Candrawati, I Nyoman Windha, I Nyoman Catra, Desak Made Suarti Laksmi, I Wayan Dibia, I Nyoman Sumandhi, Ni Ketut Suryatini, Dewi Chempaka, Ketut Gde Asnawa, Komang Astita, I Wayan Rai, I Gusti Agung Ngurah Supartha; and others including Andrew McGraw, Peter Steele, Shoko Yamamuro and Garry Kvistad.

Both groups meet on Monday evenings during the academic year: Chandra Kanchana from 7-9pm and Giri Mekar from 9-11pm. Sectionals, workshops and summer sessions are conducted on an ad-hoc basis. Bard College, Olin Building, 3rd Floor Moon Room.

2012 10 10 standard update inquiry to both addresses. Bounceback on
2012 10 17 Bard website has FAQ re ensembles: Chandra Kanchana assisted by Sue Pilla and Bill Ylitalo, instructor I Nyoman Suadin. None of these are on the faculty, which appears to be entirely European music escept perhaps Tomie Hahn – Visiting Artist in Residence, ethnomusicology. Sent contact inquiry to Music Department Program Director James Bagwell at
2012 10 18 Referred from Bagwell to Professor Richard Davis ( but before I heard from Davies, I received a message from Sue Pilla at, who had been referred to by by Garry Kvistad.

NY – Bronxville – ACTIVE

Gamelan Chandra Buana

Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung

Repertoire: Traditional

Jonathan T. King
Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, NY 10708

Student ensemble. Currently being offered as part of ethnomusicology course by music department, and as an audited performance ensemble by any interested student.

*phone, email, website?
2012 09 28 inquiry sent.
2012 09 29 response from Jonathan King.

NY – Ithaca – ACTIVE

Cornell Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional, some new composition

Christopher J. Miller
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

(607) 255-3306


The Cornell Gamelan Ensemble, founded by Martin F. Hatch, plays on instruments on long term loan from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that were brought to New York for the 1964 World's Fair. Ensemble members include students, faculty, and community members. The Department of Music also offers an introductory course in both the fall and spring semester.

2012 09 28 inquiry sent.
2012 09 29 Marty punts to Chris.
2012 10 05 pestermail to Chris.
2012 10 09 response from Chris.

NY – New York City -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Son of Lion
Instruments: American - Javanese, iron

Repertoire: American and other new music


Barbara Benary

307 Call Hollow Rd.
Stony Point, NY 10980

(845) 354-3375


Gamelan Son of Lion presents new music concerts in New York City and downstate New York counties. New members welcome, both composers and players. A subsidiary group, Rockland Angklung Society, plays Balinese and American pieces for gamelan angklung and is based in Rockland County, 30 min. NW of the city.

*name and web links work.
2012 10 XX – existing info fine per Barbara.

NY – New York City -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Dharma Swara
Instruments: Balinese Semara Dana, Gender Wayang
Repertoire: Traditional, Contemporary, and New Works
Director: Nyoman Saptanyana

Bethany Collier, President
Tori Lo, Vice President
Elizabeth Behrend, Secretary
Lela Chapman, Treasurer

Indonesian Consulate

5 E. 68th St., NY, NY 10021
(212) 879-0600



Dharma Swara is a community ensemble whose members come from a variety of artistic, professional, and academic backgrounds. The group studies and performs Balinese performing arts, including traditional, contemporary, and original works for Balinese gamelan ensemble.

For over a decade, Dharma Swara has performed around New York City and throughout the tri-state area. In 2010, the ensemble completed a major Bali tour, performing in local villages and at the Bali Arts Festival. The group is graciously hosted by the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College, City University of New York.

*name and weblinks work. Add description?
2012 09 28 standard update inquiry. Bounceback on but not on
2012 09 got from website. Forwarded original inquiry.
2012 12 26 pestermail to info@. Website shows performance schedule through 2012.
2013 01 04 response from Bethany collier at

NY – New York City -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Kusuma Laras
Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional

Instrument Location: 

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
5 E. 68th St., NY, NY 10021

(212) 879-0600

Artistic Director: I.M Harjito
Ensemble Director: Anne Stebinger
Gamelan Kusuma Laras
141 E 3rd St, Apt 8B
New York, NY 10009-7304


Gamelan Kusuma Laras was founded in 1983. The group consists of American and Indonesian players and rehearses weekly on instruments owned by the New York Indonesian Consulate. Performance venues include Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, Symphony Space, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Yogyakarta International Gamelan Festival, and various east coast universities and colleges, among others. Rehearsals are held on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30pm but beginners are welcome to practice at 5:30pm.

*name and weblinks work. {Debie responded … further edits in progress. Barbara also responded, mentioning a falling out with “octobertwelve” and providing a different contact point}.
2012 09 28 standard update inquiry.
2012 09 29 acknowledgement from Debie Moris, need to update but can’t at the moment, try new website:
2012 10 05 pestermail.
2012 10 17 no response so drafted revision from website info.
2012 12 20 response sent to email from Anne Stebinger that info on current version is out of date. Offered to make further changes until end of 2012. Final version approved by Anne.

NY – New York City -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Giri Kusuma

Instruments: Balinese Angklung, bronze

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary

Peter Hollerbach, director

The City University of New York/BMCC

245 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10007

(212) 220-1468

NY – New York City

The Gamelatron Project
Instruments: Several sets of Balinese (mostly automated) -- see details below
Repertoire: Newcompositions (Kebyar and Gender Wayang sets); traditional Tenganan repertoire (Selunding sets).

Aaron Taylor Kuffner


The Gamelatron Project features sets of classical gamelan instruments often presented in ornate frames or sculptural mounts outfitted with custom robotic counter parts. We have hand-machined casings and levers out of architectural aluminum to hold mallets. MIDI sequences are fed to proprietary MIDI decoding microprocessors which actuate the mallet controllers to strike the instruments. The project is the fruit of collaboration between Aaron Taylor Kuffner (conceptual artist, composer, Indomusicologist) and the League of Electornic Musical Urban Robots (LEMUR).

The Gamelatron is presented as site-specific performances and temporary and permanent installations without any human players. In concerts, Aaron Taylor Kuffner conducts the orchestra using MIDI controller pads and a computer. The Selunding instruments are played by humans taught by robots and will be active for traditional styled performances of the Tenganan repertoire in 2014. A Javanese gamelatron is in the works.

