Catalog - Scores

Scores are notation for a specific piece or a collection of pieces by an identified composer. All rights to these pieces are held by the composers themselves.

The individual scores are five dollars ($5) each or as marked; score collections are as marked.

Alves, Bill

Slendro Suite. Western notation. Gender barung, gender panerus, cello, gong. Score and parts, $12. S.Alv01.

Pelog Partita. S.Alv03 Gender barung pelog, viola, cello and one percussionist.Violin part can be provided in place of viola. $12.

Elegy. S.Alv07. Cello, gender barung, gender panerus, slentem, gong/kempul.

Gending Vogel Flats. S.Alv08. Javanese gamelan pelog and violin.

Imbal-Imbalan. S.Alv09. Bonangs panerus & barung, Genders panerus & barung, Slentem, Kempul/Gong.

Gending Chilao. S.Alv10. Javanese gamelan and violin or cello.

Skala-Niskala. S.Alv11. Concerto for keyboard and Balinese gamelan.

Gandrung S.Alv12. For one or two marimbas, three players.

Luminescence S.Alv13. For choir and computer disc, divisi into SSAATTB.

Asmara, Michael

Quintet. S.Asm01 Western and cipher notation. Piano, gamelan, voice, unpitched instruments.

Gending Dolanan. S.Asm02 Graphic score, notes in Indonesian. Piano, gamelan, audience and dancers.

Prelude. S.Asm03 Graphic and cipher notation; notes in Indonesian. Piano, gamelan, voice and percussion.

Quartet for Guitar, Flute and Genders. S.Asm04 Western notation. Guitar, flute, gender barung and gender panerus (both slendro and pelog).

The Resistance of Substance. S.Asm05 Western and cipher notation, English instructions. Pelog gender, radio, siren, noises, percussion, actors, pesindhen, tenor, signal lights.

the river. S.Asm06 Western notation. Piano (top hand in 3, bottom in 5).

Composition I. S.Asm07 Western notation. Piano, flute, clarinet, vibraphone, marimba, saron barung, saron panerus (slendro and pelog).

Mantra S.Asm08 Western notation. Flute, vibraphone, timpani, angklung, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, saron pelog, gambang pelog, gendang.

Malioboro Street S.Asm09 Western notation. Flute, violin, percussion, gamelan slendro/pelog, 3 bedug.

One minute with Aryani S.Asm10. Western notation. Piano.

Composition II S.Asm11 Western and cipher notation. Javanese gamelan and vibraphone.

Symphony No. 1 For strings, horns, winds, percussion & gamelan. S.Asm12

Fantasia S.Asm13 String quartet..

Through the Battle (with Bach invention) Piano. S.Asm14

Homecoming. S.Asm15. For 13 readers and 13 pitched instruments. Poem by Wistawa Saymborska.

Night Music for Marzenka S.Asm16 Gender barung slendro and pelog barang.

Thinking of You. S.Asm17 Piano, crotales, gong ageng, flute, javanese suling slendro & pelog, gender slendro & pelog, vocal, child soprano, ketuk.

Mantra for the Opening. S.Asm18 Xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, gender, saron panerus, choir.

Piece for Piano (for an orphan in the battle). S.Asm19

Moving. Piano. S.Asm20

Lamentation for Maya Devi. S.Asm20 Piano.

Prelude. Piano, pitch percussion, gamelan slendro pelog and a singer/pesinden. S.Asm23. $5.

A Piece for 15 Rebabs. S.Asm24. $5.

Gending Dolanan. S.Asm25. $10.

Niji (Pelangi). Score and parts. S.Asm26. $20.

"Lament" for the Victims of Rape. Oboe, grand cassa, cowbell, tom-tom, cymbal, kempul, gong, crotales, temple block, timpani, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, violoncello, painoforte. S.Asm27. $5.

Astita, I Nyoman

Kotekan. S.Ast01 Western notation. Two marimbas, flute, and chimes.

Ayers, Lydia

Merapi. S.Aye01 Javanese gamelan slendro-pelog and computer-generated tape. Custom tape provided to match each gamelan.

Barkin, Elaine

Encore S.Bar01 Three minutes. Javanese gamelan.

