International Gamelan Groups

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This is a directory of groups in various countries that are not included on regional lists. This list is part of a set of international gamelan directories. Its purpose is to provide a communication network so that gamelan performers and enthusiasts can get current information about each other easily, and so those who are interested in playing or listening to gamelan music can locate groups near them.

The current list is hosted by the American Gamelan Institute, and maintained by Jody Diamond and Barbara BenaryBenary.
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Each listing follows this format: Name of the group, kind of instruments and builder if known, repertoire played, and contact information. Groups are also welcome to add a description of the group, its philosphies, special projects, etc.

The information that follows was last updated on March 24, 2002.


Name of Ensemble: Jerusalem Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional
Amatzia Bar-Yosef, director
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Musicology Department
A. Kedem mskedem@MSCC.HUJI.AC.IL

There IS an active javanese gamelan group in Israel (besides the instruments in the museum in Haifa). It is located at the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It was founded by Ben Brinner about 15 years ago and is active ever since. JGE (Jerusalem Gamelan Ensemble, as it is now called) is conducted for the past years by Dr. Amatzia Bar-Yosef. The group is comprised of former and current students of the Hebrew U, and other people. Every year, a workshop in gamelan playing is opened to students of all years and faculties, and is a part of the regular curriculum of the Musicology Department. Students who are interested join the permanent group which rehearse once a week. The ensemble performes regularly within the University and occasionally outside of it. In the past few year we have performed together with Dr. Clara Brakel -- as a dancer, or as a teacher and guide to students who eventually performed as dancers - she was in israel on visits for various periods of time.

This group gave a JAVANESE GAMELAN PERFORMANCE on Monday, December 27th, 1999
1. Ladrang AYUN-AYUN Pelog Nem
2. Gendhing SIRING Kethuk 4 Minggah Pelog Barang
3. Ketawang SUBAKASTAWA Slendro sanga
4. Ketawang SUBAKASTAWA Pelog Nem (singing part by Nartosabdo)
5. Ladrang PAKUMPULAN Slendro sanga
6. Ayak-ayakan KALORAN Slendro Manyura