The Gamelatron is based in Brooklyn.

Instrument sets:

Gamelatron Tirta Asli, Balinese Kebyar kettle gong set, I Made Rindhi in Blahbatu

Gamelatron Jalan Jiwo, Balinese Kebyar kettle gong set, I Made Rindhi in Blahbatu

Gamelatron Kota Bunga, Balinese Kebyar ketle gong set, I Made Rindhi in blahbatu

Gamelatron Gender, Balinese Gender Wayang, builder unknown, architeval set retuned by I Made Rindhi in Blahbatu

Selundingatron, Balinese Gamelan Selunding (iron keys), copy of a Tenganan made in Denpasar

(Not Yet Named), Gamelan Selunding (iron keys), I Nyoman Gunawan in Tenganan.

*add website, narrative?
2012 09 28 inquiry sent.
2012 09 29 response from Peter Hollerbach.

NY – Northport -- ACTIVE

Tamara and the Shadow Theatre of Java / Srikandi Gamelan Orchestra
Instruments: Javanese, iron

Repertoire: Javanese wayang kulit with traditional style theatre music

Tamara Fielding

1 Sir Kenneth Court

Northport, NY 11768
Phone: (631) 754-5035

Fax: (631) 754-2341


Performances of shadow puppet theatre also include gamelan and dance.

*name and weblinks work.
2012 09 28 standard update inquiry.
2012 10 17 pestermail.

NY – Rochester – ACTIVE

Gamelan Lila Muni
Instruments: Balinese angklung and gong kebyar
Repertoire: Traditional and new

Ellen Koskoff, dir.

I Nyoman Suadin, teacher
University of Rochester

Eastman School of Music

26 Gibbs St., Rochester, NY 14525
(716) 247-1450


Gamelan Lila Muni was founded in 1993 as a gamelan angklung group and acquired its kebyar ensemble in 2010. Performances are now exclusively gong kebyar – classic pieces, pieces transcribed from other gamelan ensembles, and newly composed works by Nyoman Suadin. The gamelan is open to both University of Rochester students and to community members.

*add web, description? {got a bounceback on the email and filled out a contact request online at the Eastman School of Music – the group appears quite active.
2012 10 05 received email from Caroline Reyes, Teaching Assistant for Gamelan Lila Muni at
2012 10 07 rec’d response from Caroline Reyes, forwarded original email.}
2012 10 17 Pestermail.
2012 10 24 response from Caroline Reyes.

NY – Rochester – ACTIVE

The Harley Gamelan Ensemble [disbanded, instruments now at Eastman School of Music]
Instruments: Balinese gamelan angklung (builder unknown)
Repertoire: Traditional Balinese angklung plus some repertoire transferred from gong kebyar

HISTORY: Founded in November 2010, the Harley Kids Club & Community Gamelan is a Balinese gamelan angklung ensemble-in-residence at the Harley School in Rochester, New York. The Kids Club (Grades 5-12) meets once a week during the school day as part of Harley’s weekly “club” offering for students. In addition to learning traditional Balinese gamelan repertoire, the students learn about the island of Bali and its culture, the role of gamelan in Balinese society, and about other types of gamelan ensemble on the island. The Community Gamelan meets once a week in the evenings and its membership includes Harley faculty, parents, students, and members of the Rochester community.

The Harley Gamelan Ensemble has performed on WXXI’s “Backstage Pass,” hosted by Julia Figueras, in October 2011, and alongside Eastman’s gamelan gong kebyar, Lila Muni, as part of the annual “World Music Series” in Kilbourn Hall. The Harley Gamelan is looking forward to several performance opportunities in 2013, including a performance and interactive workshop at the Victor Intermediate School (January), a workshop and performance at the ROGUE Music Education Conference (April), and as a guest of Eastman’s gamelan ensemble on the “World Music Series” (April).

2013 01 01 Jody followed up on a listserv posting, and Emeric forwarded the full listing.

NY – Schenectady – ACTIVE

Gita Semara (Union College and Community Gamelan Ensemble)
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar
Repertoire: Balinese gong kebyar
Prof. Jennifer Matsue
Music Department
Union College
807 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12308
(518) 388-8075


Union College acquired a permanent set of instruments in 2005. Pak Komang Astita taught in residence as a Fulbright Scholar in 2006 and there have been workshops with Pak Dibia and Pak Bandem. In 2011, the College was able to host another master, I Gusti Nyoman Darta (Pak Komin), a founding member of Gamelan Cudamani, to teach a class and a community group in residence.

A mini-term in Nyuh Kuning, Bali was offered for students during winter break 2012/2013, including music instruction by I Gusti Nyoman Darta, dance instruction by Ibu Sekar, and other arts instruction by local masters.

The College does not have a regular gamelan instructor at this time but hopes to have one again in the near future. In the meantime, the instruments are used by Professor Matsue in conjunction with classes in the World Musics and Cultures Program.

2013 01 09 brought to SM attention by Peter Steele. Drafted listing based on website. Sent outreach to Prof. Matsue at
2013 01 10 mods per Matsue response, except her request to avoid “active”. Follow-up outreach. Follow-up response from Matsue and a confirmation request to Matsue. A minor edit, confirmed.

NY – Stony Point -- ACTIVE

Rockland Angklung Society
Instruments: American - Balinese angklung, iron & bamboo

Repertoire: Traditional and American

Barbara Benary (see Gamelan Son of Lion listing in New York City)

*add contact info, description here?
2012 10 XX info ok as is per Barbara.

NORTH CAROLINA back to top

NC – Chapel Hill – ACTIVE

Gamelan Nyai Saraswati
Instruments: Javanese slendro and pelog (bronze)
Repertoire: Traditional and not-so-traditional

Joshua Busman
Department of Music

CB #3320 Hill Hall

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3320


Resident at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Gamelan Nyai Saraswati is a group specializing in Central Javanese repertoire whose members come from both the university and the community at large.

*web link works. But contains different contact info: Director = Daniel Guberman (email: Guberman moved to East Carolina University ( -- no gamelan there (yet?)).
2012 10 01 inquiry sent to Guberman. Guberman punts to Busman.
2012 10 08 response from Busman.