Gamelange S.Bar02 Harp and mixed Javanese and Balinese gamelan.

Lagu Kapal Kuning S.Bar03 Balinese gamelan angklung.

Legong Dreams. Oboe. S.Bar04.

Bell Cowan, Joan

As She Grows S.Bel01 Javanese gamelan slendro, flute, hammered dulcimer.

Benary, Barbara

Rag for Deena S.Ben01 Extended range helpful. Javanese gamelan pelog. In Vol. 2 below.

Cantor\'s Row S.Ben02 Javanese gamelan.

Eliahu S.Ben03 Javanese gamelan slendro with 3 suling.

Bungkuk S.Ben04 In Angklung Sampler Book, N.Ben01. Gamelan angklung.

Tock S.Ben05 In Angklung Sampler Book, N.Ben01.

Vancouver S.Ben06 Javanese gamelan slendro-pelog.

Gamelan Works Vol. 1: The Braid Pieces. Six pieces composed 1974 ?80. Javanese gamelan, $15. SC.Ben01

Gamelan Works Vol. 2: The Satires. Five adaptations of Western music for gamelan, $15. SC.Ben02

Gamelan Works Vol. 3: Pieces in a Single Tuning. Ten theatrical or concert pieces in either pelog or slendro, $20. SC.Ben03

Gamelan Works Vol. 4: Seven Pieces in Mixed Tuning. Pelog and slendro, $25.SC.Ben

Gamelan Works Nos. 1-4. SC.Ben05 $60.

Aural Shoehorning. Javanese gamelan (8 players), percussion, piano, clarinets (4 players). S. Ben08.

Four Weddings (No Funeral). Javanese gamelan in pelog. S.Ben09

Best, Christopher

Dolya Nash Krai. Soprano, Alto, Electric Guitar, Balinese Gong Kebyar. S.Bes01.

Bobrowski, Krystyna

Yellow Flower Burial S.Bob01 Three interactions for 2 players, gender and slenthem.

Bogdanowitsch, Sasha

Like a Flute of Reed S.Bog01 Voice, suling, and Sundanese gamelan.

WinterSung S.Bog02 Voice or chorus, suling, and Javanese gamelan.

Come Into My Body S.Bog03 Two voices and Javanese gamelan.

Brooks, Mark Steven

Sevens. S.Bro02 Slendro Javanese, 8 players.

Four Dances. S.Bro03 Slendro Javanese, 4 players.

Four Easy Pieces. S.Bro04 Balinese gamelan angklung, 3 players minimum.

Cage, John

Haikai S.Cag01 Gamelan degung. $20.

Dream (Arr. by Clive Wilkinson) S.Wil03. Solo with gamelan.

Haikai (Arr. by Clive Wilkinson) S.Wil04. Central Javanese gamelan, laras pelog.

Carlé, Emma

Go Go Gadget Arms S.Carl01 Pelog bonang and 3 violins.

Carlsen, Philip

The Lotos-Eaters S.Carls01. For gamelan and Western orchestra.

Dust as we are S.Carls02. For gamelan and Western orchestra.

Carey, Ross

Deuxieme Divertissement S.Car01 Javanese gamelan and seven Western instruments.

Cater, I Ketut

Kreta Masa. Blanese gong kebyar. S.Cat01. Balanese gong kebyar.

Clarke, Simon

Bone Shadows. S.Cla01. Javanese gamelan pelog.

The Magic Mirror. S. Cla02. Javanese gamelan, laras slendro and pelog.

Strange Attractor. S.Cla03. Javanese gamelan slendro.

The Dissolving Tree. S.Cla04. Songs on poems of Miroslav Holub. Javanese gamelan (slendro & pelog) and voice.

Landscape with Haiku. S.Cla05 Voice and Javanese gamelan pelog.

The Ring of Brodgar. S.Cla06 Javanese gamelan pelog.

Fugitive Pieces. S.Cla07 Javanese gamelan slendro.

Echo\'s Bones. S.Cla08 Bb clarinet, violin, diatonic gamelan.

Spirit\'s Pilgrim. S.Cla09A poem by Maria Tsvetayeva. Mezzo-soprano, flute, alto flute, Javanese gadhon ensemble.

