This is a directory of currently active gamelan groups South & Central America. It is part of a network of directories hosted by the American Gamelan Institute, and maintained by Jody Diamond and Barbara Benary. Its purpose is to provide a communication network so that gamelan performers and enthusiasts around the world can get current information about each other easily, and so those who are interested in playing or listening to gamelan music can locate groups near them.

This page is new this year. In fact as of today there only one country listed. So please help us add to it. If you are aware of any groups not yet represented or it you can offer any changes or additions to this or any of the other Gamelan Directories, please let us know!

Each listing follows this format: Name of the group, kind of instruments and builder if known, repertoire played, and contact information. Groups may also add a description of the group, its philosphies, special projects, etc.

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The information that follows was last updated on March 5, 2006.


Buenos Aires

Instruments:  Javanese

This set of instruments is owned by the Indonesian Embassy, and is some times in residence at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Buenos Aires.


Mexico City

Name of Ensemble: Indra Suwara
Instruments: Central Javanese, slendro
Repertoire: Traditional
Gamelan Group in Mexico: Esteban Gonzalez
Tel. (52-55) 5573-0969
Embassy of Indonesia in Mexico:
Julio Verne #27, col. Polanco,
C.P. 11560, Mexico, D. F.
Tel. (52-55) 5280-6363, 5280-6863, 5280-3449, 5280-5748
Fax: 5280-7062, 5280-0614
Narrative: The Gamelan Group in Mexico meets at the Indonesian Embassy and performs on their set of slendro Javanese instruments. The ensemble has also recently purchased a set of pelog instruments in Indonesia, made in Solo by Pak Tentrem and Pak Muliyadi.