NC – Cullowhee – ACTIVE

Gamelan Kyai Tatit Ratri (Javanese); Gamelan Gunung Biru (Sundanese)

Instruments: Javanese slendro (iron); Sundanese degung (iron), Sundanese degung (bronze) and Balinese angklung (bronze)
Repertoire: Traditional and some experimental
Dr. Will Peebles

School of Music
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC 28723

(828) 227-3258

*website? Description?
2012 10 01 inquiry sent.
2012 10 08 response from Peebles.
2012 12 26 no website/significant mention on school website.

NC – Swannanoa – HATCHING

(not yet named)
Instruments: (in the works)
Repertoire: Appalachian/Gamelan Fusion
Dr. Kevin Kehrberg
Warren Wilson College
Swannanoa, North Carolina 28778

2012 10 08 mentioned by Will Peebles at Western Carolina University. Sent inquiry directly to Kehrberg.
2012 12 26 pestermail to Kehrberg.

NORTH DAKOTA back to top

no listings (yet?)


no listings (yet?)

OHIO back to top

OH – Bowling Green – ACTIVE

Sekaha Gong Kusuma Sari 

Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar

Repertoire: Traditional, contemporary

Kurt Doles
College of Musical Arts
Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green, Ohio 43403

*add web, description?
2012 09 30 David Harnish punt to Kurt Doles.

OH – Dayton – ACTIVE

University of Dayton Javanese Gamelan Ensemble / Kyai Udan Setaman
Instruments: Javanese, iron
Repertoire: Traditional Central Javanese and new compositions
Heather MacLachlan, director
Department of Music, University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton OH 45469-0290

The University of Dayton gamelan ensemble was custom built in 2009; it includes all of the slendro and pelog instruments. Membership is open to all UD students and community members. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings. The ensemble plays beginning level repertoire and performs on campus (usually in December and April) and around the city of Dayton.

2012 10 23 info from Marc Benamou at Earlham. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 25 interest inquiry sent. Update rec’d.

OH – Gambier – ACTIVE

Kenyon College Gamelan Degung Ensemble
Instruments: Sundanese gamelan degung, made by Pa Agus Ahum
Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
Prof. Maria Mendonça
Department of Music
Kenyon College
Gambier, OH

This class (Music 485) meets every semester and gives a performance twice per year at the end of each semester. The program has hosted residencies for visiting Sundanese artists such as Euis Komariah, Gan Gan Garmana, and Nano Suratno. The membership is primarily students, sometimes supplemented by residents of the larger Gambier/Mount Vernon community.

2012 10 22 Received info from Seth Rogers at Denison. Sent interest inquiry.
2012 10 27 Response from Mendonca – in the works.
2012 12 26 pestermail.
2012 12 27 response from Mendo

OH – Granville – ACTIVE

Dwara Udyani (Doorway to the Mountain)
Instruments: Balinese angklung
Repertoire: Traditional Angklung, adapted Kebyar, and new compositions
Seth Rogers
Denison University

Gamelan Dwara Udyani is an academic unit of the music department of Denison University. Its mission is to serve both the music department and the greater college in general in the spirit of the liberal arts. As such, many of the group’s members are not associated with the music department as music majors/minors, and we strongly encourage enrollment from students studying in any area of the university. Students enroll on a term by term basis and multi-term commitments are strongly encouraged. The group meets weekly to practice and learn new material and whenever possible, the context and cultural aesthetics of Bali are discussed as they pertain to the music. Dwara Udyani was started in 2005 by Jeremy Grimshaw and has been directed since 2006 by Seth Rogers.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 22 faculty = Seth Rogers at Sent interest inquiry. Received response.

OH – Oberlin – ACTIVE

Oberlin College Gamelan / Kyai Barleyan
Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional


Jennifer Fraser, Asst. Prof. of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology
Conservatory of Music
Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH 44074
(440) 775-6904


The original Oberlin gamelan was a slendro set from Malang, E. Java, purchased in 1970. In 1984 a pelog set was custom built to match by a Yogya maker. It was expanded again in 2012 to include more balungan instruments. Several visiting artists from Java have taught at Oberlin in the past. The ensemble is taught every semester by Prof. Jennifer Fraser at the intermediate level and sometimes at the beginning level as an Exco (Extra-curricular course) by a more advanced student. At this time, membership in the gamelan is limited to enrolled students.

The gamelan joins with the talempong (a West Sumatran / Minangkabau gong and drum ensemble), also taught by Prof. Fraser, to perform a concert at the end of every semester (December and May). Both groups perform intermittently for other events on campus.

*add website?
2012 09 28 inquiry sent.
2012 10 01 Knight punt to Fraser.
2012 10 06 inquiry to Fraser.
2012 10 12 response from Fraser.

OH – Oxford – ACTIVE

Gamelan Jati
Instruments: Complete gamelan gong kebyar, five tone. Acquired through Douglas Myers, director of Yayson Polosenni School in East Tegas, Bali. The bar tuning is approximately one-half step lower than current tuning practices.
Repertoire: Traditional pieces from the MU gamelan library, transcribed to Western notation
Dr. William Albin
Music Department
Miami University
109 Presser Hall
501 S. Patterson Ave.
Oxford, OH 45056

The Miami University gamelan ensemble was formed to present campus performances, workshops for Orff conferences, outreach programs at local elementary schools, and professional conference presentations. The ensemble has performed for the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, numerous Ohio Music Educator annual conferences, and outreach presentations at elementary schools including an annual residency in the Cincinnati area geared to fourth graders who learn to perform gamelan music.

Repertoire includes Tabuh Telu from Tabanon (1931 performance on YouTube), Pendet Panyambutan, Gamban Suline (Peliatan version by Wayang Gandra), Kebyar Trompong, Cendrawasi, Sekar Jagat, Baris, Nelayan, Sekar Eled, Tabuh Telu Kembang Kuning, and Palawakya.

Ensemble membership includes students of the Miami University Percussion Studio along with students majoring in music education.

2012 10 22 sent interest inquiry.
2012 10 23 per Marc Benamou at Earlham, “a Balinese gong kebyar that is kind of an on-again, off-again kind of thing” with contact “William R. Albin Dr.” at
2012 11 02 received response from William Albin.