The Unanswered Question (by Charles Ives). S.Cla10. Javanese gamelan pelog. Arr. by Symon Clarke.

Corner, Philip

Gamelan CONCERT1O:KEBYAR For Balinese gamelan. S.Cor07

Gamelan Series SC.Cor01 Over 400 pieces for gamelan and/or indeterminate instruments. Complete list available. Single score, $5; five scores, $15, 25 scores, $60; complete set in 3 volumes, $150.

Farewell New York Scorebook SC.Cor02 A set of 8 pieces drawn from the gamelan series. $6.

Especially for Gamelan SC.Cor04 Pieces not in the gamelan series, specifically for gamelan. $10.

Corner also has scores in the following: Angklung Sampler Book, N.Ben01; Convergences & Permutations,Randomness, Exhaustiveness & Arithemtic processes, SC. Son02.

Coxon, Jane

The Cave S.Cox01 Western and cipher notation. Javanese gamelan, small choir.

Curtin, Steve

Spores. Pelog gamelan. S.Cur01

Daryono, Aris

Sebuah Buku Tentang Aku, Kamu, dan Mereka. Violin and piano. S.Dary01. $15.

Song of the Lord. Piano and voice. S.Dary02. $10.

A Place to Believe. String quartet. S.Dary04. $10.

5. Composition for Javanese gamelan gadhon ensemble and electronics. S.Dary05 $10.

Let Me Have A Dream. For gamelan. Western and cipher notation. S.Dary06 $10.

Aku Berjalan. Javanese gamelan and string quartet. S.Dary07 $10.

Sidhem, Bremara, Kasireb. Amplified Javanese gamelan ensemble and orchestra. S.Dary08 $10.

Demnitz, David

Graffitti Removal S.Dem01 Includes parts. Uses some improvisation. Javanese gamelan.

Operation Iraqi Freedom. S.Dem02. Gamelan orchestra and string quartet. $15.

Diamond, Jody

In That Bright World S.Dia01 The American song "Wayfaring Stranger," with Javanese and Balinese treatment. Includes parts. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Bubaran Bill S.Dia02 Includes kecak and clapping. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Hard Times S.Dia03 Setting of a Stephen Foster song. Slendro. Javanese gamelan with mandocello.

Guru, Murid, Teman S.Dia05 For irama kebar of Ladrang Pangkur, P7. Javanese gamelan pelog or chorus.

Prelude: Anyone Can Play S.Dia06 Audience participation piece. Any gamelan.

Lagu Ricik-ricik S.Dia07 For Lancaran Ricik-ricik in pelog barang. Demung or saron.

Wali Sanga/Pandhawa S.Dia08 For nine or five voices

We taste the spices of Arabia... S.Dia09 Piano, guitar, horn, voice, readers.

we need more time S.Dia10 For two voices or two same instruments.

Diamond, Jody and Virgil Thomson

Gending Chelsea S.Dia04. Balungan and aphorisms by Virgil Thomson. Vocal parts in cipher and Western notation. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Didkovsky, Nicholas

Don\'t be a Hog S.Did01 Requires improvised speech. Javanese gamelan.

Dorge, Pierre

On the Southcoast of Morocco S.Dor01 Western notation. Balinese gamelan and jazz ensemble.

The Oriental Gamelan. S.Dor02 Western notation. Balinese instruments and jazz ensemble.

Fur Ein Trold. S.Dor02 Western notation. Balinese gamelan.

Durkee, Arthur

Autumnsong. Javanese gamelan.S.Dur01

Night Waters. Any gamelan. S.Dur03

Ekagustdiman, Dody Satya

Jalinan Empat S.Eka01 For three players. Sundanese cipher notation. Notes in Indonesian. 8 kecapi, 4suling pelog, 2 suling slendro, buyung, Chinese bell, assorted percussion.

Dengung S.Eka02 Sundanese cipher notation. Notes in Indonesian.Kecapi, gamelan, Chinese bell, percussion.

Diya S.Eka03 For 9 players. Sundanese cipher notation. Kacapi, suling, sandpaper, flexotone, voices, percussion and original instruments. Recorded on Asmat Dream.

