Gamelan Groups in ASIA

This is a directory of currently active gamelan groups in Asia and the Near East, in countries outside Indonesia. It is part of a network of directories hosted by the American Gamelan Institute, and maintained by Jody Diamond and Barbara Benary. Its purpose is to provide a communication network so that gamelan performers and enthusiasts around the world can get current information about each other easily, and so those who are interested in playing or listening to gamelan music can locate groups near them.

This is a new page to represent groups in countries that do not have many gamelan. Australia-New Zealand and Japan are shown on separate lists.

Each listing follows this format: Name of the group, kind of instruments and builder if known, repertoire played, and contact information. Groups may also add a description of the group, its philosphies, special projects, etc.

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The information that follows was last updated on Nov. 7th, 2004.




Name of Ensemble: Jerusalem Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Javanese
Repertoire: Traditional
Amatzia Bar-Yosef, director
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Musicology Department
A. Kedem mskedem@MSCC.HUJI.AC.IL

There IS an active javanese gamelan group in Israel (besides the instruments in the museum in Haifa). It is located at the Mount Scopus campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It was founded by Ben Brinner about 15 years ago and is active ever since. JGE (Jerusalem Gamelan Ensemble, as it is now called) is conducted for the past years by Dr. Amatzia Bar-Yosef. The group is comprised of former and current students of the Hebrew U, and other people. Every year, a workshop in gamelan playing is opened to students of all years and faculties, and is a part of the regular curriculum of the Musicology Department. Students who are interested join the permanent group which rehearse once a week. The ensemble performes regularly within the University and occasionally outside of it. In the past few year we have performed together with Dr. Clara Brakel -- as a dancer, or as a teacher and guide to students who eventually performed as dancers - she was in israel on visits for various periods of time.


Name of Ensemble: Gamelan Asmaradana
Instruments: Javanese, Sundanese Degung, Balinese Gong Kebyar
Repertoire: Traditional Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese
Contacts: Mei-Yin Chan, Executive Director
Tel: +65 96657895
Javanese ensemble: Mr. Amram Bin Ahmad Sowyan, Artistic Director
Tel: +65 92257430, email:
Fusion ensemble Gamma:rays Ms. Serene Tan, artistic director
Tel: +65 92274974, email:
Balinese ensemble:Niky Lewis, artistic director
Tel: +65 90561460, email:

web page:
Gamelan Asmaradana hosts three gamelan ensembles under one roof. It is Singapore's first professional gamelan company, currently the Ensemble-in-Residence at The Republic Cultural Center. It was founded by Joyce Teo in 2002 and is currently Gamelan Asmaradana, a non-profit arts company directed by Mei-Yin Chan. Gamelan Asmaradana aims to promote appreciation and awareness of the various styles of gamelan music in Singapore through regular recitals and workshops.

Name of Ensemble: NUS Singa Ngalaras Gamelan Ensemble
Instruments: Kyai Tunjunglaras, "Relaxing Lion": Javanese (Solonese style), bronze slendro and pelog
Repertoire: Traditional
Dr. Jan Mrazek, Assistant Professor, Southeast Asian Studies Program
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore
Block AS3, Level 6
3 Arts Link, Singapore 11570
Tel. (65) 6874 4912; Fax: (65) 6777 6608
web page: NUS Singa Ngalaras Gamelan Ensemble
Our new gamelan has been purchased by the Centre for the Arts (CFA) at the National University of Singapore for use in "non-modular" courses (for NUS students, staff, and alumni, organized by the CFA), as well as in courses/modules on Southeast Asian arts at the NUS Southeast Asian Studies Programme.

Weekly group rehearsals are the group's main activity. However, the Ensemble does perform occasionally. The performances allow the group to share some of their gamelan-ing pleasure with others. If you have at least elementary gamelan skills and are interested in joining, please contact Dr Jan Mrazek at the abve e-mail. CFA also organises courses for beginner students. Participants of these courses can become members of the NUS Singa Nglaras Gamelan Ensemble. The next 10-week course begins in August 2004. Please contact Ms Maria Wong at for more information.

If anyone is passing through Singapore and would like to come to a rehearsal or just to check out the instruments, please let me know - all gamelaners are welcome!