Volume 9-10, 2004

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contents and editorial

Gatra: A Basic Concept of Traditional Javanese Gending, by Rahayu Supanggah

Wayang Wong Priangan: Dance Drama of West Java, by Yus Ruslaiana
translated, edited, and augmented by Kathy Foley

Divining the Diva: an interview with Nyi Tjondroloekito, by Nancy Cooper

Sinta Wullur and the Diatonic Gamelan, by Huib Ramaer
sound: Baliade by Sinta Wullur

Komang Astita: the performance of sound, by Elaine Barkin

Gambang Cengkok in Slendro Manyura, compiled by Carter Scholz

Tetabeuhan Sungut (Onomatopoeia), by Slamet Abdul Sjukur

a little piece for pianoforte, by Michael Asmara

Rag for Deena, by Barbara Benary

Gending Moon, by Lou Harrison, performance notes by Jody Diamond

Waton by Komang Astita, by Elaine Barkin

Trimbat by Ida Bagus Made Widnyana, by Andrew McGraw
sound: Trimbat

Homage to Tradition notes, by Rahayu Supanggah
sound: excerpts of three pieces: Keli, Duet, Balambang.

The Mills College Gamelan,
designed by Lou Harrison and William Colvig,
documented by Will Di

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