Farr, Gareth

Reongan. Javanese gamelan. S.Far01

Segi Tiga. S.Far02 Balinese gamelan angklung.

Felciano, Richard

In Celebration of Golden Rain S.Fel01 Full score in Western notation. Javanese gamelan and organ.

Gending for Lou Harrison S.Fel02 Balungan only. Javanese gamelan.

Finstrom, Matt

Kagok Kempul Kerep S.Fin01 Parts for slenthem, bonang. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Ladrang Sekar. Javanese gamelan pelog. S.Fin02

Forlin, Gino

Bagatelles (3 of 4) for Gamelan S.For01 Javanese gamelan slendro and pelog.

Bubaran CMcC S.For02 Slendro with pelog 7. Javanese gamelan.

Beautiful Moon S.For03 One or two performers. In Western notation, text in English. Female voice and slendro gender.

Raoul Y Anselmo S.For04 Javanese gamelan pelog and slendro.

Frasconi, Miguel

Distancing #3 S.Fra01 Western notation. Includes tuning information. Gamelan degung.

Gamelan Son of Lion

Convergences & Permutations SC.Son01 Process compositions by Demnitz, Child, Goode, Corner and Benary. $15.

Randomness, Exhaustiveness and Arithmetic Processes Second collection of process compositions for gamelan by members of Gamelan Son of Lion $20.SC.Son02

Goldstein, Malcolm

Counting Cow Bells S.Gol01 Gamelan (3-5 players) with "Fiddling Cowbells" tape (cassette with score, $15).

Goode, Daniel

Gong Dancea 7 S.Goo01 Seven performers with hand-held gongs.

Eine Kleine Gamelan Music S.Goo02 Indeterminate instruments, including gamelan.

Dans King S.Goo03 For Gamelan in Slendro and Pelog, and three wooden puppets.

5 SE S.Goo04 For gamelan and clarinet.

Grasse, Jonathan

Entroncamento (Encruzilhada) S.Gra01 American or Javanese gamelan, slendro and pelog.

Pawnee Rock Ordines S.Gra02 For key instruments and colotomy. Extended range gamelan.

Griggs, Peter

Through the Looking Glass S.Gri01 In the Angklung Sampler Book, N.Ben01. Gamelan angklung.

Harrison, Lou

Music for Gamelan with Western Instruments SC.Har03 Pieces, mostly in Central Javanese style, with melodies for French horn, viola, violin, Ôcello, piccolo trumpet and saxophone. Gamelan parts in cipher notation, instrument parts in Western notation. $25. Note: contains many of the pieces listed below.

Main Bersama-sama S.Har01a Western notation. Gamelan degung and French horn.

Main Bersama-sama S.Har01b Cipher notation. Javanese gamelan pelog and French horn.

Gending Jody S.Har02 Javanese gamelan slendro.

Concerto for Piano with Javanese Gamelan S.Har03 Part for retuned piano in Western notation, gamelan parts in cipher notation. Three movements: slendro - pelog - slendro.

A Cornish Lancaran S.Har04 Sax part in Western notation. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Bubaran Robert S.Har05 Trumpet or saxophone part in Western notation. Includes bonang part. Javanese gamelan with piccolo trumpet.

Gending in Honor of Aphrodite S.Har06 Harp and chorus parts in Western notation. English text by Harrison. Pelog. Javanese gamelan, harp, chorus.

Philemon and Baukis S.Har07 Violin part in Western notation. (Recordings available of entire piece and of gamelan only.) Javanese gamelan slendro.

Threnody for Carlos Chavez S.Har08 Viola part in Western notation. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Coyote Stories/The ForemanÕs Song Tune S.Har09 Four Native American stories, for tenor and gamelan, with instrumental sections. Text in English. Javanese gamelan.

Scenes from Cavafy S.Har10 Harp, baritone and chorus parts in Western notation. Parts for suling, kacapi, gambang, and ya-cheng. Recorded on T.Har01. Javanese gamelan slendro/pelog.

Serenade S.Har11 Strong suling melody. In Western notation. Gamelan degung.

Gending Alexander S.Har12 Gending bonang in pelog barang. Javanese gamelan.