OKLAHOMA back to top

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OREGON back to top

OR – Ashland -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Degung Leuwi Asih
Instruments: iron degung from Bandung
Repertoire: Traditional degung; contemporary (Lou Harrison and others.)

Barb Barasa


This ensemble is associated with Southern Oregon University. Students and community members participate. Students may receive credit.

Barbara says not to add this:
*website link works but includes additional contact info:
David Humphrey, Director
1250 Siskiyou Blvd
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 552-6101

2012 09 25 sent inquiry, received response from Barb.

OR – Eugene – ACTIVE

Gamelan Sari Pandhawa
Instruments: Javanese slendro/pelog (Solo, Pak Tentrem)

Repertoire: Traditional and new music from Indonesia and by members of the ensemble

1326 Buck Street
Eugene, OR 97402
(541) 683-9257


Traditional music of Central Java as well as new music composed by its members. A non-profit educational organization providing classes, workshops, school demonstrations, and other opportunities for learning about Indonesian music and art.

*name and weblinks work. Weblink appears to have slight re-direct. Add phone?
2012 09 25 sent inquiry, received response from Qehn.


Kyai Tunjung Mulya (Noble Lotus Blossom)
Instruments: Central Javanese and Cirebon -- slendro/pelog extended
range -- iron/brass/bronze by Suhirdjan in Yogya (1999)
Repertoire: Traditional Central Javanese
Mark Levy, Assistant Prof. of Ethnomusicology
School of Music
1225 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

(541) 346-2852 (office) / 541-3460723 (fax)

(541) 344-4519 (home)


These instruments are housed at the University of Oregon School of Music. The Javanese gamelan program began in 2002-03, under the direction of Joko Purwanto, Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence. The ensemble is currently inactive (fall 2012), but may resume in the future.

*web links to school of music and dance program areas page instead of all the way to the gamelan page.
2012 09 25 inquiry sent.
2012 09 30 response received from Levy.

OR – Eugene -- ACTIVE

Pacific Rim Gamelan / Suranadi Sari Indra Putra
Instruments: Balinese bronze gong kebyar (made on Lombok and Bali)

Repertoire: Primarily original compositions and some traditional music

Robert Kyr, Philip H. Knight Professor of Music
Chair, Composition Department
School of Music

1225 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-1225
(541) 346-3766


The Pacific Rim Gamelan is a composing/performing ensemble with 12-20 members who compose the music that they perform, which often includes additional instruments from around the world (hence, it is also called a “world orchestra”). The course is required for most composition majors but is open to students from throughout the university.

*phone, email, website, description?
2012 09 25 standard update inquiry to
2012 10 17 pestermail to same address.
2012 12 27 pestermail plus edits based on website.
2012 12 27 response from Kyr.


Nuju Laras
Instruments: see below.
Repertoire: traditional central Javanese and modern American fusion, experimental, and miscellaneous theatrical accompaniment
Jeffrey Burch

This community ensemble was directed by Catherine Vandertuin until her untimely passing in 2005. The group performed actively in Eugene for concerts, labyrinth walks, and new theatrical performances of mixed media and genre. Catherine and Jeffrey had commissioned a large, extended range iron Javanese gamelan for Nuju Laras, which was donated to the University of Oregon when Nuju Laras disbanded.

OR – Portland – DISBANDED

Portland Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: full set of bronze slendro and pelog, Solonese style, by Pak Tentrem, commissioned by Keith Rollinson
Repertoire: traditional Solonese
Keith Rollinson

This group was active briefly in Portland in the late 1990s. The instruments have been sold and relocated.

OR – Portland – INACTIVE

Instruments: adapted slendro and pelog, recycled aluminum, built by Brian Robertson, unique octagonal gong
Repertoire: traditional Central Javanese, Experimental, Contemporary
Edward Matonis Bubl
(503) 473-7113

The instruments are tuned to “slendrog”, a hybrid/modal-shift/multi-faceted tuning designed to allow a single set to be used for everything from degung to slendro/pelog in Balinese or Javanese styles, more or less. The instruments are currently located in Portland and are in the process of being restored.

2012 09 28 discovered through Barb Barasa at SOU and Brian Robertson (, now in Portland.
2012 10 06 per Brian, the aluminum set is housed and being restored by Ed Bubl (
2012 10 08 inquiry to Ed.
2012 12 27 pestermail to Ed. And inquiry to Brian about “Gamelan Auxiliary Unguent”.
2012 12 30 response from Ed.
2013 01 04 email to Ed re revised draft listing.
2013 01 10 confirmation from Ed.

OR – Portland – ACTIVE

Venerable Showers of Beauty Gamelan / Kyai Guntur Sari – Kagok Laras (A Different Song)
Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional, some American

Mindy Johnston

Music Department
Lewis and Clark College

Portland, OR 97219

Phone: 503 768 7460


Founded in 1980 at Lewis and Clark College, the VSB gamelan ensemble has presented hundreds of events throughout the Northwest in its three decades in Portland, many including dance or traditional Javanese puppetry (wayang kulit). Up to 30 performers play and sing in concerts, including students and community members from the Portland area. Its repertoire includes traditional and contemporary music in a variety of styles, ranging from poetic songs to ceremonial court repertoire, from quiet, meditative pieces to stirring battle music. Hand made by traditional craftsmen Central Java, Indonesia, the historic set includes about 60 instruments. Some of these beautiful instruments, including the great gong, are over a century old and true Portland treasures.

*name and weblink work. Add description?
2012 09 25 inquiry sent and received.

PENNSYLVANIA back to top

PA – Gettysburg – ACTIVE

Gita Semara

Instruments: Balinese angklung
Dr. Brent C. Talbot 

Sunderman Conservatory of Music at Gettysburg College

300 N. Washington St, Campus Box 403, Gettysburg, PA 173

*add phone, email, website, description?
2012 09 25 sent inquiry, received response from Talbot.

