BALUNGAN was first published in 1984. All issues are available online and in print. The editor is Jody Diamond; some issues have guest editors, indicated in bold. Beginning with Vol. 12, issues were also published online with accompanying media files and additional documents.


Vol. 15, 2021/2022
Guest Editor: Oscar Smith
The Gifts of the Pandemic (Jody Diamond)
Dewa Alit and Gamelan Salukat (Oscar Smith)
The Spoken and the Unspoken: Pedagogical Perspectives on Balinese Gamelan (Leslie A. Tilley)
Notating Kendang Sunda: Historical Approaches and a New Font
(Ed Garcia)
Score: Korona Suminggah: a prayer for an end to the coronavirus pandemic (Saptono)
Two Experimental Gamelan Makers Respond to a Changing Environment: Muhammad Sulthoni and Sigit Pamungkas
(Sean Hayward)
Rocky Mountain Balinese Gamelan Festival (Elizabeth McLean Macy)
81 pp.

Editors: Jody Diamond and Linda Hibbs.
Gamelan and related arts during the COVID era.
One hundred pages, 70 contributors, and one global community.
100 pp.

Vol. 13, 2019
Online: Digital Edition. Djoko Waluyo: How Can I Explain Feeling? (English and Indonesian), Sean Hayward. Score: Lintang, Djoko Waluyo, notes by Sean Hayward. Recipe for Starting a Gamelan Group, Barbara Benary. Score: Mostly Slendro Passacaglia, Barbara Benary, notes by Jay Arms. How to Build a Bamboo Angklung, Barbara Benary. International Gamelan Festival Solo 2018. Gamelan: a cross-cultural creative context for community music making, Jody Diamond. Score: Prelude: Anyone Can Play, Jody Diamond. Score: Allahuakbar, Sutanto Mendut, with others’ contributions. Formal Aspects of Performance Practice in Central Javanese Gamelan Music, Roger Vetter. Score: 5 (lima), Aris Daryono. Pamor [As One], Peni Candra Rini (Javanese & Indonesian), Stuart Robson (English translation). Mandala Salam: an invitation

Vol. 12, 2017
complete print contents
individual articles
media files
Digital Edition. Alternative Methods in Composition of New Karawitan, by Pande Made Sukerta. The Macapat Style of Pak Netra, by Darsono. Does an Indonesian Composer Need a Regional Identity?, by I Wayan Sadra. Compositions for Gamelan by Lou Harrison, by Jay Arms and Jody Diamond. Mahambara: New Music from ISI Solo, foreword by Rahayu Supanggah. Scores: Introduction, by Jay Arms. Terus dan Terus, by I Wayan Sadra. Yellow Flower Burial, by Krystyna Bobrowski. A Cornish Lancaran, by Lou Harrison. Contents of BALUNGAN back issues.

Vol. 11, 2010 [complete print contents]
Eds. Barbara Benary and Tomoko Deguchi. Gamelan in Japan (B. Benary and T. Deguchi), I Gusti Bagus Nyoman Pandji (R. Ornstein), Notes on the Balinese Gambelan Music (I G.B.N. Pandji), The New Wave of Jaipongan Dance (I. Durban), Enculturation and Cross-Cultural Experiences in Teaching Indonesian Gamelan (H. Susilo), Air Naga (T. Yamasaki), Beginning Gambang (Widiyanto) 56 pp.

Vol. 9-10, 2004 [complete print contents]
individual articles and sound files
Gatra: A Basic Concept of Traditional Javanese Gending, by Rahayu Supanggah. Wayang Wong Priangan: Dance Drama of West Java, by Yus Ruslaiana, translated, edited, and augmented by Kathy Foley. Divining the Diva: an interview with Nyi Tjondroloekito, by Nancy Cooper. Sinta Wullur and the Diatonic Gamelan, by Huib Ramaer. Komang Astita: the performance of sound, by Elaine Barkin. Gambang Cengkok in Slendro Manyura, compiled by Carter Scholz. Tetabeuhan Sungut (Onomatopoeia), by Slamet Abdul Sjukur. a little piece for pianoforte, by Michael Asmara. Rag for Deena, by Barbara Benary. Gending Moon, by Lou Harrison, notes by Jody Diamond. Waton, by Komang Astita, notes by Elaine Barkin. Trimbat, by Ida Bagus Made Widnyana, notes by Andrew McGraw. Homage to Tradition CD, notes by Rahayu Supanggah. The Mills College Gamelan, documented by Will Ditrich, designed by Lou Harrison and William Colvig.