Homage to Pacifica. S.Har13. A five movement piece in honor of KPFA\'s new building. Includes In Honor of the Divine Mr. Handel, and In Honor of Mark Twain. Cipher and some Western notation.

A Soejatmoko Set. S.Har14 Three movements for Javanese gamelan and chorus. Text tells story of Ramayana after the "trial by fire."

Saron Ricik-ricik. Saron part only. S.Har15

Gending Moon. Slendro. Some parts. S.Har16

Gending in Honor of Palladio. S.Har17

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan. S.Har18 $25.

In Honor of Munakata Shiko. S.Har19 Javanese gamelan pelog.

Harrison, Lou and Trish Neilsen

Gending-gending California SC.Har01 Fourteen works by California composers. Scores, parts and instructions. Recording available. $6.

Hoffman, Stan

Ox Herding Music S.Hof01 Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano.

Ancient Morning S.Hof02 Javanese gamelan.

Holm-Hudson, Kevin

Gending Miranda Harvest S.Hol01 Javanese gamelan slendro.

Hood, Mantle

Marta Budaya S.Hoo01 With vocal part by Jody Diamond. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Udan Boston S.Hoo03 Bubaran in slendro nem. Javanese gamelan.

Gending Bandem S.Hoo04 Gender wayang quartet.

Ives, Charles

The Unanswered Question (Arr. by Symon Clarke) S.Cla10. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Johnson, Tom

The Towers of Hanoi S.Joh02 Eight parts, three pitches each. In Western notation. $10.

LaBuy, Dawn

Bali Swing S.LaB01 Balinese Gamelan Angklung.

Laskewicz, Zachar

A Musical Journey in 7 Stages S.Las01 For seven performers, based, in structure, on a seven stage mythical journey through consciousness.

Project -1 S.Las02 Slendro gamelan. Western notation with numbers below.

Project -2 S.Las03 Pelog gamelan. Seven players.

Project -3 S.Las04 Slendro gamelan. Full & part scores. 9 players and conductor.

Levin, John

The Great Regulator Channel S.Lev01 Includes improvised parts. Javanese gamelan.

Liben, Laura

Traffic. Javanese gamelan. S.Lib01

Lillios, Elaine

Images. Javanese gamelan or Balinese gong kebyar. S.Lil01

Lockett, Mark

Long Poles S.Loc01 Voice, saron, siter or lyre.

Pergolas S.Loc02 Slendro slenthem, ketuk, kempul, saron and peking.

Lombardo, Robert

5 Inventions for 2 Bonang and Percussion S.Lom01

Lubet, Alex

Atone S.Lub01 Any combination of voices.

123454 S.Lub02 Any number of instruments or voices.

The Benjamin Music S.Lub03 Slendro gamelan; optional sirens and electronics.

The Alyssa Permutations S.Lub04 Any number of instruments or voices.

Lyle, Kathrynn

Prelude to Trees S.Lyl01 Javanese gamelan slendro and pelog.

Macht, Robert

Kreasi Baru S.Mac04 Javanese gamelan and orchestra. Parts and recording available.

Mack, Dieter

Catur S.Mack01 Balinese gamelan, 10 suling, percussion (14 players).

Kreuzungen S.Mack02 High soprano & 8 percussionists.

Segara S.Mack03 6 voice choir, ocarina, 4 percussionists.

Taro S.Mack04 2 pianos, flute, piccolo, bass clarinet, percussion.

Marshall, Ingram

Woodstone S.Mars01 Based on Beethoven quote. Recording on B.A.N.G. (T.AGI01). Javanese or American gamelan slendro and pelog, extended range.

Martopangrawit, R.L.

Gending-gending Martopangrawit SC.Mar03 Vocal and balungan notation for 40 pieces composed by R.L. Martopangrawit. Text in Javanese. 69 pp. $10.

Matsunaga, Michiharu

Waves S.Mat01 Performance notes in Japanese and English. Javanese gamelan.

McDermott, Vincent

The Bells of Tajilor S.McD01 For ASKI Solo. Recording available. Javanese gamelan, voices.

Sweet-Breathed Minstrel, A Mystic Poem of Rumi S.McD02 Javanese gamelan slendro, viola, mixed voices.

Miller, Steven M.

5x5. S.Mil01. For Javanese Pelog Gamelan.