PA – Lehigh Valley – ACTIVE

Gamelan Mekar Sari
Instruments: Balinese Gong Kebyar, adapted. Instruments purchased in Bali by doctoral student relative of the founder of the group.
Repertoire: Balinese gong kebyar, adapted to available instruments
Christine Roysdon

Small regional group with beleganjur instruments and gangsa. Instructor is Clay Greenberg. Group meets weekly and performs occasionally.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 17 several events at Lehigh University, which refer to “a small ensemble composed of music educators and music lovers from the Lehigh Valley. Founded in 2006….” Event in 2010 is sponsored by Rob Rozehnal, Director of the Center for Global Islamic Studies, 610-758-3335. Sent contact inquiry. Rozehnal forwarded my inquiry to Prof Tim Schwarz as the organizer of the gamelan event.
2012 12 27 pestermail to Rozehnal and Schwarz. And to (puppet group that has performed with them?)
2012 12 27 response from Doug to contact his wife Christy at Inquiry email to Christy.
2013 01 06 response from Christine Roysdon at

PA – Lewisburg – ACTIVE

Bucknell University Gamelan
Instruments: Javanese slendro, iron and brass (by Suhirdjan) and Balinese angklung and gender wayang.
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese (soran style), Traditional Balinese, and New Balinese
Dr. Bethany Collier
Department of Music
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837


Bucknell’s Javanese instruments (slendro, 2004) were purchased by the Department of Music with a gift from Dorothy Seesholtz Mullestein, ’48. The Balinese instruments on which the ensemble performs (angklung and gender wayang) are on loan to the Department of Music by ensemble director Bethany Collier. Ensemble membership is open to Bucknell students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community.

*add phone, website, description?
2012 09 25 – original standard update inquiry sent, but with two-follow-ups (one question, one error).
2012 10 17 – re-sent to same address. Response from Jackson Hill (now retired) to correspond with Bethany Collier at
2012 12 27 inquiry to Bethany Collier. Edits from website.
2013 01 01 response from Bethany Collier at

PA – New Hope – ACTIVE

Gamelan Primrose Creek 

Instruments: Javanese, iron
Repertoire: Traditional

Noah Jarrett, instructor 

Solebury School

6832 Phillips Mill Rd.

New Hope, PA 18939-9682

(215) 862-5261

Instruments donated by Michael Zinn, PhD, Professor of Music at University of Delaware. Ensemble named in Oct. 2011.

*add email, website?
2012 10 01 response from Noah.

PA – Pittsburgh -- ACTIVE

Kyai Tirta Rukmi (“Venerable Rivers of Gold”)
Instruments: Javanese, iron and bronze (by Suhirdjan, 1995)
Repertoire: Sundanese gamelan salendro and pelog; Javanese gamelan; modern repertoire

Ligar Pasundan (“Fragrance of Pasundan”)
Instruments: Sundanese, bronze (by Asep Ahum), 2004
Repertoire: Sundanese gamelan salendro and pelog; Javanese gamelan; modern repertoire

Andrew Weintraub 

Music Department

University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA


The University of Pittsburgh Gamelan Ensemble plays primarily Sundanese gamelan music, but occasionally plays Javanese gamelan. Pitt’s gamelan group includes students as well as community members. Each year, the Department invites guest artists from Indonesia to serve as artists-in-residence for 2 weeks to 2 months. During their residence in Pittsburgh, guest artists present lecture-demonstrations, public lectures, workshops, and performances that reach people from a variety of sectors in the University and the broader Pittsburgh community. The Department also owns a set of calung, angklung, and kacapi suling.

*Add zip, phone, email, website?
2012 09 25 inquiry sent.
2012 10 01 response from Weintraub.

PA – Swarthmore – ACTIVE

Gamelan Semara Santi
Instruments: Gong kebyar with gender, by Pak Beratha, 1997, gamelan gender wayang and a gamelan angklung, also by Pak Beratha.
Repertoire: Balinese kebyar, pelegongan, semar pegulingan, and gender wayang
Co-directed by I Nyoman Suadin and Tom Whitman

Tom Whitman

Department of Music and Dance

500 College Ave.

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore, PA 19081


Dance program led by Ni Luh Kadek Kusuma Dewi. Performances twice a year in Lang Concert Hall at Swarthmore College. The anklung is used for the Chester Children’s Gamelan, a community outreach program that offers instruction in Balinese performing arts to schoolchildren in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania.

*name and weblinks return error from Swarthmore server.
2012 09 25 inquiry sent. Email bounceback.
2012 09 28 inquiry forwarded to new address.
2012 09 30 response from Whitman.

PUERTO RICO back to top

no listings (yet?)

RHODE ISLAND back to top

RI – Providence -- ACTIVE

Sekar Setaman (“Garden of Flowers”)
Instruments: Javanese slendro/pelog (Tentrem Sarwanto, 1998)

Repertoire: Traditional


Marc Perlman
Music Department
Box 1924
Brown University
Providence, RI 02912

(401) 863-3234


The instruments were commissioned by Brown University. The ensemble is directed by I.M. Harjito and Marc Perlman.

*add description?2012 09 18 standard inquiry sent. 2012 10 17 pesterment to same address.
2012 12 27 pestermail. Some updates from website. There is no sign of Balinese on the website and the ensemble is listed as “Javanese Gamelan”

SOUTH CAROLINA back to top

no listings (yet?)

SOUTH DAKOTA back to top

SD – Vermillion


Kyai Rengga Manis Everist (instruments), Tatag Gamelan Ensemble (musicians)
Instruments: Slendro and pelog, Solonese style, by Ud Soepoyo, Surakarta, 1999.
Repertoire: mostly traditional
Deborah Check Reeves
Curator of Education and Woodwinds
National Music Museum
The University of South Dakota
Vermillion, SD  57069
(605) 677-5306


Tatag is a group of University of South Dakota students, faculty, staff, and Vermillion area community members who meet once per week to play the National Music Museum’s Kyai Rengga Manis Everist Gamelan. Sumunar, from the Twin cities in Minnesota, has recorded their second CD using these instruments.  They are made of bronze with gold leaf trim.  They were created in 1999 and delivered to the National Music Museum in 2000.  The instruments were named in honor of their benefactress, Margaret Ann Everist.  “Tatag” means “strong will, strong determination, showing compassion”.

