For individuals, a $25 to $50 subscription includes the annual print edition, free web access, and supports subscriptions for Indonesian artists, scholars and libraries.

An Institutional subscription is $100; this includes the print edition with an exclusive monograph and an unlimited site license for the online edition.

Back Issues
The first issue of BALUNGAN was printed in 1984; sixteen print issues have been published since then. All issues are available (some in photocopy only).

  • Issues from Volume 1 cost $5 each.
  • Issues from Volume 2 through Volume 6 are $7.50 each.
  • Double issue Score Collection Volume 7-8 is $15.00.
  • Double issue Volume 9-10, containing an exclusive monograph, is $25.
  • Inquire about special prices on a complete set of printed back issues at balungan[@]
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