Morris, Jeff

Extractions S.Mor01 In five beat groups. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Easter S.Mor02 Slendro with pelog 7. Javanese gamelan.

Backtalk S.Mor03 Trombone and percussion parts in western notation. Small gamelan, two trombones and percussion.

Peace S.Mor04 Slendro and pelog 7.

Rain S.Mor05 Javanese gamelan pelog.

Reflected Light S.Mor06 Small gamelan.

Murphy, Dennis

Music for Venerable Voice of Thoom SC.Mur01 Balungan and parts for traditional Javanese pieces and works by Murphy and the Plainfield Village Gamelan. $10.

Nakamura, Shigenobu

Tantra S.Nak01 Graphic score with improvisational parts. Recording available, played by Dharma Budhaya. Javanese gamelan.

Nano S.

Warna S.Nan01 Sundanese cipher notation. Video available. Gamelan salendro.

Karesmen S.Nan02 In Sundanese cipher notation.

Sekar Manis S.Nan03 In Sundanese cipher notation. 4 kecapi.

Jemplang Polansky S.Nan04 Handwritten directions in Indonesian. On Asmat Dream, New Music Indonesia Vol. I. Sundanese instruments.

Manintin. Sundanese gamelan. S.Nan05

Oliveros, Pauline

Lion\'s Eye S.Oli01 Part scores only. Recording available. Javanese gamelan.

Parsons, Michael

Changes S.Par01 Javanese gamelan slendro.

Luna S.Par02 Voice with Javanese gamelan (4 players). Western and cipher notation.

Pasaribu, Ben M.

Lancaran Siborupastima. Western notation. Javanese gamelan, fretless bass and trap drums. S.Pas01

Gending Alvin. Western notation, for rhythmic elements combined in a partially improvised process. Javanese gamelan. S.Pas02

Imaginary Ceremony. For three sound sources. Combines text describing ritual dances with improvisation in three timbres. S.Pas03

Melawan Angin. For "world flutes." Sequence of tones and prescribed movements for six players. S.Pas04

Mangongkal Holi. Duet for trombone and gongs. Western notation. S.Pas05

Patterson, Andra

Maju Terus S.Pat01 Orchestra, small choir and gamelan.

Polansky, Larry

Al Het. Text in Spanish. Western notation. Voice and one percussionist on slendro gender/pelog gambang, tumbuk 6. S.Pol01

Pollard, Mark

bathing in stillness S.Poll01 Javanese gamelan slendro. For ten players, who also sing.

Powell, Jarrad

Gending Erhu S.Pow03 Recorded on CD.Pac01. Javanese gamelan and erhu.

The September Vision S.Pow04 Includes part scores, voice part in Western notation. Javanese gamelan, voice and erhu.

Mountains and Waters S.Pow05 Chorus part in Western notation. May be performed without vocal parts. Javanese gamelan slendro and chorus.

Fragments and Ecstacies S.Pow06 Javanese gamelan with small male chorus and solo female singer.

Ketawang Lagu Pangajabsih. Javanese gamelan with bowed-string solo. S.Pow07. $5.

Prabowo, Tony

Autumnal Steps S.Pra01 Chamber orchestra.

Quinlan, Joe

Crispy S.Quin01 Rhythmic challenges, prepared bonang. Based on a tabla solo by Irish percussionist Mel Mercier. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Eskimo S.Quin02 Homage to the Residents. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Richards, Eric

A Lion Does Not Read Books, in pelog S.Ric01 Javanese gamelan (requires full ensemble).

Roesli, Harry

Instructions in English provided for these seven graphic scores:

Coordinat I, II. S.Roe02 Indeterminate instruments of six different timbres including metal, drums, and electronics.

Yokaze. Vocal and percussion. S.Roe03

Puasa Lapar. Any voices or instruments. S.Roe04

Sangu. Four voices. S.Roe05

Nyika Laya Sa. Solo vocal. S.Roe06

Lem 3 Bendera S.Roe07

Musik 26-27 S.Roe08

DKSB: Depot Kreasi Seni Bandung SC.Roe09 Collection of scores, poetry and documentation of a performance by an art and music collective in Bandung, West Java. Text in Indonesian. Percussion, voices, keyboard, indeterminate ensembles. Includes scores above. $30.