2012 10 27 email fw’ded from Hannah McLaren Boyd via Jody, indicating a possible gamelan in South Dakota?
2012 12 26 found the gamelan in South Dakota and sent interest inquiry to Deborah Reeves.
2012 12 27 response from Reeves.

TENNESSEE back to top

no listings (yet?)

TEXAS back to top

TX – Austin – ACTIVE

Kyahi Rosowibowo (“The Majestic One”)
Instruments: Javanese slendro and pelog, built in Yogyakarta
Repertoire: Traditional
Stephen Slawek
(512) 471-0671


University of Texas at Austin ensemble, established in 1998. We received several semesters of instruction by Pak Rasito Purwapangrawit and continue to work on the pieces he taught us during the time he was here. Public performance once at the end of each semester. Rehearsals once per week, with small group practice sessions led by a teaching assistant. Participation is open to all students and the general public.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 17 webpage at lists director as Rasito Purwopangrawit and faculty as Darien Lamen ( and Stephen Slawek ( Sent interest inquiry email.
2012 12 27 edits based on website info. Pestermail to both.

TX – Denton – ACTIVE

University of North Texas Gamelan / Bwana Kumala
Instruments: Balinese
Repertoire: Traditional
Edward Smith
School of Music

University of North Texas
Denton, TX 76203-5017

*add phone, email, website, description?

2012 09 17 sent standard update inquiry to address listed on website:
2012 10 17 pestermail to same address.
2012 12 27 UNT website indicates Edward Smith ( is the director. Current ensemble appears to be Balinese, not Javanese. Forwarded inquiry to Smith.

TX – Houston – ACTIVE

Space City Gamelan (ensemble); Gamelan Swaradewa -- Sound of Heaven (gamelan)
Instruments: Javanese, bronze

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary Sundanese, traditional Central Javanese

Chuck Roast (281) 725-4273
Rashida Alisha Hagakore (917) 400-8583


Space City Gamelan plays and maintains two gamelan sets: a Sundanese set in degung, and a central Javanese set in slendro. We also have an angklung set.

Currently our primary gamelan set is the Sundanese set, and was constructed for us as a unique fusion between Central Javanese and Sundanese style instruments. For example the set is in degung, however the bonangs are Central Javenese style, which allow for more elaborate compositions. We play traditional and modern Sundanese pieces primarily composed and adapted by gamelan teacher Gatot Windandar.

On our Central Javanese slendro set, we play tradiitonal Central Javanese songs taught to us by gamelan teacher Midiyanto. This set is much older than our Sundanese set, and the bronze is thicker and sound reaches further.

Space City Gamelan has been in existence for about 12 years has anywhere from 7 to 12 members, and plays predominately in Houston, Texas, USA. On occasion we also play in surrounding cities in the region. We play festivals, galas, concerts, and other events, sometimes collaborating with other groups such as choirs and western orchestras and composers.

*name and web links work. Add description?

2012 10 17 bounceback on gatot@ but not for gabriel@. Found on gamelan listserv announcing a performance in 2011. Re-sent original inquiry to gabriel@ and spacecitygamelan@.
2012 10 18 response from Chuck Roast at Sent updated contact info, will send description later.
2012 12 27 pestermail for narrative.
2013 01 03 response from Chuck with narrative.
2013 01 04 request to Chuck for edit more focused for directory audience.
2013 01 10 more focused bio and update to contact info from Danny Mauer at

TX – San Marcos – ACTIVE

Gamelan Lipi Awan (Gamelan Rising Star)
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar (I Ketut Candra of Denspasar, Bali)
Repertoire: Traditional Balinese kebyar pieces and contemporary works
Gordon Jones
(512) 245-7820

Facebook: (a closed page, but if interested, membership in the group is open)

2012 10 07 Info forwarded from Barbara Benary.
2012 12 27 no online info except announcement of acquisition in 2012 and workshops.

UTAH back to top

UT – Provo – ACTIVE

Bintang Wahyu
Instruments: Balinese semaradana, built in 2008 by the shop of I Wayan Beratha in Denpasar
Repertoire: semara dana, kebyar, semar pegulingan, angklung, and selonding traditions, including new, contemporary, and experimental compositions
Jeremy Grimshaw
College of Fine Arts and Communications
Brigham Young University

Gamelan Bintang Wahyu is housed in the School of Music at Brigham Young University.  Performers include BYU students from across the campus as well as faculty and community members.

2012 10 17 From the Wikipedia list.  Sent initial interest inquiry.
2012 12 07 response from Grimshaw.

VERMONT back to top

VT – Cabot – ACTIVE

Gamelan Singing Brook
Instruments: Javanese iron, brass and bronze (80 year old set supplemented with new instruments by Suhirjan)
Repertoire: Javanese, experimental, American
Brian Boyes


The Cabot School is a preK-12 public school. Students in all grades use the instruments in a residency setting and/or a semester-long class.

*weblink works but does not clearly lead to anything associated with the gamelan. There is a post from 2011 re an activity with the gamelan under Cabot Arts, but still no way to contact?

School phone number is 802-563-2289.
2012 10 17 Brian Boyes is the contact. Sent standard update inquiry. Received response. Sent another inquiry to find out if it is o.k. to list his name and email as contact. Approved.

VT – Johnson – ACTIVE

Gamelan Sleeping Bull
Instruments: Javanese, small iron slendro set built in the style of Dennis Murphy. Gongs by Dennis Murphy and Ken Riportella, other instruments by Peter Fisher.
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese/Thoomese/American
Steven Light
Johnson State College
Dibden Center for the Arts
337 College Hill
(802) 821-0504

Primarily at Johnson State College for use in conjunction with a World Music class. Occasional workshops at other local schools.

2012 09 18 info from Steven Light.


Gamelan Sulukala
Instruments: Javanese iron, brass and bronze (Suhirjan)

Repertoire: Javanese, Balinese, American, etc
Steven Light
Goddard College

Plainfield, VT 05667

This group is expecting to reactive at Goddard College by the end of 2012.

*add name, phone, email, website, description? The weblink to Suhirdjan does not work.
2012 09 18 per Steven Light – mostly inactive for the last few years. Potential revival as a community ensemble (planning meeting today!)
2012 10 16 Follow-up inquiry regarding active/inactive.
2012 10 16 Steven reports expectation of reactivation at Goddard in Nov/Dec 2012.


