reunion 2004, berkeley, california


The summer of 2004 saw a reunion of participants in an exceptional phenomenon: ASEA (American Society for Eastern Arts) and the Center for World Music, with particular notes of the 30 year anniversary of the program in 1973 - 1974. The gathering took place at the Julia Morgan Center, the home of the Center for World Music at that time, and at other locations in the Bay Area.

Many people sent in memories and news, and a history of some of that era was compiled. Some of the documents are presented here — they appeared in a printed booklet at the reunion, but this format is a way to shared the gathered information with a more far-flung community.

Due to the complicated nature of the document formats, they are presented here as Adobe Acrobat PDF files (a free Acrobat reader is easily available). If anyone has problems with these files, or would like to obtain a printed copy of the full booklet, please contact the reunion organizers: Ron Bogley, Graeme Vanderstoel, and a dedicated local committee.

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