Bedug Jepang S.Roe01 Short score in Western notation. Mixed drums.

Sadra, I Wayan

Terus dan Terus [On and On] S.Sad01 Beautiful graphic score and poem for improvised piece. Two drums, any other instruments.

Sekitar 12-14 Menit S.Sad02 Some parts. Text in Indonesian. Javanese gamelan, Balinese suling gambuh

Iringan Potret II S.Sad03 Partial notation. Recording available. Javanese gamelan, voice, Minang rebab, flexotone, talempong.

Sarwanto MS

Gending-Gending Kreasi [New Pieces] SC.Sar01 Thirty-one works. Texts in Javanese, performance instructions in Indonesian. 99pp. Javanese gamelan and chorus. $10.

Schmidt, Daniel

Abies Firma S.Sch01 Includes parts for 3 tubas, 2 tuned metallophones made of aluminum tubing. Pelog. Javanese gamelan, extended range.

And the darkest hour is just before dawn S.Sch02 Includes both gamelan and orchestral score. Pelog. String sextet and Javanese gamelan.

Ghosts S.Sch03 Includes parts for Òtubes,Ó and a gong for each pitch. Slendro. Javanese gamelan, extended range.

Faint Impressions S.Sch04 Requires full range of tuned gongs. Pelog. Javanese gamelan, extended range.

Accumulation S.Sch05 Pelog or slendro. Includes performance notes. Javanese gamelan.

In My Arms. . . Many Flowers S.Sch06 Slendro. Javanese gamelan.

Schramm, Stefan

Tomorrow S.Schr01 Javanese gamelan and pre-recorded tape (available with score).

Sidarta, Otok Bima

Gending Garapan Baru I SC.Sid01 Balungan and vocal parts for fifteen pieces. Javanese gamelan, $7.50.

Simons, David

the Unraveling. S.Sim01. Pelog Bonangs.

Sjukur, Slamet

Suwung. Western notation. Flute solo. S.Sju01

Tetabeuhan Sungut. An acapella choral arrangement of syllables for kendang, kemanak, saron and gong. Video and audio recording. S.Sju02.

Kangen. Score in Western notation. 3 Shakuhachi (2 in D and 1 in A), Kokyu, Ko Tsuzumi, O-kawa. S.Sju03.

Svara I. Score in Western notation. Carillon. S.Sju04

Parentheses IV. Western notation and graphic notation. Flute, violin, viola, \'cello, 2 electric guitars (1 bass), organ, prepared piano, percussion, conductor, painter, 2 dancers. S.Sju05.

Parentheses I-II. Graphic score shows sequence of interactions between performers. Piano and dancer. S.Sju06.


Gaplek S.Soet01 Gending dolanan. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Wonogiri Sukses S.Soet02 Lagu, text in Javanese. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Giri Mandala S.Soet03 Lagu dolanan. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Subono, B.

Gotong Royong (a suite) S.Sub01 Lancaran in five, ladrang with chorus, lancaran with kotekan, and ketawang with two-part vocal. Javanese gamelan.

Lagu Waskat S.Sub02 Instrumental and vocal sections. Vocal melody uses pitches 1, 7, and 4. Text in Indonesian. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Griting Rasa S.Sub03 Texts in Javanese and Indonesian. Partial notation only. Video and audio recording available. Gender panerus, bonang panerus, saron panerus, vocal, suling; slendro and pelog.

Dendang Madu Sari S.Sub06 Text in English. Two-part chorus. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Iringan Lakon Seno Gugat SC.Sub04 Set of pieces includes original compositions Lagon Urip Prasojo and Ayak-Ayak Mangeni. Javanese gamelan.

Iringan Lakon "Ciptoning." SC.Sub05 Balungan for 57 short pieces, including several original Srepegan and Sampak. Javanese gamelan.

Iringan Dramatari Adaninggar SC.Sub07 17 original compositions. Javanese gamelan, slendro and pelog. $12.

Subowo, Y.

Orak-Arik S.Subo01 Recording available. Javanese gamelan instruments, snare drum, Balinese ceng-ceng, voices.