Plainfield Village Gamelan / Venerable Voice of Thoom 

Instruments: American-Javanese, iron (Dennis Murphy)

Repertoire: American & traditional Javanese


Pat Murphy
Box 47

Plainfield, Vt. 05667

(802) 454-7113

Ensemble also uses a second iron set built by Dennis Murphy, Venerable Small Tiger.

*add email, website, expand description? Did I see an obit for Dennis go by a few years ago?

2012 09 18 DENNIS MURPHY DIED IN 2010 – sent email to Sekar Jaya for contact info for Sam Wantman. Sam recommends contacting Steven Light at
Per Steven, on pause, change contact name to Pat Murphy.

VIRGINIA back to top

VA – Charlottesville – ACTIVE

Charlottesville Gamelan 

Instruments: Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary
Cynthia Benton-Groner

1401 Pinedale Rd.

Charlottesville, VA 22901

This is a community based ensemble with occasional collaborations with the University of Virginia.

*add phone, website?
2012 09 17 sent inquiry.
2012 09 23 response from Benton-Groner, no changes.

VA – Charlottesville – ACTIVE

Sweet River of Understanding
Instruments: Javanese, iron
 (by Suhirdjan)
Repertoire: Traditional


Charlottesville Waldorf School

Sweet River of Understanding was given to the Waldorf School in Charlottesville by Marilyn Meador when she retired from Radford University. The students use it in their music program.

*add phone, website?
2012 10 13 in Christiansburg per Wikipedia. “Played by students from Radford University, Virginia Tech, the Montgomery County Orff Ensemble, and community groups.”
2012 10 17 Re-sent original inquiry.
2012 11 08 punted to Virginia Masterson at
2012 11 09 response from Masterson punting to Cindy Benton-Groner.
2012 12 27 pestermail to Benton-Groner.
2012 12 28 response from Benton-Groner.

VA – Richmond – ACTIVE

Gamelan Raga Kusuma
Instruments: Balinese semara dana (Pande Sukerta, 2005); beleganjur (I Wayan Beratha, 1988); gender wayang (I Wayan Konolan, 1985).
Repertoire: Traditional and new Indonesian music and dance
Andrew McGraw


A community group in residence at the University of Richmond. Rehearsals are open to the public and the group regularly accepts new members.

Gamelan Raga Kusuma frequently works with Balinese master artists, which have included I Gusti Putu Sudarta, I Made Sidia, I Nyoman Saptanyana, Ida Ayu Candrawat, and I Nyoman Suadin, among others. Gamelan Raga Kusuma performs frequently in central Virginia and in 2010 toured several villages in Bali.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 17 drafted listing from website info and sent interest inquiry. Approved.

VA – Winchester – STATUS?

Angklung gamelan group
Instruments: Balinese angklung (by Pak Berata)

Repertoire: Traditional


Michael Rohrbacher

Music Therapy Program

Shenandoah University

1460 University Drive

Winchester, VA 22601

(703) 665-4560

A community group affiliated with Shenandoah U.

During the comprehensive update in 2012 we were unable to get a response from this group. If you have any information about its status, please contact

*add website? Expand description?
2012 09 17 initial standard contact sent.
2010 10 17 pestermail to same address.
2012 12 27 the Shenandoah University server won’t load anything all the way. Pestermail to same address.

VA – Williamsburg – ACTIVE

Tunjung Baskara (Sun Lotus)

Instruments: full slendro
Repertoire: Central Javanese and American 


Cynthia Benton-Groner

The College of William and Mary

Williamsburg, VA

The Gamelan program was set up in 1999. Present set of slendro instruments were purchased from Vincent McDermott by the college in 2004, and named by Midiyanto. Beginning and intermediate credit classes for students.

*add phone, website?
2012 10 10 Cynthia does not want to make any changes.

VIRGIN ISLANDS back to top

no listings (yet?)

WASHINGTON back to top

WA – Blaine – STATUS?

(Blaine Elementary)
Mike Coffey

If you have any information about the current status of this group, please contact

2013 01 04 Rod Caballero at posted a reference to Mike Coffey directing a student gamelan at Blaine Elementary in Washington State on 2012 11 28. Sent email to Rod for more contact info.

WA – Olympia – ACTIVE

Gamelan Degung Girijaya 

Instruments: Sundanese gamelan degung

Repertoire: Traditional

Sean Williams

Com 301
The Evergreen State College

Olympia, WA 98505

(360) 867-6623

*add website, description? They do not have a website.
2012 09 17 response from Sean Williams.

WA – Seattle – ACTIVE

Gamelan Pacifica
Instruments: Central Javanese gamelan in iron (Suhirjan) and bronze (Tentrem), pelog and slendro; American aluminum gamelan in just intonation; and Cirebonese slendro gamelan in bronze
Repertoire: Traditional and Contemporary Music

Jarrad Powell

Cornish College

1000 Lenora Street
Seattle, WA 98121


*name and weblinks work. Add description?
2012 09 17 sent inquiry to
2012 10 16 As of 2010, Jarrad was still using this email address. Re-sent to
2012 10 21 response from Jarrad.

WA – Seattle – ACTIVE

Cornish Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: same as Gamelan Pacifica
Jarrad Powell

A student ensemble/class taught by Jarrad Powell every semester at Cornish College of the Arts.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 16 nothing on music department website about gamelan. Sent “is there gamelan” inquiry to
2012 12 27 pestermail. Also sent inquiry to Jarrad Powell. Got out-of-office response for
2012 12 28 response from Jarrad.


Gamelan Larasati
Instruments: Javanese gamelan gadhon (Solonese, Tentrem Sarwanto)
Repertoire: Traditional central Javanese gadhon
Jesse Snyder

This is a small group committed to practicing and performing traditional central Javanese music in the gadhon format – rebab, gambang, gender, slenthem at a minimum and ideally suling, siter, and/or vocals. Currently seeking members -- if you are an intermediate level player in the Seattle area interested in irama III (wiled) and irama IV (rangkep), please contact Jesse.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 15 online search yields a few local performance listings dated 2007. Sent inquiry to Jesse Snyder.
2012 10 16 – another Jesse group! But already defunct? Sent him a draft SA listing.
2012 12 27 follow-up email to Jesse – in the absence of a response, will keep skeletal listing.