Vol. 7–8, 2000 
Ed. Jarrad Powell. Score Collection. 15 pieces by international composers; poetry by Taufiq Ismail; art by Henry Dim.Waves (M. Matsunaga), Ghosts (D. Schmidt), Woodstone (I. Marshall), Al Het (L. Polansky), The September Vison (J. Powell), Philemon and Baukis (L. Harrison), The Cave (J. Coxon), In That Bright World (J. Diamond), Gong Kundalini Shakti (J. Keliehor), A Lion Does Not Read Books (E. Richards), In Celebration of Golden Rain (R. Felciano), Rain (J. Morris), 5 Inventions for 2 Bonang and Percussion (R. Lombardo), The Sycamore Tree (M. Lagford), Gotong Royong (B. Subono), Kembalikan Indonesia Padaku [Give Indonesia Back to Me] (T. Ismail), Mulut-mulut & Lampu 15 Wat [Mouths & a 15 Watt Bulb] (H. Dim). 235 pp.

Vol. 6 Nos.1- 2, 1998 
Eds. Allan Thomas & Jack Body. Vocalized wayang and gamelan in Jemblung/Purwacarita (Y. Sukarno); Martopangrawit's last experimental  composition (M. Perlman/S. Hastanto); Wayang Orang in Madura (T. Raharjo); Madura Journal (J. Body); Notation: Musical Transcription: from sound to symbol...(J. Body); Interviews: Joko Sutrisno (G. Farr); Panggiyo Resowiguna (Y. Sukarno); Liong Xi (Allan Thomas); Scores: Reong Lenggong (G. Farr); Kerinduan/Ketawang Yitmo (A. Sutikno); Reviews (W. Rai, M. Tenzer); Network: Gamelan on the World Wide Web (D.Voss). 48 pp.

Vol. 5, No. 2, Summer/Fall 1993
Ed. Kathy Foley: Sunda. Creative Musical Practices in ... Pantun Sunda (A. Weintraub), Tembang Sunda Poetry (G. Young and M. Kaufman), Our Laughter Balances our Tears : Humor in Sundanese Arts (S. Williams), Interview: Asep Sunandar, Irawati Durban Arjo and Endo Suanda (K. Foley), Nano S.'s Warna: a Life in Music (L. Burman-Hall), Score: Warna (Nano S.); U.C. Santa Cruz, Gamelan Freiburg. 44 pp. 

Vol. 5, No. 1, Winter/Spring 1991
Ed. Deborah Wong: Mainland Southeast Asia. Across Three Generations: a Solo Piece for Thai Gong Cycle (D. Wong), Teachers on Tape: Innovation and Experimentation in Teaching Thai Music (P.Myers-Moro); Interview: Sam-Ang Sam (J. Powell); The Term Karawitan (M. Perlman); Scores: Gelas 1091 (P. M. Sukerta), Yokaze (H.Roesli); Thai Music at Kent State (T. Miller), Gods, Giants and Monkeys: Thai Music at Southwestern University (E. Peterson). 40 pp. 

Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 1990 
Ed. Wayne Vitale: Bali. Kotekan: technique of interlocking parts in Balinese music (W. Vitale); Interview: I Wayan Dibia (W. Vitale); Score: Sindu Arsa (Ketut Partha); Gamelan Sekar Jaya (W. Vitale); Gamelan Angklung in Denver. 36 pp. 