Ladrang Satriya Bangsa S.Suh01 Vocal part for irama II and III. Text in Javanese. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Lancaran Lagu Yogyakarta Indah S.Suh02 Based on a song about the beauty of Yogyakarta. Text in Javanese. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Sukerta, Pande Made

Gelas 1091 S.Suk01 Partly improvised, includes procession. Kenong, gong, singer, speaker, piano, suling, assorted bells, plastic drinking glasses.

Mungkin S.Suk02 Graphic score. Gamelan instruments, various drums, vocal, marbles, bells, electric buzzer.

Supadmi, Nyi

Bawa, Langgam, and Ketawang SC.Sup01 Ten pieces in pelog for voice and gamelan (listed below). Javanese gamelan pelog. $10.

Ketawang Panalangsa S.Sup03

Langgam Ngudhup Turi S.Sup04 Preceded by Bawa Maskumambang.

Langgam Panjang Mas S.Sup05

Langgam Ora Ngira S.Sup06

Lelagon Geculan: Ngaco S.Sup07

Ketawang Pangkur Sawiji S.Sup08

Ketawang Sendhang Melathi S.Sup09

Langgam Anteping Sih S.Sup10 Preceded by Bawa Mijil.

Langgam Gesang S.Sup11

Supanggah, Rahayu

Paragraph S.Supg01 Recording available. Javanese gamelan and added instruments.

Thomson, Virgil

Gending Chelsea S.Tho01 Collaboration with Diamond (description under S.Dia04).

Warde, Ann

A Pearl. Javanese gender pelog & Mridangam. S.Ward01

Wasitodiningrat, K.R.T.

Ladrang Duporo S.Was01 Includes bonang parts. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Gending Purnomo Siddi S.Was02 Full notation for all parts. Javanese gamelan slendro.

Ketawang Basanto S.Was04 Three part vocal. Javanese gamelan.

Lancaran Gugur-Gunung S.Was05 Two part song about social cooperation. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Lagu Kuwi Apa Kuwi S.Was06 Famous song criticizing corruption in the government. Javanese gamelan pelog.

Lagu Sopir Becak S.Was07 A song in sympathy with the hardworking becak drivers. Javanese gamelan pelog and chorus (one or two parts).

Ladrang Westminster. Ladrang with a reference to Big Ben. Javanese gamelan slendro. S.Was08

Ladrang Sri Duhito. Javanese gamelan pelog and chorus in three parts. S.Was09

Jaya Manggala Gita. A large dramatic suite written for Indonesian Independence Day, 1952. Javanese text, around 20 pieces, and the musical styles of ceremonial gamelan. Javanese gamelan, reader. S.Was10

Collected Compositions of K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat. Nearly 50 pieces (includes all of the list above) composed by Pak Cokro, notated in his own hand. Texts in Javanese. Javanese gamelan, chorus. $20. SC.Was03 Note: includes all pieces above.

The Vocal Notation of K.R.T. Wasitodiningrat, Vol. I: Slendro, Vol. II Pelog. The vocal parts for nearly 300 pieces of the Central Javanese repertoire, in Pak Cokro\'s beautiful script. Based on a collection by Leslie Dexter Isworo. Edited by Jody Diamond, with consultant I.M. Harjito. One book (02 slendro, 03 pelog), $35; both books (04), $60. (Includes most compositions in SC. above.) N.Was02, 03, 04


Jikmat Maya. Includes vocal part. Javanese gamelan. S.Wid03

Wilkinson, Clive

Fullstop. Violin, Javanese gamelan slendro and pelog. S.Wil01

Counting Song. SATB. S.Wil02

Dream (by John Cage). S.Wil03. Solo with gamelan.

Haikai (by John Cage). S.Wil04. Central Javanese gamelan, laras pelog.

Windha, I Nyoman

Catur Yuga. Balinese gamelan with rebab or viola. S.Win02.

Wullur, Sinta

Ganatara. In Western notation, for 17 players. Javanese gamelan. S.Wul01

Zinn, Michael

Son of Silver Bear. Javanese gamelan slendro. S.Zin01

Nusantara Kuningan. Horn part in Western notation. Gamelan and natural horn. S.Zin02