WA – Seattle – DISBANDED

Seattle City Gamelan / Riris Renengga
Instruments: Javanese gamelan gadhon (Solonese style)

Repertoire: Traditional

2012 10 16 Jesse Snyder was the most recent director, reports that the group disbanded several years ago.


Javanese Gamelan (near future), Gamelan Siwa Nada (inactive)
Instruments: Javanese pelog-slendro (on order, expected 2013); Balinese, metal and wooden with Pak Sinti's unique 9-tone scale

Repertoire: Javanese
Christina Sunardi
School of Music
University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195-3450

As of October 2012, the School of Music is in the process of purchasing a Javanese pelog-slendro set, and are expecting it to arrive at the University of Washington in 2013. Christina Sunardi will be using it to teach university students.

The Balinese gamelan built by Pak Sinti and a group of students from University of Washington between 2004 and 2005 is still at the university but is inactive. Pak Sinti is no longer at the University of Washington.

*website, expand description?
2012 10 15 re-sent original inquiry to original email.
2012 10 15 – noticed reference to Wayan Sinti being at home in Bali working on a project, Lewis Peterman at Center for World Music in El Cajon, CA was soliciting donations via Danlee Mitchell ( on the gamelan listserv on 19 Oct 2009.
2012 10 15 – email from Jody Diamond, dated 8 Oct 2012 indicates that the contact person for U Wash might be Cristina Sunardi.
2012 10 16 re-sent original inquiry to Christina Sunardi at Response received from Christina. I responded to find out if she would like to be the contact person for this listing in the future.
2012 10 17 approved.

WA – Seattle – ACTIVE

Bango Kencana/Golden Heron
Instruments: Degung (by Asep Ahum, Bandung), Bronze, Brass
Repertoire: Degung Classic
Jeff Milano


Info forwarded by Barbara Benary.
2012 10 08 info expanded and confirmed by Jeff Milano.

WA – Tacoma – STATUS?

University of Puget Sound Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Javanese bronze (Pak Tentrem, 1986)

Repertoire: Traditional Javanese

Molly McNamara

If you have information about the current status of this group, please contact

*phone, address, website, description?

2012 10 15 re-sent initial inquiry to same address.
2012 12 27 listserv also has Pestermail to both addresses. University of Puget Sound website won’t load completely this evening.

WEST VIRGINIA back to top

WV – Morgantown – ACTIVE

Gamelan at West Virginia University
Instruments: Balinese and Javanese

Repertoire: Traditional and contemporary

Dr. Michael B. Vercelli
College of Creative Arts

West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506

(304) 293-4660

Balinese and Javanese offered on a rotating basis.

Upcoming performances listed at:

*add email, website, description?
2012 09 17 phone number is college of creative arts. Left msg. Subsequently received phone call, referring me to Michael Vercelli.
2012 10 16 Sent standard inquiry to
2012 10 25 Response received.

WV – Shepherdstown -- ACTIVE

Gamelan Wrhatnala Gunung Blue Ridge
Instruments: Balinese Gamelan Gong Kebyar

Repertoire: Traditional, Puri Buluh Kenana Region, IGA Ngurah Supartha's compositions and SMKI/Kokar

Dr. Laura Renninger
Music Department

Shepherd College

Shepherdstown, WV 25443-5000
(304) 876-5461


Gamelan Wrhatnala Blue Ridge was founded by Dr. Laura Renninger in 2002 and is the first non-Western ensemble to be established at Shepherd University. It is directed by Pratimawan Supartha. The ensemble currently consists of music majors although non-majors and community members are quite welcome to join.

*gamelan name link goes to Shepherd University Music department main page, not specific page for gamelan which is….
2012 10 15 resent original inquiry to original addresses.
2012 12 27 website has a different contact. Forwarded original inquiry to revised contact. Minor edits per website. Laura Bischoff is not listed in the faculty/staff directory.

WISCONSIN back to top

WI – Appleton – ACTIVE

Gamelan Cahaya Asri (Harmonious Light)
Instruments: Balinese gong kebyar, bronze, with wood front panels featuring scenes from the Ramayana. Built in Bali, 2010.
Repertoire: Traditional gong kebyar, lelambatan
I Dewa Ketut Alit Adnyana, Director :
Sonja Downing, Assistant Professor of Music:


Lawrence University Balinese gamelan ensemble, including a student ensemble and a community gamelan.

2012 10 13 from Wikipedia page. Not yet contacted.
2012 10 15 sent interest inquiry.
2012 12 27 website edits. Forwarded inquiry to Sonja Downing. Out-of-office response from Downing.
2013 01 21 confirmation from Downing

WI – Madison – ACTIVE

University of Wisconsin-Madison Javanese Gamelan Ensemble(student performing group)

Instruments: Kyai Telaga Rukmi (Lake of Gold) -- Central Javanese, slendro-pelog.
Repertoire: Mostly traditional, mostly Central Javanese (Yogya and Solo), some Banyumas and East Javanese; some new, experimental music.

R. Anderson Sutton
School of Music

University of Wisconsin - Madison

455 North Park St.

Madison, WI 53706
(608) 263-3642


Regular classes, beginning and advanced, every year. Performances with guest artists from Indonesia.

*add website?
2012 09 17 bounceback on Re-sent to
2012 10 16 Pestermail to
2012 10 16 Response with update from
2012 12 27 Website edits.

WYOMING back to top

WY – Laramie – ACTIVE

Candra Wyoga
Instruments: Balinese Semar Pelegongan
Repertoire: Traditional
 and contemporary
I Made Lasmawan, director
Rod Garnett
Department of Music

University of Wyoming

1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071-3037



Founded in 1996, Gamelan Candra Wyoga is a community ensemble housed at the University of Wyoming. New members are always welcome – rehearsals are normally at 5pm on Fridays during the academic year.

2012 10 11 Per I Made Lasmawan, the instruments should be described as “gamelan pelegongan” rather than “semar pegulingan”. Sent email to Rod Garnett and Leif Cawley for confirmation.
2012 12 27 follow-up to Rodney for confirmation.
2012 12 30 response from Rodney.