Vol. 4, No. 1, May 1989
Ed. David Posnett: England. Pekan Komponis VIII: a national composers festival (N. Dally); Interview: Dr. Sri Hastanto. (K. Devereaux); Gamelan in Britain (N. Sorrell); Scores: Changes (M. Parsons), Mas in 1 minor (N. Sorrell), The Monkey Puzzle (M. Lockett); The Cambridge Gamelan (B. and S. Martin); Oxford University (G. Black); Gamelan Sekar Enggal (S. Cook); The York gamelan Sekar Petak (N. Sorrell); Javanese gamelan in Durham (D. Posnett); From Bali to Belfast: the Queen's University gamelan (A. Sanger). 40 pp.

Vol. 3, No. 3, December 1988
Ed. Richard North: Cirebon. Dancing in Cirebonese Topeng (E. Suanda); An Introduction to Wayang Kulit Cirebon and An Introduction to the Musical Traditions of Cirebon (R. North); Tarling[guitar-suling]: Modern Music from Cirebon (M. Wright), Score: Coast (D. Mahler); Weraspati Gong (Hogenäs); Hawaii Loa Gamelan Ensemble (North). 36 pp. 

Vol. 3, No. 2, October 1988
Interview: John Cage (M. Frasconi); Gong-making in Taiwan (K.H. Han); How to Play Gender Panerus (Marsudi); Gamelan in Japan (U. Michio); Balungan(R. Supanggah, trans. M. Perlman). 44 pp. 

Vol. 3, No. 1, November 1987
Interview: Sardono Kusomo (J. Diamond); Letters From Banyumas (R. Lysloff); Score: Gending Erhu (J. Powell); Indonesian Group EXPO 86 (J. Diamond) Suhirdjan: Gamelan Musician and Gamelan Maker (J. Bell Cowan). 48 pp. 

Vol. 2, No. 3, December 1986
First International Gamelan Festival and Symposium (J. Chalmers); Sasak Music in Lombok (D. Harnish); Interview: Philip Corner (J. Diamond); Bila Bali di Tangan Bule (If Bali Were Held by Bules) (G. Martin, trans. M. Tenzer); Scores: Marta Budaya (M. Hood), Night Waters (A. Durkee); New Music for Gamelan at ASKI Solo (A. Durkee); Gamelan in Texas (J. Chalmers); Gamelan in New Zealand, a chronology (A. Thomas). 52 pp. 

Vol. 2, Nos. 1-2, Fall 1985/Winter 1986
Ed. Kent Devereaux. Interview: Suratno (K. Devereaux); Notation or Not? (J. Powell); Angklung Ensemble of West Java (R. Baier); Friends of the Gamelan, Chicago; University of Michigan, an interview with Judith Becker and René Lysloff; Score: Five Inventions for Two Bonang and Percussion (R. Lombardo); Northern Illinois University: an interview with Han Kuo-Huang; Ethnomusicology at Oberlin College (R. Knight); The Bonang Barung in Contemporary Gamelan Practice (R. Lysloff); Score: Bali Swing (D. LaBuy). 48 pp. 

Vol. 1, No. 3, Spring 1985
Interview: I Wayan Sinti with Michael Tenzer (J. Diamond); Review: Aesthetic Tradition and Cultural Transition in Java and Bali (K. Devereaux); KOKAR Gamelan on Campus; Gamelan at Rockland Project School (B. Benary); Earth Music: A Catalog of Indonesian Music (P. Yampolsky); The Cambridge Gamelan Society (B. Martin); Scores: Gong Dance à 7 (D. Goode), Ln. Siboru pastima (B. Pasaribu). 26 pp.

Vol. 1, No. 2, February 1985
Interview: Daniel Schmidt (P. Adler, J. Diamond); Tuning Systems in American Gamelan (L. Polansky); Scores: Extractions (J. Morris), Main Bersama-sama (L. Harrison); Cengkok for the Gender (Wignyosaputro); Beginning Gender Technique (B. Brinner); Review: Karawitan (K. Devereaux). 22 pp. 

Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1984
Interview: Harja Susilo; West Java Arts; Review: Javanese Wayang Kulit; Score: In That Bright World (J. Diamond); Sigramangsah bonang of Wasitodipuro (R. Mix). 22 pp

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