BALUNGAN was first published in 1984. There have been sixteen issues to date. All back issues are available; some in photocopy only. Some issues had guest editors, indicated in bold below; Jody Diamond was editor for others.

CONTENTS of back issues

Vol. I, No.1, June 1984
Interview: Harja Susilo; West Java Arts; Review: Javanese Wayang Kulit; Score: In That Bright World (J. Diamond); Sigramangsah bonang of Wasitodipuro (R. Mix). 22 pp.

Vol. I, No. 2, February 1985
Interview: Daniel Schmidt (P. Adler, J. Diamond); Tuning Systems in American Gamelan (L. Polansky); Scores: Extractions (J. Morris), Main Bersama-sama (L. Harrison); Cengkok for the Gender (Wignyosaputro); Beginning Gender Technique (B. Brinner); Review: Karawitan (K. Devereaux). 22 pp. 

Vol. I, No. 3, Spring 1985
Interview: I Wayan Sinti with Michael Tenzer (J. Diamond); Review: Aesthetic Tradition and Cultural Transition in Java and Bali (K. Devereaux); KOKAR Gamelan on Campus; Gamelan at Rockland Project School (B. Benary); Earth Music: A Catalog of Indonesian Music (P. Yampolsky); The Cambridge Gamelan Society (B. Martin); Scores: Gong Dance à 7 (D. Goode), Ln. Siboru pastima (B. Pasaribu). 26 pp.

Vol. II, Nos. 1-2, Fall 1985/Winter 1986
Ed. Kent Devereaux. Interview: Suratno (K. Devereaux); Notation or Not? (J. Powell); Angklung Ensemble of West Java (R. Baier); Friends of the Gamelan, Chicago; University of Michigan, an interview with Judith Becker and René Lysloff; Score: Five Inventions for Two Bonang and Percussion (R. Lombardo); Northern Illinois University: an interview with Han Kuo-Huang; Ethnomusicology at Oberlin College (R. Knight); The Bonang Barung in Contemporary Gamelan Practice (R. Lysloff); Score: Bali Swing (D. LaBuy). 48 pp. 

Vol. II, No. 3, December 1986
First International Gamelan Festival and Symposium (J. Chalmers); Sasak Music in Lombok (D. Harnish); Interview: Philip Corner (J. Diamond); Bila Bali di Tangan Bule (If Bali Were Held by Bules) (G. Martin, trans. M. Tenzer); Scores: Marta Budaya (M. Hood), Night Waters (A. Durkee); New Music for Gamelan at ASKI Solo (A. Durkee); Gamelan in Texas (J. Chalmers); Gamelan in New Zealand, a chronology (A. Thomas). 52 pp. 

Vol. III, No. 1, November 1987
Interview: Sardono Kusomo (J. Diamond); Letters From Banyumas (R. Lysloff); Score: Gending Erhu (J. Powell); Indonesian Group EXPO 86 (J. Diamond) Suhirdjan: Gamelan Musician and Gamelan Maker (J. Bell Cowan). 48 pp. 

Vol. III, No. 2, October 1988
Interview: John Cage (M. Frasconi); Gong-making in Taiwan (K.H. Han); How to Play Gender Panerus (Marsudi); Gamelan in Japan (U. Michio); Balungan(R. Supanggah, trans. M. Perlman). 44 pp. 

Vol. III, No. 3, December 1988
Ed. Richard North: Cirebon. Dancing in Cirebonese Topeng (E. Suanda); An Introduction to Wayang Kulit Cirebon and An Introduction to the Musical Traditions of Cirebon (R. North); Tarling[guitar-suling]: Modern Music from Cirebon (M. Wright), Score: Coast (D. Mahler); Weraspati Gong (Hogenäs); Hawaii Loa Gamelan Ensemble (North). 36 pp. 

Vol. IV, No. 1, May 1989
Ed. David Posnett: England. Pekan Komponis VIII: a national composers  festival (N. Dally); Interview: Dr. Sri Hastanto. (K. Devereaux); Gamelan in Britain (N. Sorrell); Scores: Changes (M. Parsons), Mas in 1 minor (N. Sorrell), The Monkey Puzzle (M. Lockett); The Cambridge Gamelan (B. and S. Martin); Oxford University (G. Black); Gamelan Sekar Enggal (S. Cook); The York gamelan Sekar Petak (N. Sorrell); Javanese gamelan in Durham (D. Posnett); From Bali to Belfast: the Queen s University gamelan (A. Sanger). 40 pp. "

Vol. IV, No. 2, Fall 1990 
Ed. Wayne Vitale: Bali. Kotekan: technique of interlocking parts in Balinese music (W. Vitale); Interview: I Wayan Dibia (W. Vitale); Score: Sindu Arsa (Ketut Partha); Gamelan Sekar Jaya (W. Vitale); Gamelan Angklung in Denver. 36 pp. "

Vol. V, No. 1, Winter/Spring 1991
Ed. Deborah Wong: Mainland Southeast Asia. Across Three Generations: a Solo Piece for Thai Gong Cycle (D. Wong), Teachers on Tape: Innovation and Experimentation in Teaching Thai Music (P.Myers-Moro); Interview: Sam-Ang Sam (J. Powell); The Term Karawitan (M. Perlman); Scores: Gelas 1091 (P. M. Sukerta), Yokaze (H.Roesli); Thai Music at Kent State (T. Miller), Gods, Giants and Monkeys: Thai Music at Southwestern University (E. Peterson). 40 pp. 

Vol.5, No. 2, Summer/Fall 1993
Ed. Kathy Foley: Sunda. Creative Musical Practices in ... Pantun Sunda (A. Weintraub), Tembang Sunda Poetry (G. Young and M. Kaufman), Our Laughter Balances our Tears : Humor in Sundanese Arts (S. Williams), Interview: Asep Sunandar, Irawati Durban Arjo and Endo Suanda (K. Foley), Nano S.'s Warna: a Life in Music (L. Burman-Hall), Score: Warna (Nano S.); U.C. Santa Cruz, Gamelan Freiburg. 44 pp. 

Vol. 6 Nos.1- 2, 1998  
Eds. Allan Thomas & Jack Body. Vocalized wayang and gamelan in Jemblung/Purwacarita (Y. Sukarno); Martopangrawit's last experimental  composition (M. Perlman/S. Hastanto); Wayang Orang in Madura (T. Raharjo); Madura Journal (J. Body); Notation: Musical Transcription: from sound to symbol...(J. Body); Interviews: Joko Sutrisno (G. Farr); Panggiyo Resowiguna (Y. Sukarno); Liong Xi (Allan Thomas); Scores: Reong Lenggong (G. Farr); Kerinduan/Ketawang Yitmo (A. Sutikno); Reviews (W. Rai, M. Tenzer); Network: Gamelan on the World Wide Web (D.Voss). 48 pp. 

Vol 7–8, 2000 
Ed. Jarrad Powell. Score Collection. 15 pieces by international composers; poetry by Taufiq Ismail; art by Henry Dim. 

Vol 9-10, 2004 [complete print contents]
individual articles and sound files

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